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Bringing you the best in sports

Sportslens started with an idea to bring sports to the world. Living by three pillars industry, we promise to:

Inform: We use facts instead of fiction and put news both in the right context, and perspective. The team puts accurate information first.

Entertain: We tell a great story that helps our fans connect to sports from around the world. The team helps to create an open community where everyone can share their passion.

Help: Our team covers all the angles and all types of news that could have an impact on the future of football. The team contributes to game development around the world too.

At Sportslens, we are your lens into how global sports should be – for the fans, and the players.

Responsible Gambling

While we always respect the fact that people may not wish to get involved in sports betting, the team at Sportslens strives to gather the top odds from bookies throughout the sporting world to create the best betting experience. The team has many years of experience in sports and betting, so it was only natural to put the two together.

We play our part in helping users to make the most informed decisions and will always promote responsible gambling at the forefront. Please do not bet more than you can afford to lose, never chase losses, or give yourself unnecessary stress and anxiety. Please seek help from professionals if you find yourself in any of these situations.

Become a Writer

We believe that as in many sports, Sportslens is a team effort and it would not be where it is today without the help from valuable team members. If you’re looking to join the talented writing team to cover any sports, we want to hear from you.

Please contact us with a sample of your writing as well as your sporting interests and send an email inquiry over to: [email protected]

Editorial Policy

Our editorial team lives and breathes sports journalism. We write with a strict set of guidelines in place and never settle for second best when it comes to the world of sports. Our information is highly accurate and factual, and is reliable, on par with the latest in sports news. The content that we cover is also completely fair and balanced, and we play no favorites!

Company Information

Finixio Ltd. is an online media company that is based in London, UK. It is also the parent company of Sportslens.com.

  • Finixio Ltd.
  • Company Registration Number: 11705811
  • Address: St Magnus House, 3 Lower Thames Street, London, ECR3 6HE
  • Contact: [email protected]


Should you wish to sponsor a page on our site or look into the world of advertising with us, then please contact us on the above information. While sponsorships may influence the visibility of our website, they do not compromise the integrity of the editorial team. The commercial team will happily discuss advertising and sponsorship opportunities at Sportslens.com.



Our Team:

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Ahmed Bilal created Sportslens in 2006. He is a business consultant and entrepreneur who helps businesses identify and overcome their biggest challenges. He’s also the founder of Football Media, an online advertising agency that specialises in sports and male audience targeting, with a monthly reach of 100m+ sports fans in the UK and US. He’s also the owner of Soccerlens.com – a sports news site that reaches 3m+ readers / month.