Best Correct Score Tipsters on Telegram & Social Media 2024

Picking out the score in a football match is a tough business, so having correct score tipsters that you can rely upon is very valuable. We’re going to introduce you to our favourite sources for such advice, show you where to find such tips and guide you when it comes to making the right choice. Let’s kick off with a look at the best correct score tipsters.

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List of Top Correct Score Tipsters on Telegram & Social Media Today

There are now a lot of sources out there that provide correct score football tips. While the amount of choice is a positive for punters, it does mean that it can be hard to choose which ones to follow. From channels for football tips on Telegram to other forms of social media, we’re going to make it easier for you by revealing our favourite correct score tipsters.

  1. SafeBettingSites – Free correct score Telegram channel
  2. Predictology – Create your own football betting strategy
  3. Betfair – Expert tipsters and legends like Hoddle, Evra and Rivaldo
  4. Winning Footy Tips – Impressive 12.87% ROI
  5. Paddy Power – Free tips from likes of Peter Crouch and Phil Thompson

The Latest Football & Correct Score Tips for 13 April

Correct Score Telegram Channel & Social Media Tipsters in More Detail

You’ve seen our list of our favourite correct score tipsters. We’re now going to go into a little more detail, with some reviews of our recommended sources for correct score tips.

1. SafeBettingSites (Telegram)

SafeBettingSites telegram

SafeBettingSites provide a Telegram channel that provides free correct score tips daily, from their team of football experts. Aside from correct score tips, they also provide other football betting advice, while specialist tipsters give their insight into other sports. Their correct score tipsters deliver profit, even though the service is absolutely free. For that reason they’re our number for correct score predictions.

2. Predictology (Telegram and Web)

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As the name suggests, there is an element of science in the product from Predictology. As well as correct score tips today and everyday, you can create and test your own betting strategies on the Predictology database, which contains information on over 300,000 football games. Check which prediction models have the best record and share your own strategies with other users. It’s not free, but we think that the membership fee offers good value for access to a unique product.

3. Betfair (Telegram and Web)


Many major betting companies offer their own tipping sites and in our view the best example comes from Betfair. The betting exchange experts also have a sportsbook and with their betting.betfair content site, they provide free football correct score tips. The advice comes from a mix of pro tipsters and legendary former players such as Glenn Hoddle, Patrice Evra and Rivaldo. Aside from delivering all sorts of football betting tips, there’s also plenty of other sports covered.

4. Winning Footy Tips (Web)

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With some sites from correct score tipsters, the actual profitability of their service is not available. At Winning Footy tips you can download and view the annual record of their football tipsters, before signing up and parting with any money. When we conducted our review, we found that 51.22% of their tips were winners, which equated to a 12.87% return on investment. Even with soaring interest rates, following the advice from Winning Footy Tips would provide a much better return than you’d get from any bank.

5. Paddy Power

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Another betting giant that have invested in providing free correct score tips for their users, are Paddy Power. Their news.paddypower site gives tips for football and a number of other sports, all delivered in the fun, tongue-in-cheek style, that anyone who has seen a Paddy Power advert will be well acquainted with. Amongst there football experts are ex-England internationals Peter Crouch and Phil Thompson, while there are also specialist tipsters delivering advice on many markets, including correct score betting tips.

How to Choose Correct Score Tipsters

After seeing our rankings and reading our reviews of our favourite correct score tipsters, you might be wondering how we go about assessing them. Here are some of the criteria that we consider.

  • Profitability – Being able to show a history of delivering profits is vital for any correct score tipsters. Punters are expected to follow their advice and put their own money on the line. That’s difficult to do when you have no idea if the tipster in question can actually deliver a profit. If you find one that can demonstrate a return on investment over time, then and only then, is it relatively safe to follow their advice.
  • Charges – Making a profit is important, but it’s not much use if the charges for the service outweigh the money made. We’re suspicious about any correct score tipsters service that charge too much, as punters are also going to have to spend more money on staking any recommended bets. Extra marks go to services which are free. You may wonder why anyone would give away tips for free, but very often they just have an alternative funding method to a subscription, such as bookmakers creating their own tipping sites to help entice new users and keep existing ones happy.
  • Reasoning – Even if you know that a tipster delivers profits consistently, it can be hard to have total faith in their advice, if you’re just being told a bet to place. We like there being some reasoning to be behind the tip, much like showing your working out on a maths equation, rather than just the answer. When correct score tipsters explain why they’ve come to a conclusion about a bet, it reinforces your belief in it and can also teach you valuable lessons which you can apply when making your own predictions.
  • Reputation – The reputation of a tipping service is important, especially if they’re charging you money for it. You have to be confident in the trustworthiness of the service and there are different ways that this can be achieved. A big bookie putting their reputation on the line by providing tips, is one example. The length of time that the operation has been in service, is another. We don’t want you to get stung by a scam site, so we do our due diligence.
  • Reach – We live in a very busy world, so it’s important that correct score tipsters provide a number of alternative methods, when it comes to delivering their advice. A website that is mobile friendly is a given, while a dedicated app is even better. Social media can be a useful channel for delivering tips, with Twitter in particular being made use of. Telegram channels have become very popular, allowing punters to receive tips, wherever they are.

How the Best Correct Score Tips Are Made

There are really only two ways that correct score tips are made. They can be made by dedicated tipsters, who use their existing football and knowledge, allied to research, to make their decisions. Then there are tips which are purely based on mathematics and statistics.

In the case of the latter, the form of the two teams facing each other is compared with similarly ranked sides within a large database of past games. Such a method allows for football predictions to be made almost instantly, with tips available for huge numbers of matches every day. The drawback with this sort of system is that it can’t easily take into account factors such as injuries and suspensions.

Professional correct score tipsters can consider those sort of issues. Their tips are less scientific, but they can still consider form and statistics, alongside their own gut feeling and knowledge of betting.

How to Join a Free Correct Score Telegram Channel

We’ve mentioned Telegram groups a few times in this article. If you’re not familiar with Telegram, it’s an online messaging service available across a number of platforms. It’s become popular amongst betting companies and tipping services as a way to quickly deliver the latest tips to subscribers.

We’re going to show you the steps that you need to take, in order to sign up with the free correct score Telegram channel from Safe Betting Sites. It’s a simple process and this step-by-step guide will make it even simpler.

Step One: Go To The SBS Football Tips Channel

Click on the link below to go to the SBS Telegram channel, which provides tips for football and horse racing. Should you not have Telegram installed on the device that you click through from, then a link to download Telegram will also appear.


Step Two: Join The Channel

Now click on the button marked ‘Join Channel’. Telegram will open up and you will be asked if you want to add Safe Betting Sites to the channels that you follow.

Step 3: Set Up Your Notifications

If you want advice from correct score tipsters every day, then you’ll need to set up your notifications. When you first install Telegram, you’ll be asked if you want to have notifications sent when the channels you follow release new content. If you declined when setting up Telegram, go back to the settings on your device and turn on the notifications. Once you do, you’ll never miss a correct score tip again.

The Last Word

We hope that you enjoyed our guide to correct score tipsters. As you’ll have seen, there are plenty of quality options out there, with some variety of what’s on offer. Of the sites we reviewed, our favourite is the Telegram channel from Safe Betting Sites.

SBS telegram channel


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