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UFC tips are an incredibly useful tool for those looking for help betting on the biggest MMA competition in the world. Gaining the knowledge and experience to correctly predict fights, spot good value bets and be profitable over time can take years but tips can seriously speed up this process.

We cover everything you need to know about UFC betting tips in this article including what they are, different types of tips, where to find them, how to make your own plus more.

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What are UFC Tips?

UFC tips are simply predictions of an outcome or occurrence in a UFC fight that can be applied to betting markets.

There are a variety of UFC tips and predictions that you will come across but the most common is predicting the winner of a fight. Some other popular tips are methods of victory, round betting and futures.

While anyway can make a UFC tip by definition, as they are just predictions, you want to find a reliable source of tips that is provably profitable over time.  This means you need to find UFC expert tips by tipsters who are seasoned gamblers, who are able to apply their knowledge and experience to make informed decisions and are able to spot good value bets.

This doesn’t mean you should be looking for a tipster who gets it right 100% of the time as this is impossible. However, you can find sites that are right more often than not. Finding reliable tips and using them wisely can greatly improve your winning percentage.

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How to Find the Best UFC Tips Today

Finding UFC tips tonight seems easy as a plethora of results will appear if you type the term ‘UFC tips’ into a search engine. The issue, however, is that there are so many and some will predict one outcome while others will predict the exact opposite. Locating good tips which will result in a profit over time is actually a challenging task.

At Sportslens, we have some of the best UFC staff tips which are written by our team of experts, with a huge amount of UFC betting experience. They spend hours researching and analyzing a multitude of factors before formulating their predictions. However, we also understand and see the importance of getting tips from multiple sources which is why we have laid out some essential tips on how to ascertain a good tipster from a bad one.

Tipping History

One of the first steps to take in determining a good tipster from a bad one is to check their history and look at their track record of UFC fight tips.

While looking at the percentage of bets they win to those they lose can give you some idea of their level of expertise it’s imperative to understand the bets they are suggesting and the odds of these bets. By doing this you can see if they are profitable over time.

It’s easy to be correct a lot of the time if you are just predicting the heavy favourites for every fight but if you always do this it is very unlikely you will make a long-term profit as sometimes the favourites will lose and even when they win the odds will not be particularly high.

It is entirely possible that a tipster would have a lower winning percentage but actually, their UFC tips and parlays would have netted you more profit. This is why it’s essential to check both of these records.

Visit UFC forums

Forums are a great tool for assessing the reliability of expert UFC tips. Platforms like Reddit enable you to seek the opinions of fellow UFC betting enthusiasts about specific tipsters and UFC betting tip sites. By learning consensus viewpoints and past experiences of a particular tipster you will get a pretty solid outlook of whether they are worth following or not.

Use Tips with Information and Analysis

This is also another key factor when determining whether to trust a tipster’s UFC betting tips . You should only use tipswhere the tipster has provided analysis and information on what led them to make the tip.

The reason that this is so important is that you have no way of telling if the tip is good until after the fight, and even if it turned out to be correct it could just be a lucky guess. Expert UFC tips will always have analysis included with their tip and lay out exactly the reason they selected it.

Be Extra Careful with Paid Tips

In general, we would recommend not paying for tips at all as there are plenty of sites that offer good UFC predictions for free, including our own UFC staff tips. The other reason is that there are many tipsters who charge a fee out there that are not the “experts” they claim to be. Some go as far as to falsify their own tipping history to scam people into believing they are worth the money.

We wouldn’t say to never pay for tips as there are some experts out there that may be worth the money. However, you should follow the steps we’ve previously mentioned even more thoroughly if you are considering handing over money for UFC tips.

How to Create Your Own UFC Tips

Once you have built up some UFC betting experience and start to feel confident in your ability you may want to start creating your own UFC fight tips. Below we go over some top  tips to help you start producing your own UFC tips and accumulators.

Research Fighters

This is the first and most essential step to undertake when making UFC betting tips. In-depth research on fighters provides valuable information on how the fight may play out, and there are various factors to look for.

Firstly, you need to understand the style of the fighters involved. Look at their strength and weaknesses. Are they an all-rounder, someone that likes to fight on their feet, or someone that favours the ground game and prefers to take their opponent to the floor as soon as possible? Also, check how they have faired against similar fighters to their opponents in the past.

Another area to research is the fighter’s stats. How long a person’s reach is an important factor, especially if both players prefer to stay on their feet and slog it out. Equally important is what is the fighter’s true weight class. Fighters move up and down weight divisions a lot in the UFC and cutting weight can be taxing on fighters.

Finally, keep track of any news coming out of a fighter’s camp before a fight. Especially important is to look out for any injuries that won’t stop the fight from happening but could impact the result.

Consider Head-to-Head Records

If two fighters have met inside the octagon previously looking at the result and also re-watching the fight a few times can prove very beneficial. By doing this you can gauge whether the losing fighter was unlucky, made one mistake that cost them, or if the other fighter just dominated them.

Utilize Experts

No matter how confident you are in your own abilities you should always make use of expert UFC tips.

They might have picked up on something you missed or perhaps have some insider knowledge that you are not privy to. By using their opinions and knowledge combined with your own you will be able to form more fully rounded views of fights, which should result in more accurate tips.

UFC expert betting picks

Think About Value

Working out which outcome you think is most likely is a vital part of making a tip but it is not the only thing to consider. You also want to make sure you are making a profit over time and finding good value bets is a big part of that.

On some occasions, you may want to consider betting on an outcome you think is less likely to happen than the other possibility. This may seem counter-intuitive but by occasionally betting on an outcome you think has a less chance of happening you can make more of a profit of the odds offer value.

For instance, if you do your research and crunch your numbers and give fighter A a 55-65%  chance of winning so fighter B has just a 35-45% of winning, then a bet on fighter A may seem like the better option.

However, if a betting site is offering 3/1 odds on fighter B and 1/3 on fighter A (which have an implied probability of 25% and 75% respectively), then you might want to consider backing fighter B as it offers better value according to your prediction.

Evaluate Your Tips

It’s important to evaluate your tips after the result, particularly with losing tips. Try to understand why your prediction was incorrect. It could be that your prediction was that it would be a tight fight and go either way or an event happened that could not be predicted or there was perhaps something you missed.

By studying your own tips and keeping a record of them, you can continue to improve and hone your skills.

Different Types of UFC Tips

There are a variety of betting markets available to bettors wanting to wager on the UFC, which means plenty of tips to be made. We run through the different types of tips below, including, outright winner, method of victory, total rounds, props, futures, and accumulators.

Outright Winner Betting Tips

This is the most common and straightforward UFC fight night tip. This involves simply predicting who the winner of a fight will be.

UFC moneyline picks

Method of Victory Tips

In UFC there are multiple different ways a fight can end and a winner declared and method of victory tips are correctly predicting which one will happen and the winner of the fight plays no role in deciding the bet.

There are six ways a fight can be decided but most betting sites will offer two possible markets for this bet type. One bet will be for victory by either decision or technical decision, and the other bet a victory by KO, TKO, DQ, or submission.

Totals Rounds Tips

A totals bet also referred to as over/under bet is essentially a bet on how long the fight will last.

As most UFC bouts are either 3 or 5 rounds most of the time the line will be set at the mid-point in the match so either 1.5 rounds or 2.5 rounds respectively but in some cases, this may be different depending on the fighters involved in the matchup.

In a lot of sports totals bets offer similar odds for either the over or under bet. However, in UFC typically the odds for the under bet are higher than the over, which makes sense as around 50% of fights go the distance in UFC, and even if the fight ends early the over bet can still win depending on when the stoppage happens.

Obviously, the odds depend on the fighters involved, the weight division, and where the line is set but it is typically the under bet with the longer odds.

UFC total round picks

Round Tips

Round tips involve predicting in what round the fight will end, and usually which fighter will win. These predictions are more difficult to get right but can produce some very appealing odds, particularly in the early rounds.

For instance, in a hypothetical bout between two fighters, there will be 10 possible bets Fighter A to win in rounds 1,2,3,4, or 5, and Fighter B to win in any of the rounds.

Prop Betting Tips

Props, short for proposition, are bets on an event that usually has no relation to the result of a fight. These bets allow you to get very specific when placing bets.

A common prop bet you may encounter at sports betting sites is wagering on if a fight will finish within the first minute. You may also see decision props which are bets on if the fight goes the distance will the decision be unanimous, majority, or split? Some sites even let you wager on things such as the first fighter to bleed and will the fighters touch gloves.

Futures Tips

UFC futures tips are predictions on longer-term events or occurrences rather than bets on a single fight. By far the most popular and common feature in the UFC are bets on who will hold a weight division championship at the end of the year.

Predictions on futures are difficult to make as there are multiple unforeseen events or scenarios that could occur. For example, the fighter could pick up an injury and you also don’t know who all of their opponents will be throughout the year. On the other hand, this unpredictability means the odds are usually very appealing.

Accumulator Betting Tips

Accumulators also known as parlays are two or more individual bets combined into one bet. You could combine various bets from one fight, for example, the outright winner of the match and a total round tip.

Alternatively, you could combine multiple bets from different fights into a single bet. For instance, if you have UFC London tips for the winner of every fight on the card for the event held at the O2 arena you could combine them all into one bet and greatly increase your potential profit.

If you plan to back up your UFC parlay tonight it’s important to note that while they are a great way to increase the odds and your potential winnings they also increase the probability of you losing. Should any of the individual results not go your way the whole bet loses so even if you get 4 out of 5 predictions correct you win nothing.

How to Sign up and Bet on UFC Tips

When you are ready to start backing up your UFC tips with money, the first thing you need to do is sign up to a betting site. The process of signing up to a site is simple and takes just a few minutes. We have provided a step-by-step guide below on how to do just that. We have used one of our top sites BetGoodwin but most betting sites have an almost identical process.

Step 1: Visit Your Chosen Betting Site

The first step is very simple just navigate to your chosen sportsbook. If you don’t know what site to use then head over to our guide on the best betting sites. Once on the home screen select the join now button.

BetGoodwin sign up join now

Step 2: Create an Account

Next, you need to create an account. There is a short registration form that requires you to input some of your personal information including name, DOB, email, address, and phone number. Once you’ve completed this click continue and then you will need to create a username and password.

Betgoodwin sign up step 2

Step 3: Make a Deposit

After your account is created, you will then need to fund it before you can start betting. Click on the deposit button on the top right-hand side of the screen. Sect your payment method and enter the amount you would like to deposit, read the terms, and check the box then click on the “DEPOSIT” at the bottom of the page. It is at this point that you will need to enter your sports betting promotion code if you have one, to claim your bonus.

BetGoodwin Sign up deposit

Step 4: Place a Bet on Your UFC Betting Tip

Now you are all ready to place your bet on your chosen UFC tip. You can select MMA on the left-hand side of the screen which will bring a drop-down menu on all of the current UFC events you are able to bet on. Select the event and then choose the fight you want to bet on and it will be added to your bet slip on the right, input the amount you would like to wager and then click “Place Bet”.BetGoodwin sign up UFC picks



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