Double Bet Calculator 2023 – Work Out Your Double Bets for Free

With our double bet calculator you’ll be looking at the returns from your doubles in no time at all. Working out the potential results of a double can be tricky, but our bet calculator makes it simple. Check out our bet double calculator below and read the rest of our article to discover exactly how it works.

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What is a Double Bet Calculator

As the name suggests, a double bet calculator works out the results of double bets. Working out win doubles can be tricky and a bet calculator is an essential bit of kit, that ensures you know exactly how much you could potentially win when using the best betting sites and bookmakers’ sportsbooks.

A double is a type of multiple bet where the number of selections on the betslip is two. The picks from separate events are placed together and both need to win, in order for the double to payout to punters. Let’s start with an example where you have placed a double with two bets that are both available at odds of 2/1, with £10 staked on the wager.

The first bet is successful, so your stake and the winnings move forward onto the next bet. This can be calculated as £10 + (£10 x 2) = £30. Now you have £30 going onto your next bet at 2/1. If that’s successful it can be worked out as follows, £30 + (£30 x 2) = £90. From your initial stake of £10, you have a total return of £90, giving you an £80 profit.

We have purposefully kept the stakes and the odds relatively simple in this example. You can no doubt imagine how complicated things could get if the stakes were a more random number, with big odds involved. The need for a double bet return calculator is obvious.

Sometimes the double in question is difficult to calculate, especially if it doesn’t include favourites with the shortest betting odds, while sometimes bettors get the answer quickly. You might not be very good at maths and feel the need for the reassurance that a calculator gives you. Whatever the reason, with a bet calculator double wagers are easily worked out.

How to Use a Bet Double Calculator

In this section we’re going to show you how to use our double bet odds calculator. It’s not too difficult and we’re sure that you’d be able to work it out through trial and error, but why make any mistakes when we’re here to guide you through the whole process?

With our free bet calculator double wagers are easy to calculate. Follow the step by step instructions below.

  1. The first thing you have to do is to select the double tab at the top, to engage the double bet calculator mode.
  2. Next up, add the unit stake of your double. The box is in the top left of the calculator.
  3. To the right of the stake box is a drop down when you can select your favoured odds format from the double bet calculator. Choose between American, decimal or fractional.
  4. In the row below is a tab in which you can select whether it’s an each way bet. We’re showing you how to work out a straight double, so make sure this tab is set to ‘No’.
  5. Now it’s time to add your bet details. There will be two boxes in the double bet calculator for your selections. Add the odds for each.
  6. To the side of those two selection boxes will be drop down menus where you can select the result – Won, Dead Heat, Lost or Void – and whether Rule 4 applies.
  7. All that’s left to do is to click on the black button marked ‘Calculate’. The bet double calculator will show you your total stake, return and profit.

Using the Each Way Double Bet Calculator

If a double bet on different events has you reaching for your calculator, then you’ll definitely need one for an each way double. Fortunately, we have a double each way bet calculator function, which is very easy to use.

An each way wager is essentially two different bets. With one part you are backing a selection to win and with the second part you are backing it to place. As bet options with a bookie go, this is well worth considering if the place odds suggest you can turn a profit.

With an each way double, you have two different double bets. The first double is for your two selections to both win. Then in the second, you’re betting on the two selections to both place.

The place double will see the selections paid out at a certain fraction of the odds. If all that sounds a little confusing, that’s what the Each way double bet calculator is here for.

To use it, select the double tab as before and enter your stake and the odds format. Now make sure that the Each Way section is marked to ‘Yes’. In the section below where you enter your selection details, you enter the odds, result and any Rule 4 details as before, but you also add the place terms for your two choices. Finish up by clicking ‘Calculate’ to work out the results of your double.

Other Popular Wagers with Our Bet Calculator

As you’ll now know, with our bet calculator double wagers are very easy to work out. Yet as well as a double bet calculator function, there are a range of other settings that can be employed.

Below are some of the other types of bets that can be calculated using our device.


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