Lucky 15 Bet Calculator 2024 – Work Out Your Lucky 15 Bets for Free

We provide a Lucky 15 bet calculator free of charge for punters below. You can use this to work out returns and winnings from any Lucky 15 wagers you put on. It’s really easy to use, so check it out:

Lucky 15 Bet Calculator – Quickly Work Out Your Return

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What is a Free Lucky 15 Bet Calculator

Before discussing the free bet calculator itself, you need to know what a Lucky 15 is in the first place. This is a combination or system wager with four selections from different events in it on one betting slip. All possible permutations of those picks taken as four singles, six double bets, four trebles and a fourfold accumulator make 15 bets in total. That’s where the name Lucky 15 comes from.

With this type of multiple bet, you only need to one selection to win for there to be a return. Profit is a different matter. This is because the unit stake is 15 times that of a win single. It’s something that any Lucky 15 bet calculator should make clear to you. Depending on the prices of the picks from the best betting sites, you may need two or more selections winning before the bet shows any profit.

It’s a complicated wager to work out as it’s not all or nothing like a straight accumulator. That is where our free Lucky 15 bet calculator comes in to take the number crunching off your hands and make it easy to see what you can get back if one, two, three or all four picks are winners from the wager. You can also see our horse bet calculator for Lucky 15s.

How to Use the Bet Calculator on Lucky 15 Wagers

Follow these steps when using our Lucky 15 calculator for a bet you’ve made. We designed it to be very user friendly:

  1. Select Lucky 15 from the list of bet types across the top of the calculator.
  2. Input the stake wagered and choose the odds format, either Fractional, Decimal or American prices, from the dropdown.
  3. Enter the odds for each individual selection into the Lucky 15 bet calculator in the boxes provided.
  4. If this is a horse racing wager, there could be Rule 4 deductions that apply, so select the right one from the options.
  5. Select the result for each pick in the Lucky 15 from Won, Placed, Dead Heat, Lost and Void.
  6. Finally, punch that calculate the button to see total returns in the box next to the total stake, plus total profit in the one next to that.

Using a Lucky 15 Bet Calculator Each Way

You do have the option of each way betting with a Lucky 15. We’ve built that into the calculator as a result. The first thing to note here is the unit stake is 30 times a standard win single wager. This is because there are 15 win part bets and 15 place bets across the four single bets, six doubles, four trebles and fourfold accumulator put on.

Our Lucky 15 each way bet calculator is accessed by selecting Yes where prompted. When adding in the prices you took for each selection, it’s also required field that you enter the place terms. If it’s for horse racing the Lucky 15 bet calculator is being used, then this will typically be fractions – either a quarter or a fifth – of outright odds.

That depends on the number of runners in a race or the type of event in question. An advantage to this, which the bet calculator Lucky 15 each way shows, is that placed selections can still yield a return even if they don’t win. That is the upside, balanced with the additional unit stake costs.

Other Popular Wagers Besides the Lucky 15 Free Bet Calculator

Lucky 15 is far from the only type of bet available to punters. You can access other popular wagers using our handy tool. Check out some of the different bets you can work out through our Lucky 15 bet calculator free of charge:


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