Best Channels for Football Tips on Telegram for 2022

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Telegram serves as a messaging app that offers its users speed and security, and it has become useful for betting tipsters to utilise when providing football tips for upcoming games. Through it, the once confusing land of football matches and their associated odds has been cleared, allowing bettors to understand more about what they’re wagering on.

Thanks to the hints for football bets on Telegram, you can also get involved in a simpler way of betting. And if you want to learn more about football tips Telegram channels and how to use them, you’re in the right place. We’ll give you all the necessary insight to these and highlight some of the best football betting tips Telegram channels for you to join.

Top 10 Best Football Tips Telegram Channels

Perhaps there is no better way of getting involved with Telegram football tips than by joining one of the best channels for such. We have a set of recommendations featuring fascinating insights from some of the best football tipsters on Telegram. Each of these brings something different to the fore, so take a look at the channels that we recommend you join after becoming a part of the Telegram community.

  1. Betway Fix Betting Reports
    Experience football tips on Telegram for the Betway sportsbook
  2. Safe Betting Tips Telegram Channel
    Excellent free betting tips for football and other sports
  3. Fixed Tips Arena
    Serving as the only verified Telegram daily odds provider with free tips
  4. 22Bet Telegram
    Football tips for Telegram users who want to place smaller wagers for guaranteed outcomes
  5. Pure Fixed Winning Matches
    100% sure to win matches with a legitimate and verified source
  6. GOAT 1xBet Matches
    Ideal for the best qualifying fixed matches advice on football games
  7. Sure Bets
    Offering exciting daily football tips on Telegram, as well as special offers
  8. Betting God
    Focuses solely on football betting tips, bringing 14 years of experience
  9. Freak Bets
    The number one rated betting Telegram channel in Europe

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Reviews of the Best Football Betting Tips Telegram Channels

We’ve given you a brief glance at the Telegram football betting groups above, but now it’s time to delve a little bit deeper into these channels. What do they provide to you as our recommended Telegram football tips channels? Take a look at the extra information regarding these groups.

1. Betway Fix Betting Reports


The Betway Fix Betting Reports channel promises to provide you with the most accurate sports predictions on Telegram. And while only predictions are provided via this channel, and nothing more, it offers these in the best fashion. After all, it is perhaps the best football tips Telegram channel that we have experienced.

The great part about this channel is that if you have a Betway account, then it is ideal to see the odds and matches on the sportsbook and easily match them to the tips being provided. The hints and tips have been consistent for multiple years now, and the channel has more than 16,900 subscribers.

2. Safe Betting Sites Tips Telegram Channel


Safe Betting Sites serves as the United Kingdom’s number one comparison site for bookmakers, and it is also active in the area of providing insightful football tips by Telegram. It has amassed around 7,500 subscribers so far, where free daily selections from both the football scene and other sports are given to bettors.

Despite the fact that this is a new Telegram channel, it has made waves and become popular with players swiftly. Doubtless, this is not only due to the fact that it provides a free service, but that the hints and tips provided are so useful.

3. Fixed Tips Arena


It says a lot when you are considered as the only fully verified daily odds provider on Telegram, which is prexisely what the Fixed Tips Arena channel exists as. As well as providing those odds, the channel offers betting advice for its users, free tips to utilise when placing your wagers, and other insightful information. Those features alone make it one of the best for football betting tips as a Telegram channel.

Free football betting tips on Telegram will always be welcome, and Fixed Tips Arena provides those. So, there is little wonder that it has managed to amass more than 33,000 subscribers to its channel. Updates are posted at regular intervals by the channel, giving you the biggest benefits as a bettor.

4. 22Bet Telegram


This Telegram football tips channel promises that it offers 100% sure fixed matches insights. It claims that you will be able to win, obtain money from your wagers, and receive total satisfaction from the tips it offers. And to verify that, you can easily view the testimonials that the 22Bet channel offers links to for easy access.

As things stand for the 22Bet Telegram channel at the moment, it provides its services to around 3.3K subscribers, who utilise the channel from all corners of the globe. Free tips are regularly provided via the group, but if you want to go that bit further with your betting experience, you can become one of the VIP members. This does cost a subscription fee, but you get excellent competitive odds from it.

5. Pure Fixed Winning Matches


We’re going to ignore the obvious spelling mistake in the title of this Telegram channel, because its services are utilised by around 36,000 subscribers. That provides you with a bit of an insight into how good its hints and tips are. Again, as with 22Bet, the channel claims to provide 100% sure win matches, and the details that it notifies you of in its updates come from legitimate and verified sources.

Satisfaction is also guaranteed through the football tips on Telegram through this channel. While football is the primary focus for it, there are also hints and tips offered on other sporting events for bettors to take advantage of alongside.

6. GOAT 1xBet Matches


You’d better be bringing the goods if you consider yourself the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) in terms of sports betting tips. Fortunately, the GOAT 1xBet Matches channel has proved itself several times over in this department. With more than 50,000 subscribers making use of the group, there’s little wonder that it stands out significantly.

This channel not only offers football tips on Telegram, but provides the same on basketball, tennis and more options. Expert advice will come your way on a frequent basis when you become a part of this channel, and it has various other pieces of information for you to see alongside.

7. Sure Bets


We all want to be sure and certain of the bets that we place at our chosen online sportsbook. Fortunately, Sure Bets also wants you to be certain of these, which is why it offers enthralling daily sports tips. It has amassed a large enough following on Telegram so far, with more than 43,000 people opting to benefit from the tips available there.

Football tips are what it has a large focus on, which is ideal for anyone wanting to wager on matches in this category. Yet there will be additional hints on other sports from time to time, too. This is definitely one to take notice of as a Telegram user.

8. Betting God


When you bring more than 14 years of experience to the table, you can definitely toot your own horn about it. That’s what the Betting God channel on Telegram provides, and it focuses entirely on football betting tips. And while it does place a lot of focus on Italian teams, there will be moments of being able to benefit from hints relating to other football clubs and matches as well.

You will find free football betting tips on Telegram through the Betting God channel, and this is ideal for those who aren’t interested in paying an amount of money for assistance. Live football predictions are also offered, with analysis of the unfolding events also being on hand for subscribers to experience.

10. Freak Bets


Think about it – you’re the top rated betting channel in Europe. What do you do? You continue being the best thing that European bettors can take advantage of, of course! That’s what the Freak Bets channel on Telegram is doing today, and UK bettors can also take advantage of the hints and tips being provided there, too.

Freak Bets has been dealing with sports betting and everything surrounding it for four years now, and the channel has members who speak English, Russian and Latvian. You’ll find links to client reviews, the online website of Freak Bets, and even recommended bookmakers as well. There’s no wonder it is one of the best in Europe.

Telegram Channels, Groups and Bots

If you’re searching for Telegram channels for betting tips, then you may find yourself slightly confused over the fact that channels, groups and bots exist. But what exactly are these, and how do they differ to one another?

Telegram itself is a cloud-based instant messenger app which has its own massive user base, and group interaction takes place through both groups and channels. A Telegram group can have up to 200,000 members in it, whereas a Telegram channel is able to benefit from an unlimited number of subscribers.

A Telegram channel is sort of like a power-charged version of a WhatsApp Broadcast list, and it serves as a medium for one-way broadcast messages to be sent. A group differs because it works the same way as any other group chat, in the sense that people can interact with each other by sending messages in it that all can see. Group admins are still able to restrict messages from any member of the group though, or they can make the group entirely private.

Bots, on the other hand, are third-party applications that run inside Telegram. Users of the Telegram app can interact with those bots by sending them messages or commands, even inline requests. Bots can also be used to get customised notifications and news, such as football tips on Telegram for example. It can also enrich chats with content from external sources, accept any payments from Telegram’s users, create custom tools for alerts, translations and such, build social services and much more.

Why Join a Telegram Channel for Football Betting Tips?

So, now that you know you can use Telegram for all of your football betting hints and tips, why would you want to do so? What reason would you have for utilising the service that these tipsters provide? Well, there are a couple of reasons why you may take advantage of the hints and tips as provided through the best football tips on Telegram.

You’ll get instant notifications when new tips are added to for you to see, which means you can set about placing your wagers on the relevant matches in response. These free football betting tips on Telegram are highly useful, especially if you’re someone who isn’t completely familiar with placing sports bets of any kind. Such hints will give you a bit of an insight into the games and what is expected to happen in them.

When using the channels, you may find that many of them promote themselves as offering 100% sure betting tips. Therefore, if you’re looking to definitively win money from your football bets, Telegram is an ideal option to utilise. Often times, the tips being provided come from professionals within the scene, meaning that you get 100% perfectly analysed predictions. And if you want even more from the experience, then you can become part of the VIP section as a way of benefiting from competitive odds and more perks.

The pros and cons of using Telegram for football betting hints and tips:


  • Some of the best hints and tips from professionals in the field
  • VIP areas for you to become a part of and get added benefits
  • Instant notifications when new tips are posted
  • Simple, quick and effective app download
  • Free of charge sports betting hints and tips


  • There are many Telegram channels, making it difficult to separate the good from the bad

Choosing the Best Telegram Channel for Football Tips

If you do decide to get involved with using Telegram for your football betting activity, then you need to ensure you’re selecting one of the best channels to do this through. Of course, you could simply select one of the recommended channels on our list to make things easier. But it is also vital to do your own research into these as well.

So, what do you need to look out for when choosing your preferred Telegram football tips channel? Well, there are certain criteria that we recommend you seeking out from those channels before you join one. Have a look at the various features that we look for in our recommended Telegram options and apply them to your own search.

The Accuracy of the Football Bets on Telegram

You need to be sure that the football tips you’re receiving through the channel you’ve chosen are indeed the best. And to do this, you should ensure that the hints being given are offered up by professionals and experts from within the industry. Essentially, while doing some of your own research is also advised, you’ll be basing your bet(s) on the tips and predictions that these people make through the channel. So, you need to ensure that the information is precise, accurate and relevant.

The Resources on Hand

Hints and tips can be thrown about by anyone online, and that’s why it is absolutely vital that you have the ability to do your own research as well. The best Telegram football betting groups incorporate links to additional resources, as well as other pieces of knowledge and information that you can utilise in order to place effective wagers.

The Channel’s Reputation

One thing that we always do is look for the reviews and comments made by users of the channels. Some of these will even provide links for you to use which provide testimonies from other people using the services offered. Make sure that you know what you’re getting involved in when you subscribe to a channel. People will always be bluntly obvious with their comments if they’ve had a bad experience, so make sure you know all about the channel’s reputation beforehand.

Best Channel for Features Guide

There are certain football betting tips channels on Telegram that offer different perks to the rest. Or perhaps they just excel in certain areas where others do not. And that’s why we have put together this guide for you to view. Here, you’ll see the best channels and groups for various particular areas, so you can have a look at them and proceed with joining them for these features in specific.

Overall Best Football Betting Tips Telegram Channel: Betway Fix Betting Reports
Best for Football Acca Tips: 22Bet Best for Football Predictions: Fixed Tips Arena
Best for Footie Offers: GOAT 1xBet Matches Best for VIP Subscriptions: 22Bet

Who Are the Best Football Tipsters on Telegram?

It would also be ideal to know about the top tipsters providing the hints and tips on football matches via Telegram, right? Well, the best football tipsters on Telegram bring years of experience to the fore and will always accurately offer insightful information on the matches being played. Here are our top Telegram Football Tipsters for 2022:

  1. Boss of Betting

2. Betting God

3. Football Prediction

4. Teams4Win

5. Freak Bets

How to Join a Telegram Group

Getting involved in Telegram for betting tips is a simple process. So, should you want to get your football tips at Telegram through one of the channels, simply follow these easy steps to do so:

Step One: Download the Telegram App

Downloading the Telegram app for desktop

You can download the best football betting apps for this service to a desktop computer, or you can add the app to your smartphone or tablet via the Android or iOS stores. Installation is a quick and simple process to go through.

Step Two: Select a Football Tips Telegram Channel

The various Telegram channels for betting tips and predictions

Once you have downloaded the Telegram app, you can search through the various channels and groups to find one or more that appeal to you. Many of them exist on Telegram, so be sure to do proper research into them before subscribing to one.

Step Three: Join the Channel

The link for joining the Safe Betting Tips channel

You can then load up any channel on your Telegram app and click to join it easily. You will then be subscribed up to the channel or group so as to benefit from the free betting tips it provides.

Step Four: Turn on Notifications

Choosing to be notified when a channel is updated with tips

If you’re satisifed with the channel you have chosen, why not turn on notifications for it, so that you receive instant alerts when a new tip is posted? You could even customise the sound that your device makes so that you know it’s a Telegram notification straight away!

Bottom Line

As you will now be aware, Telegram is useful for several reasons when it comes to engaging in football betting opportunities. The hints and tips that the channels are able to provide assist you with being able to place bets on the most likely outcomes of matches to win funds. Be sure that you’re utilising a recommended channel or group, or doing the proper research if you’re finding one yourself.


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