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The days of not being able to work out what your acca returns are over with our bet accumulator calculator. If your multiple bets has lots of selections at varying prices, working out your returns from bookmakers’ top betting sites and sportsbooks can be a long process. With our bet accumulator return calculator you’ll have your answer in an instant. Check out our calculator below and carry on reading the article to discover exactly how it works.

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What is a Bet Accumulator Calculator

Acca bets can have multiple selections, all at differing odds. Throw a stake into the equation that features not just pounds, but also pence and you have a tough maths problem to solve.

Hence the need for a bet accumulator calculator to figure out the payout. Life is too short to be working out your potential returns from sports betting using fingers and thumbs, particularly when the start time of your first selection is looming.

An accumulator bet is a wager with a number of selections, of which all need to be successful for the bet to be a winner. With some accas featuring lots of different picks, the odds can soon mount up. Even with small stakes, a multiple can provide a large amount of winnings, if successful.

It’s not hard then to see why acca bets are very popular. A small stake can return a large prize and the various selections give you an interest in a number of sporting events. Betting odds multiply for leg to leg, so a four-fold accumulator probably won’t return as much as a six-fold accumulator.

If you’re planning which selections will go into an acca, you’ll naturally be interested in how your choices will affect the final outcome. With a bet calculator accumulator you’ll have that answer with just a couple of clicks.

How to Use a Accumulator Bet Calculator

In this section we’re going to show you exactly how to use a bet accumulator calculator. It’s really simple and you would almost certainly be able to figure it out, but why trouble yourself when we’re on hand to take you through the process?

Just follow these steps and you’ll soon be the master of our bet accumulator calculator.

  1. At the top of the calculator are a series of tabs with which you can select the setting. Click on the one marked ‘Accumulator’.
  2. In the next row down there are two boxes. In the one to the left, you enter your stake. Then in the one on the right, you choose how many selections there will be in your acca bet, from a drop down menu on the free bet calculator.
  3. The next row down again has two fields to fill in. On the left is a tab where you select whether the acca bet is each way. In this instance we’ll select the ‘No’ option. Then on the right there is another drop down menu, where this time you can select the odds format, with American, decimal, or fractional to choose from.
  4. Next up you have to fill in the details of your various selections. This includes the odds, which must be in the format that you selected earlier. Other fields are the result – Won, Dead Heat, Lost or Void – and if it’s a horse race, whether Rule 4 is a factor.
  5. Finally, all that’s left to do is to click on the ‘Calculate’ button at the bottom of the calculator. The calculator will show you your total stake, total return and total profit.

Using the Each Way Bet Accumulator Calculator

There are two parts to an each way bet. You are making one bet on your selection to win and another on your selection to place. Should your selection finish within the place positions, you will be paid out at a pre-determined fraction of the odds. So in a horse race, you might get paid out at 1/4 of the odds, if your horse finishes in the top three.

This can also be extended to acca bets. With an each way accumulator, you have one multiple in which all your selections must win and another in which you are backing them to all place. This obviously adds another level of complexity when trying to work out your returns, but thankfully there’s the option of using an each way accumulator bet calculator.

With a bet calculator each way accumulator wagers are easy to work out, no matter how many selections, place terms and varying odds are involved. In order to activate the each way bet accumulator calculator function, click ‘Yes’ in the section which asks whether the bet is each way or not.

This creates an extra piece of information to add in the section where you enter the selection details. You have to select the place terms from a drop down, for each of your picks. Other than that, it’s exactly the same process as when you use the calculator for a regular accumulator.

Football Accumulator Bet Calculator

If you’re in love with the beautiful game, then the chances are that at some point you will end up using a football bet accumulator calculator. Of all the different multiple bets that are placed, it’s football accas on the Premier League and beyond that are the most popular.

There are so many games being played on a Saturday afternoon, that having an accumulator bet has become a tradition for many football betting fans and bettors. It gives them an interest in multiple games, rather than just their own team. When it comes to working out how much those accas might return, a football accumulator bet calculator is a very useful piece of equipment.

With a bet calculator football accumulator wagers are easy to work out. No matter how many selections there are, from four and five-fold accumulators up to wagers that dwarf a Goliath, regardless of how big the odds and stake are, our football bet accumulator calculator will work out your potential returns in seconds. Just take a look at the football accumulator tips and make your selections.

When it comes to our football bet calculator accumulator bets are just one of the types of wagers that it can calculate. Read on to learn about the other type of bets it can handle.

Other Popular Wagers with Our Bet Calculator

Our bet accumulator calculator has a variety of different settings. By utilising the various functions, you can use the calculator to work out the returns on a wide range of bet types.

Here are some of the other options available.


[Q1]How do you calculate an accumulator?[/Q1] [A1]With each successful bet in an acca, the stake and winnings go onto the next selection. If there’s lots of different selections at varying odds, it can make more sense to use a bet calculator, rather than trying to work it out yourself.  [/A1] [Q2]What is the best accumulator bet?[/Q2] [A2]The great thing about accumulator bets is that a small stake and total outlay can produce big returns. We’d recommend not choosing too many selections, nor having any picks at large odds. Also use a bookie that offers acca insurance and an acca winners bonus.[/A2] [Q3]Are accumulator bets worth it?[/Q3] [A3]Accumulator bets are a lot of fun. You can make a number of selections which give you an interest in a few events over the course of an afternoon. With an acca, punters only need a small stake to win big, so it doesn’t matter too much if you’re unlucky.[/A3] [Q4]What is an accumulator bet?[/Q4] [A4]An accumulator bet is where you group together a number of different bets. All of the individual wagers, not just the first bet, need to be successful, for the multiple to ultimately win. [/A4]
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