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Best Eredivisie Betting Sites in the UK 2022

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The Eredivisie is one of the most iconic football leagues in all of Europe. Many of the game’s greatest players have played in the league at some stage of their career. While it’s not as strong of a league as others, there are still plenty of exciting games taking place each and every week of the season.

That’s why there is always going to be plenty of attention on Eredivisie betting. The goal of this Eredivisie betting guide is to look at the different ways in which you can place bets on these games, as well as highlight the very best Eredivisie betting sites.

Top 10 List of the Best Eredivisie Betting Sites in 2022 

  1. LiveScore Bet: Best Live Streams
  2. BetGood Win: Best Odds
  3. Fitzdares: Great Promotions
  4. Midnite: Best User Experience
  5. BetUK: Great Reputation
  6. Bet Storm: Best Live Betting Offering
  7. Tebwin: Great Customer Support
  8. SpreadEx: Best Spread Betting Service
  9. Betway: Top Welcome Offer
  10. Bet365: Top bonuses and promotions

Dutch Eredivisie Betting Tips

There are many different ways in which bettors try to get the upper hand over the bookies. While you won’t find any sort of fool-proof strategy, there are certain ways you might be able to tip the odds in your favour. Here are some Eredivisie betting tips that the SportsLens experts have put together:[/su_note]

1. Watch Games

By watching Eredivisie games, you can better understand the dynamics of the league and become familiar with the teams. You will start to notice trends and patterns that come up again and again with the action. Over time, you might start turning these things into profitable betting opportunities.

2. Manage Your Bankroll 

One of the most important aspects of gambling is making sure that you properly maintain your bankroll. This means not betting too much of your total account balance on one Eredivisie game or over one weekend of action.

3. Stay Disciplined

It is important that you keep emotions out of your betting decision-making. Otherwise, you might start chasing losses and placing bets that do not make sense or do to fit in with your overall plan.

4. Bonus Offers 

Most bookies will have a range of betting offers that you can use for Eredivisie betting. These could be free bets, moneyback offers, or deposit bonuses. Whatever the case, they can help you boost your bottom line.

5. Get the Best Odds

When placing your wagers, you should make sure that you are always getting the best Eredivisie betting odds. This can be done by using an odds comparison tool to see which bookie has the best price for the given wager you are looking to place.

Eredivisie Betting Odds

netherlands eredivisie

The way in which bookies calculate their Eredivisie betting odds is going to be somewhat similar across the board. They will look at the teams that are taking part in a given game. This means assessing the recent performances of the teams, any injuries, the historical meetings of the teams, and the venue.

The bookie will then figure out what odds they need to give to each of the teams and to the other types of betting markets. Here are some of the current Eredivisie betting odds available at the leading betting sites: 

How We Rank Dutch Eredivisie Betting Sites

There are a lot of different ways in which you can assess the quality of Eredivisie betting sites. By taking a consistent approach when reviewing each leading option, you can get a good picture of the different options facing you. Here are some of the main areas to look at when considering Eredivisie betting sites: 

  • Range of Markets

Most bookies these days will support betting on all of the Eredivisie games. However, we want to check to see what types of betting markets are on offer for each option. The more markets, the more flexibility you have as a bettor.

  • Eredivisie Betting Odds

There is not going to be one betting site that always has the best Eredivisie odds. However, some will consistently have good prices on offer. This means that more often than not you will be getting good value for your wagers. 

  • Eredivisie Live Betting

A lot of people enjoy engaging in Eredivisie live betting. It allows bettors to get in on the action after it has kicked off. We look to see how many markets a bookie offers for Eredivisie live betting, as well as making sure that everything updates in real time. 

  • Eredivisie Bonus Offers

Everyone loves getting their hands on promotions. We look to see what offers are going to be relevant to Eredivisie betting. This includes football-specific deals, as well as general free bet offers. It allows bettors to play with the house’s money. 

  • User Experience

It is important that the given betting site will be easy to use. The user experience means ensuring that the site speed is good, the menu system is straightforward and all of the available Eredivisie betting markets are clearly laid out.

Eredivisie Live Betting

In-play betting has really come to prominence over the past decade as technology has improved. People who have missed out on placing wagers on a game before it begins will still be able to get in on the action. Others will like seeing how a team appears to be playing before placing wagers, with live betting facilitating these types of wagers.

The best Eredivisie live betting sites will have a good range of different markets. The most popular live betting bet types will include game winner, correct score, and goal scorer markets. Here are a few of the very best Eredivisie live betting sites on the market today:

Eredivisie Betting Predictions 

When it comes to Eredivisie betting predictions, there are plenty of aspects to consider. The 2022 season is already in full swing, so the favourites are already starting to emerge. At the time of writing, the winners of the past two titles are unbeaten. Ajax are the strong forerunner to take home the bacon once more this year.

Feyenoord will likely battle it out until the very end, having started the season with an unbeaten streak. Finally, PSV are the only other team that looks like they will be in with a chance of challenging for the title. While they lost their second game, they have a huge amount of young talent coming to the fore and will likely improve as the season goes on. 

Eredivisie Betting Offers

The majority of UK betting sites are not going to have any offers that ar specific to Eredivisie betting. However, you will usually come across football betting offers that can apply to Eredivisie games.

These could see you getting insurance on accumulators, access to free bets, and price boosts to certain types of wagers. Taking advantage of these offers can go a long way towards boosting your bottom line.

Popular Eredivisie Betting Markets

There are all sorts of different Eredivisie betting markets that you will normally be able to choose between. Each option will have its own unique attraction. Here are some of the main betting markets that you will come across: 

Eredivisie Winner

The most obvious type of betting market sees you betting on the team which you think will win the Eredivisie come to the end of the season. Recommended Site: Bet365 

Top Goal Scorer

You will often be able to bet on the player who you think will be the top goal scorer in the Eredivisie come the end of the season. Recommended Site: LiveScore Bet

Game Winner

The standard type of betting market for football matches is the game winner bet. This sees you betting on the team you think will win a given matchup. Recommended Site: Bet Goodwin

Handicap Markets 

Handicap betting is very popular, as it makes it more attractive to place bets on strong favourites or underdogs. A handicap of a certain number of goals will be applied to the favourite in a given matchup. Recommended Site: FitzDares

Correct Score

While it can be difficult successfully predicting the correct final score in a given game, the payoff can usually be good. Recommended Site: Midnite

Over/Under Goals

A lot of bettors enjoy this type of betting market as it is quite simple. You will be betting on whether you think the total goals in a given game will be over or under a certain total. Recommended Site: BetUK

Both Teams to Score

This type of market sees you betting on whether you think both teams in a given fixture will score or not. Recommended Site: Betway

Goal Scorer Markets   

There are different types of goal scorer markets you will be able to utilize for a given game. This includes betting on who you think will be the first goal scorer or anytime goal scorer. Recommended Site: Bet Storm

Player Prop Bets

You can place wagers on specific players. This could be betting on a certain player getting a yellow card during a game or having a certain amount of tackles. Recommended Site: Tebwin 

Team Prop Bets

You will be able to place bets on team prop markets, such as the over/under number of corners a team will get or how many cards a given side’s players will receive during a game. Recommended Site: SpreadEx

Previous Eredivisie Winners  

Season Winner Runner-Up Top Scorer
2021/2022 Ajax PSV Sebastien Haller
2020/2021 Ajax PSV Giorgos Giakoumakis
2019/2020 Abandoned due to pandemic Abandoned due to pandemic Abandoned due to pandemic
2018/2019 Ajax PSV Luuk de Jong/Dusan Tadic
2017/2018 PSV Ajax Alireza Jahanbakhsh
2016/2017 Feyenoord Ajax Nicolai Jorgensen
2015/2016 PSV Ajax Vincent Janssen
2014/2015 PSV Ajax Memphis Depay
2013/2014 Ajax Feyenoord Alfreo Finnbogason
2012/2013 Ajax PSV Wilfried Bony

Live Streaming Holland’s Eredivisie

There are certain betting sites these days that will offer live streaming to their users. These streams will often cover a wide range of sports and events. The way in which you can get access to the streams will depend on the given operator.

Some will need you to just have an account with a positive account balance, while others need you to place a wager on the given even tin rode to get access to the live stream. Many of the leading Eredivisie betting sites offer you the chance to live stream games. Here are some of the best live streaming betting sites around today:

Eredivisie Online Betting vs High Street Bookies

There are some core differences between engaging in online or mobile betting versus placing wagers in person at a high street bookie shop. For many years, only the latter was an option for bettors. However, the advent of the internet opened up a whole new wave of possibilities. Here is a quick look at the main pros and each approach:

Online Betting Pros

  • Access 24/7 to betting markets
  • Easier to see all available markets
  • Access to more bonus offers
  • Ability to place bets from anywhere
  • Often get access to live streams
  • Can use responsible gambling tools
  • More variety of payment methods

High Street Bookie Pros

  • Some people enjoy getting paid out with cash
  • Can view certain sporting events in store
  • Free biscuits usually on offer
  • Can be a more social experience

Final Thoughts

If you’re someone who really enjoys the Eredivisie, then there are plenty of different betting opportunities there for you to explore. All of the leading football betting sites will have plenty of markets on offer for these games.

You can even access live streams through certain platforms. Signing up for an account with a leading Eredivisie site takes no time at all, so you can begin your betting journey today with no hassle. 


How many games are there in the Eredivisie season?

The Eredivisie season takes place between August and May, with every team playing one another both home and away. This means that each of the teams will play 34 games each season.

Where can I find Eredivisie betting tips?

There are many great resources available for Eredivisie betting tips. A lot of people enjoy taking advice from some of the leading Ditch Eredivisie betting tipsters who have a good track record of success.

When does the Eredivisie season start?

The Eredivisie season starts out every year in August.

What are the best Eredivisie betting sites for the UK?

There are many great Eredivisie betting sites, with some of the best all-around options including Livescorebet and Betway.

Is Dutch Eredivisie betting common at leading bookmakers?

Every quality bookmaker will have Dutch Eredivisie betting markets on offer for their users.

Are there many Eredivisie betting experts?

There are certain Eredivisie betting experts that you can find on social media. They tend to specialize in providing betting tips on Eredivisie games.

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