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Every year football fans are running around, trying to figure out what the new kit for the next season for their club is going to be.To make the process a whole lot easier, we thought it would be a good idea to collect all the kit pictures for the Premiership clubs in one place.

The latest Premiership football kits are listed below – as kits get released for each new season they will be updated here (so you might see old and new kits listed on this page together during the summer as the kits keep getting released). For older kits (and kits from other competitions) you can see our football shirts website.

Last Updated: 27 August 2008

Arsenal Shirtsarsenal-home

The Arsenal 08/09 Home Kit sees Nike return to red sleeves and has a white band running down the sides. The shirt has a V-neck collar with ‘Gunners’ written on the back of it. A nice kit overall.

Arsenal 08-09 Away Kit is yellow with blue collar and sleeves. Nice kit and will probably be better received than the all-white shirt from last season.

Apparently the Arsenal 08-09 3rd Kit will be the same as last year’s away kit. Good choice and it goes easy on the fans as well.

Aston Villa Shirts

The Aston Villa 08/09 home kit will have the Acorns charity featured on it – you can read more about it here. No official news on the kit design it self but if they stick close to last year’s design they can’t go wrong.

The Aston Villa 08/09 away kit is styled similar to the home kit but with blue as the base colour and black sleeves and shorts.

Blackburn Shirts

The Blackburn Rovers 08/09 home kit is pretty much the same as last season’s home kit minus the red trim and with the new logo from new sponsors Crown Paints. Seems like this was more of a change of kits only because of the new sponsor as opposed to a kit redesign.

The Blackburn Rovers 08/09 away kit is navy blue with white and royal blue stripes running vertically down the middle. Smashing design by Umbro, great replacement for last year’s away kit which was one of the best I’ve ever seen.

Bolton Shirts
Bolton Home KitThe whiteness is Bolton’s style, but sometimes too much white isn’t good.

The Bolton 08-09 home kit is fine though – they’ve added blue on the shoulders to make the kit stand out and although it’s not a fascinating kit, it at least solves the ‘whiteness’ problem.

The Bolton 08/09 away kit is based on the same design but uses yellow as the base colour instead of white. Reebok missed a trick here, they could have broken the pattern and tried something different for the away kit.

Chelsea Shirts Chelsea Home Kit

Chelsea’s 08/09 Home Kit has a very nice collar and yellow trim on the ends of the collar / sleeves. Adidas have done a good job here.

The Chelsea 08/09 away kit is a formidable black and Adidas have followed the standards they’ve set in this year’s home kit to produce another winner. Beats last year’s effort by miles.

The Chelsea’s 08/09 3rd kit is bright yellow, and that’s all I really need to say about it.

Everton Shirts Everton away kit

Everton’s 08/09 Home Kit is just a slight change from last season’s shirt, with the yellow trim in the collars gone and the stripes on the sides now a single line. Last season’s shirt looks better, but we’ll have to see it in action I suppose.

Everton’s 08/09 Away Kit sees Umbro take a calculated risk – the plain white shirt from last season has been ‘upgraded’ with a black and grey panel across the shirt above the ‘Chang’ sponsor logo (still in green). Loving it so far.

Everton’s 07/08 third kit is navy blue with splashes of royal blue plus the lettering in white. Couple with the two previous 07/08 kits, probably the best trio of the 07/08 summer.

Fulham Shirts Fulham home kit

The Fulham 08/09 home kit is in it’s traditional white with a black collar and sleeve rims.

The 07/08 Fulham away shirt is black and red striped, homage to the the 1974/75 season in which Fulham reached its first FA Cup final.

The Fulham 07/08 third kit is all powder-blue broken up only by the FFC crest and LG logo – not the best of kits but this was never going to get much mileage with the first and second kits destined to be used almost exclusively.

Hull City Shirts

The Hull City 08/09 home kit sees the Tigers make a return to the traditional amber and black striped kit as they make their debut in the English Premier League. A smashingly attractive kit, especially given that their colours are unique in the EPL.

The Hull City 08/09 away kit is an attractive flint-colored top with amber and black trimmings.

Liverpool Shirts Liverpool home kit

The Liverpool 08/09 Home Kit has a lighter collar than last season and features a Croatia-like check pattern on the inside of the back of the shirt.

The Liverpool 08/09 Away Kit is gray with red stripes on the shoulders and a check pattern on the front. Gotta love the creative department at Adidas…

The Liverpool 08/09 Third Kit is green. Surprisingly I think it just might look good while worn, but on the hangar it looks just a notch above gray (and that’s not saying much).

Manchester City Shirts Man City home kit

The Manchester City 08/09 home kit is light-blue with a white swathe down the left side and white shorts (with blue on the right side…don’t ask). A different look once again by Le Coq Sportif.

The Manchester City 08/09 away kit is a throw-back to the late 60s and 70s and features red and black vertical stripes down the front of the shirt.

The Manchester City 07/08 third kit is the classiest of them all – a plain white top with a diagonal blue patch on the left shoulder featuring the MCFC crest. Classy, classy classy, but can they do it for the home and away kits in 08/09?

Manchester United Shirts man utd home kit

The Manchester United 08/09 Home Kit is reportedly going to be the same as the 07/08 kit. Finally, some sense. It’s a kit that grows on you and at this point I like this a lot more than the 06/07 kit.

The Manchester United 08/09 Away Kit is white with blue trimmings – a stark departure from last season’s imposing black away kit. Let’s see how the official version looks like, but United look good in black, they should get back to it next season.

The Manchester United 08/09 Third Kit looks like a half-sleeved version of the 07/08 season’s home keeper kit. Yes, it’s all blue, and with the theme this season supposedly white and blue I’m not surprised. It’s a smashing kit though, the blue is amazing.

Middlesbrough Shirts

The Middlesbrough 08/09 Home Kit sees a return of the white band across the center of the shirt and white splashes underneath the sleeves.

The Middlesbrough 08/09 away kit sees the club go Inter with it’s away kit. Ok, that’s probably harsh since they’ve had a blue-and-black away strip since at least the 70s, but how are you going to convince the millions of people watching on TV that it’s not an Inter-knockoff?

Newcastle United Shirts Newcastle home kit

The Newcastle United 2007/2008 home kit is an inverted version of the 06-07 strip, with the badge in the center and less stripes.

The Newcastle 2008/2009 Away Kit, is … bluer than last year’s light-blue City knockoff. I bet it looks great on the pitch but as a Newcastle kit it just doesn’t feel right, and the blue is the wrong shade anyway.

And then there’s the Newcastle United 08/09 3rd kit, silver…no comments.

Portsmouth Shirts Pompey home kit

The Portsmouth 08/09 Home Kit is manufactured by Canterbury and features a blue and gold design that will mark the club’s 110th anniversary.

The Portsmouth 08/09 Away Kit isn’t officially out yet but the leaked kit features a retro collar, the new Portsmouth crest and an odd blue and white contrast.

The Portsmouth 07/08 third kit is all black with gold trimmings – a very nice kit overall by Canterbury and their collars for the away and third kits (07/08) were an excellent choice.

Stoke City Shirts Stoke City home kit

The Stoke City 08/09 Home Kit features bold red and white panels down the front with the center red panel wider than the others. It’s a nice shirt and Le Coq Sportif have made sure that Stoke City enjoy their promotion in style.

The Stoke City 08/09 Away Kit is an interesting choice – Le Coq Sportif have gone with a pale yellow (might look brighter / more vibrant when the real thing comes out) and while it’s a functional away kit it’s not exactly ‘classic’.

Sunderland Shirts sunderland home kit

The Sunderland 08/09 Home Kit sees Umbro bring a bit of black into the Sunderland home shirt, something that immediately makes the Black Cats look more imposing on the pitch.

The Sunderland 08/09 Away Kit looks more like an Inter knockoff than anything else, but that’s a bit harsh on Umbro who have usually done a good job with kits. Royal and navy blue stripes running down the middle, decent stuff.

Tottenham Shirts tottenham home kit

The Tottenham 08/09 Home Kit is a traditional white with navy blue trim – and with Mansion logo now has the ‘casino and poker’ tagline, making sure that viewers know what is all about.

The Tottenham 08/09 Away Kit is light blue, quite similar to last year’s away kit. Have to say I love that collar.

The Tottenham 08/09 Third Kit is black with golden and white trim, designed to celebrate 50 years of the Puma King boot.

West Brom Shirts West Brom home kit

The West Brom 08/09 Home Kit is in traditional navy blue and white stripes.

The West Brom 08/09 Away Kit is yellowish gold with black trim – a decent kit despite some of the criticism at the yellow.

West Ham Shirts West Ham away kit

The West Ham 07/08 Home Kit has the traditional burgandy playing the role of main color and the sleeves being highlighted with the light blue of the outline of the crest. The white of the sponsor logo really makes it pop out.

The West Ham 08/09 Away Kit full light blue with the same horizontal panels (burgandy and white) as the Everton away kit. The colors make it a winner for me, and the away kit design used by Umbro is very nice.

Wigan Shirts wigan 08/09 home kit

The Wigan 08/09 home kit is a smart-looking blue and white kit with the new Wigan crest and the new JJB logo. Fierce-looking kit.

The Wigan 07/08 away kit is all white with a royal blue collar and shoulder stripes and navy blue stripes running down the sides from just below the collar.

The Wigan 07/08 third kit is the same style as the away shirt, but with the base colour navy blue.

For older football shirts or those from other leagues, see our football kits blog. If you have seen any Premier League kits that are not listed here, please mention use the contact form to get in touch.