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Qualify for Champions League or Win the Uefa / FA Cup?



When Blackburn’s Morten Gamst Pedersen was asked to choose between a top-four finish and winning the UEFA Cup, he picked the UEFA Cup.

This caught my attention, because it’s something that I’ve said in the past and have had a long discussion with Newcastle United fans over at the nufcblog.com forums (although we talked about the FA Cup instead of the UEFA Cup). This also flies smack into the face of populist media who sometimes turn ‘Champions League qualification’ into a holy grail (although the Tottenham board are not beyond such insanity either) that just serves to heap pressure on teams.

So I’d like to ask all non-big four fans – what is more important:

1) Qualifying for the Champions League or
2) Winning the Uefa Cup / FA Cup?

It would be especially interesting to hear from West Ham, Blackburn, Manchester City, Portsmouth and Everton fans – although Spurs fans are welcome to contribute as well 😛

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