Cheltenham Festival Placepot Tips For Day Four: Tote Placepot Best Bets On Fri 17th March 2023

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The Cheltenham Festival placepot tips for day four see us perm up all six races with 2 or 3 selections in each. You can see out Friday Placepot best bets on Gold Cup Day below as we try and find a horse that will hit the frame in the first six day four races. You can also get a £20 free Tote credit for just betting £5 (see below).


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Cheltenham Placepot Tips – Day Four Selections on Friday 17th March 2023

  • Race One (1:30pm): Lossiemouth (14) & Gala Marceau (12)
  • Race Two (2:10pm): Sharjah (1), Pembroke (21), Hunters Yarn (8)
  • Race Three (2:50pm): Embassy Gardens (5), Corbetts Cross (3) & Seabank Bistro (14)
  • Race Four (3:30pm): Galopin Des Champs (6) & Minella Indo (8)
  • Race Five (4:10pm): Billaway (1) Chris’s Dream (6)
  • Race Six (4:50pm): Allegorie De Vassy (1) & Impervious (3)

Placepot Bet Cost: 2x3x3x2x2x2 = 144 bets

Cheltenham Placepot Tips: Day Four, Friday 17th March 2023

We get going in the Triumph Hurdle at 1:30pm and a race the Irish are dominating again. In a race that lacks depth, it will be a shock if the first three in the market – Lossiemouth, Blood Destiny and Gala Marceau – are not fighting this out.

Things get harder in the County Hurdle (2:10pm) next, but it’s a race the Dan Skelton yard like to target – winning 3 of the last 7 – they run Pembroke.

The Albert Bartlett Novices’ Hurdle (2:50pm) is the third race and it’s yet another with a big Irish presence. Embassy Gardens and the JP McManus runner Corbetts Cross are the picks here.

It’s the Gold Cup at 3:30pm – the big one – and all the trends suggest Galopin Des Champs is the one to be with here, with a saver on Minella Indo. The former won the race in 2021 and was runner-up in 2022. His overall record at the Festival reads 1-2-1-2-.

The Hunters’ Chase at 4:10pm and last year’s winner Billaway is back for more – we’ll take him over the favourite Vaucelet for better value. Then the Mares’ Chase at 4:50pm looks a matchup between Impervious and the Rich Ricci runner Allergorie De Vassy.

Tote Cheltenham Betting Offer

Get £20 Tote Credit for the 2023 Cheltenham Festival

At the 2019 Cheltenham Festival one lucky placepot punter scooped just over £180,000 from a £2 bet.

With that in mind, the Tote Placepot is certainly a Cheltenham Festival bet that’s worth getting to know a bit better. While the Tote are also guaranteeing a £1m placepot pool for EVERY DAY.

We explain the placepot in more detail below. Plus give you our free Cheltenham placepot selections for Gold Cup day – Friday 17th March 2023. You can also join up with the Tote to claim a £20 free bet credit.

Cheltenham Placepot Tips for Day Four (Friday 17th March 2023)

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Tote Placepot Introduction

  • A pool (lottery-style) horse racing bet, with the amount taken (the pool of money) at a horse racing meeting, then divided by any winning tickets – meaning the less people that win the more money you win!
  • To win the Tote Placepot you need to pick a horse to place in the first six races at any UK, Irish or selected International race meeting.
  • In recent years, the Tote Placepot has an average pay out of £407, while it’s a superb way to win big off small stakes – at the 2019 Cheltenham Festival, one customer won £182,567.80 from just a £2 bet.
  • Once the first six races (at each meeting) have finished the Tote will give a winning dividend (based on how many winning tickets there are). This dividend is to a £1 stake . e.g. – If the winning dividend is £200 and
  • You can play the Placepot at from 4pm the day before all UK and Irish meetings

What Is a Tote Placepot And How Does It Work?

The Placepot has become the most popular pool bet for UK and Irish horse racing punters. This means you’ve got a chance to have an interest in the first six races.

Its appeal is that you don’t have to find the winner in each race. However, just a horse that will be placed (depending on the number of runners) in each of the first six races of a particular meeting.

The Placepot is run by the Tote and through a pool betting style system. Several leading bookmakers – like bet365 – now also give the option bet on the Placepot on their site. And these bets all still go into the same big universal pool for each separate horse racing meeting.

In short, the more people who have bet in the Placepot the bigger the pool will be.

Therefore, just like the lottery, the fewer people who have placed horses in the first six races, means the bigger the winning dividend return.

In contrast, should a lot of fancied horses win (or be placed) then there is a strong chance a lot of people would have picked these horses. In this case, the final dividend will be a lot small as it’s shared between more people.

How Does a Tote Placepot Work?

The simple way to play the Placepot is to just pick one horse in each of the first six races. Then if ALL of these horses are placed (based on the number of runners and race type – more below) – you will have a share of the final dividend.

However, once you get familiar with the Placepot, you can also decide to have more than one horse per race. This will increase your chances of winning, but also mean the stake of the bet will be higher.

These are often referred to as ‘Placepot Lines or Perms’

It’s a fairly straightforward calculation to work out how many lines a Placepot with more than one horse in each races will cost.

Simply multiply the number of horses (lines) you have in race one by the number of horses (lines) in race two and then for race three, four, five and six.

For Example

  • Race One – 2 horses
  • Race Two – 2 horses
  • Race Three – 2 horses
  • Race Four – 2 horses
  • Race Five – 2 horses
  • Race Six – 2 horses

This will be 2x2x2x2x2x2 = 64 lines

How Much Can A Tote Placepot Cost?

The beauty here is that you can make it as cheap or as expensive as you want.

There are, however, two minimum stakes to take into account when it comes to the Placepot. The minimum stake per line and the minimum total stake.

The minimum stake per line is 10p, although some operators may allow 5p lines so be sure to shop around. While the minimum total stake is £1.

For example, if we played 10p lines on our example (above) 64-line Tote Placepot above, the total stake would be £6.40, or if we staked each line at 50p it would cost £32.

How Are Tote Placepot Places Determined?

This depends on the number or runners or race type.

  • 1-4 runners – 1st place only
  • 5-7 runners – 1st and 2nd places
  • 8+ runners – 1st, 2nd and 3rd places
  • 16+ runners (handicap races only) – 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th places

How Do I Work Out My Tote Placepot Winnings?

Tote Placepot winnings are universal with the final dividend normally given out around 30 mins after the sixth race has finished.

You can also now follow the progress of the pool at each meeting at the site. This will display the final pool size and the amount of tickets on each horse as each race is run. It’s a fun way to see how you are fairing with the rest of the players through the meeting.

The dividend is worked out at £1 stake. So, if you only have a winning line at 10p then the dividend will be divided by 10 e.g. a winning dividend at £200 at 10p will mean a £20 return.

To work out how much your return is – multiply your stake per line by the amount of winning lines you have. Your winnings will then be either that percentage of the published £1-stake winnings or a multiple of the published dividend.

For example:

If the Placepot is paying £500 to a £1 stake and you have four winning 20p lines then you have a total of 80p in winning bets. You win £400, or 80p-worth of the £1 winnings published.


If the Tote Placepot pays £400 to a £1 stake and you have two winning £1 lines, your total of £2 of winning bets means you win £800.

How Many Lines Should I Have In My Tote Placepot?

Some horse racing punters will attempt just a single line, which means selecting just one horse in each of the six races. This ‘straight line’ bet can be a tricky ‘all your eggs in one basket’ approach. However, if you do get through all six races with a horse placed then you are generally rewarded well.

On the opening day of the 2019 Cheltenham Festival, one punter staked one £2 line and managed to select four winners and two runners-up in the first six races.

As there were several big-priced horses placed on the card the winning dividend paid a staggering £91,283.10 to a £1 stake. This punter bagged double the dividend – £182,567.80!!

That said, most Placepot punters often like to make multiple selections in the races with more horses in as this will give them a better chance of getting a horse placed.

Tote Placepot Top Tips

Banker Races

For the bulk of Tote Placepot punters, the balance is keeping an eye on the number of selections and the total stake. Yes, it’s tempting to put 4 or 5 horses in some races – however, the perms on this can quickly add up which means your final stake will be very high.

With that in mind, if there are certain races with a hot favourite in, then many like to take a punt on just having this one horse in which will keep costs down.

Note though, if these hot favourites blow out then this will knock a lot of people out and, therefore, increase the final pool dividend a lot.

Take On Dodgy Favourites

As mentioned in the previous section, when a fancied horses fails to place this is where the Placepot final payouts can get massive.

Sometimes it’s a juggling act of playing safe and following the crowd. Or maybe taking a chance of a hot favourite not running well and, in the process, increasing the final pool dividend.

Let’s be honest, it’s not hard to pick a favourite in each of the six races. But if they do all place, then the chances are that you’ll be sharing this Placepot

Have Multiple Lines In Big-Field Races

The beauty of having one or two banker legs though (1 pick in a race) is that this frees up space for a potential big handicap race later on. Meaning you can possibly have 3 or 4 picks in that race to increase your chance.

Remember though, if you have 3 or 4 picks in a certain race and two get placed then you get both lines going through to the next leg. This will increase your final payout.

A good example of this are races at the Cheltenham Festival as most days there is a mix of so-called Festival bankers and big-field handicaps, where 20+ runners or more are entered

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What Happens To Tote Placepot Non-Runners?

If one of your Placepot selections is a non-runner, then that horse will revert to the SP favourite. If there are joint or co-favourites, the lowest racecard number carries your money.

So, if horses numbers 1 and 4 are joint-favourites, it is horse number 1 that will take place of your selected non-runner.

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