Best UK Cash Out Betting Sites In 2021



The cash out feature has revolutionised the way in which we bet online. The process effectively involves settling bets early. Perfect for cutting losses or securing profits, cash out is offered by the majority of online bookmakers today. Cash out betting sites are all slightly different. On this page, we will list the best cash out betting sites. We will also explain exactly how cash out betting works, helping to answer the question – what is cash out betting? 

Our Top Recommended Cash Out Betting Sites 

  1. William Hill – Bet £10, Get £50 In Free Bets
  2. SBK – First £20 Refunded In Cash
  3. Paddy Power – £20 Risk Free Bet
  4. Bet365 – Up To £100 In Bonuses
  5. BetVictor – Bet £5, Get £30 In Free Bets
  6. Parimatch – Bet £5, Get A £30 Bonus
  7. Ladbrokes – Bet £5, Get £20 in Free Bets
  8. MansionBet – Bet £10, Get £20
  9. Vbet – Bet £10, Get £10 in Free Bets
  10. QuinnBet – £25 In Free Bets + 100 Free Spins

How We Rank The Top Cash Out Betting Sites 

Given its popularity, it should come as no surprise that the majority of bookies have already introduced a cash out feature. As a result, it can be difficult to know which of the cash out betting sites to take advantage of. Punters can rest assured that our top ranked cash out betting sites are all safe and reliable. Meanwhile, they also score highly in the following areas too:

  • Eligible Markets

It is all well and good bookies offering cash out. However, it must be available on the majority of bets and markets to be effective. Whether you are placing an in-play bet on Premier League football or a pre-match wager on tennis from Wimbledon, it is nice to know that the cash out feature is available to call upon if necessary. William Hill’s cash out feature is available on both single and multiple bets. This is just part of the reason behind its success.

  • Cash Out Options 

Cash out is not quite as simple as settling bets early. Today, many bookies offer both full and partial options, as well as auto features. Such options mean that punters can keep bets alive, while taking part of the stake back. Meanwhile, they can also automatically cash out when reaching a certain value. Paddy Power is one bookie to offer both full and partial cash out, along with a host of appealing markets and promotions. 

  • Mobile Betting

Cash out, as well as other features, should be available to mobile customers too. Whether it be through a mobile site or dedicated betting app, cashing out must be an efficient process. The majority of bookies now understand the importance of mobile betting. Offering cash out via their mobile app, Bet365 scores highly in this area, as well as many others.

  • Betting Promotions

While not being the be-all-and-end-all, promotions can certainly be of benefit to punters. While bets placed with free bets or bonus funds may not be eligible to cash out, they can still be used to maximise winnings and minimise losses. Favourable terms and conditions are important too. With a generous welcome bonus and ongoing promotions, BetVictor is one of the leading brands here.

  • Other Features

Cash out is just one of the many features delivered by online bookies today. While being arguably the most demanded, other features such as live streaming and bet builders are also worth taking advantage of. This is one of the major advantages to betting online, when compared to high street betting shops. With live streaming from many sports and a bet builder, Ladbrokes is another of our top ranked cash out betting sites.

What Is Cash Out In Betting? 

Prior to the introduction of cash out, there were only two options for bets placed – win or lose. However, the cash out feature was a game changer. It allows punters to settle bets before their completion. Settling bets early is often an appealing option. Most will use it to cut losses on a seemingly losing bet. However, many will also use it to lock in returns with time still remaining. 

Bookies will offer punters an amount to “cash out” bets. The exact amount will depend on the bet placed, as well as the scoreline at the time. Simply put, the amount offered will depend on how likely your bet is to win, as well as the potential for the scoreline to change. 

For example, let’s say you placed a bet on Aston Villa winning against Manchester United at Old Trafford. Aston Villa score in the second half to go 1-0 up. With United having home advantage and plenty of attacking talent, punters may wish to cash out. Regardless of the final score, winnings will have already been secured. 

There are a small number of different cash out options available to punters today. Specific options will vary between bookies. However, punters can generally take advantage of the following:

Full Cash Out 

This is the most common and traditional form of cash out. As the name suggests, punters here are deciding whether or not to settle the entire bet early. In doing so, punters will receive the amount on offer, with their stake returning to the bookie. All cash out betting sites will offer this option.

William Hill cash out 563x1000

Partial Cash Out

Alternatively, punters can choose to partially cash out a bet. This means that a proportion of the potential winnings will be cashed out, with the remaining funds remaining on the bet. The bet that remains active works in the same way as any other bet. If successful, earnings will be paid out immediately. Generally a slider will be used to determine the split. Partial cash out is available with many bookies, including Betfair

partial cash out

Auto Cash Out

Depending on your strategy, it may be worthwhile setting up the auto cash out betting feature offered by some bookies. Here, in the event of winnings reaching a set amount, your bet will automatically be cashed out. This means that punters can sti back and enjoy the action, without keeping an eye on their chosen betting site. Auto cash out is available at Bet365

auto cash out bet365

The Most Popular Cash Out Betting Markets 

Cash out works better on some sports than others. So, let’s take a look at which sports are the most popular for cashing out bets:


football iconFootball is known for its excitement, with goals often flying in from all angles. Whether it be the English Premier League, Champions League or the Italian Serie C, cash out is likely to be available across the board. The nature of the sport means that cash out will regularly come into play. For example, teams dominating possession may struggle to find the back of the net. Meanwhile, a large number of goals are scored in the closing stages of matches. In order to avoid the disappointment of your bet losing as a result of such a goal, cash out is well worth considering.


tennisNormally played on an individual basis, singles matches can often be contrasting affairs. For example, one player may win the first set comfortably, before being pegged back in the second. Meanwhile, others will struggle to close out matches, potentially wasting numerous match points. Whether it be a Grand Slam final or a first round Challenger match, cash out is very useful in tennis. Matches can quickly turn in or against your favour. Cash out at the right time in order to beat the bookies.


cricketbatCricket matches can last up to five days. Whether it is a Test match or a T20 encounter, cashing out on cricket bets is very popular. One wicket can change the course of the entire match. Teams regularly suffer batting collapses, which can take the game away from them. So, if your pick has just lost their star player for a golden duck or their leading wicket taker is off the field due to injury, consider cashing out to cut your losses.

Horse Racing

horse racingWhile in-play horse racing is not available, cash out can still be useful. Many punters will place multiple bets over a weekend or on the same day. Here, all picks must win in order for the bet to be successful. So, if you have just one pick remaining but are not confident of their chances, the cash out feature could well be your friend. 

Our Top 5 Cash Out Betting Tips

Using the cash out feature can take time to get used to. This is especially the case when it comes to timing. However, in order to help punters along the way, we have come up with the following cash out betting tips. Each has been designed to help you beat the bookies through cashing out:

  1. Use Stats – Punters who use statistics to make their decision on whether to cash out or not generally achieve the greatest success. For example, does a football team have a habit of conceding late goals? Or does a particular basketball team regularly win in overtime? Such data can be invaluable when it comes to cash out betting.
  2. Don’t Be Greedy – It is easy to get ahead of yourself when operating on cash out betting sites. Having placed a bet, try and picture the amount that you would be happy taking home through cash out. Upon reaching this amount, it is generally best to cash out. Although hindsight shows that you may have won more by not settling, you are still the winner. This is where the auto cash out feature is so useful. 
  3. Suspended Markets – Upon sportsbook markets being suspended, the cash out feature will be unavailable. This is something oft-forgotten by punters. For example, at the time of a goal being scored in football or an injury yellow card being handed out in rugby, punters can have no involvement. 
  4. Read the Small Print – Terms and conditions at cash out betting sites will vary. As such, it is important that punters understand the rules before betting. It could be that your bet type does not qualify for cash out. Meanwhile, bets placed with free bet tokens will also likely not be eligible. Avoid disappointment by being vigilant in this area.
  5. Your Decision – Ultimately, there are no guarantees that cashing out will work in your favour. Just as with your initial bet, you are taking a gamble when cashing out. Your decision could mean that you take away a profit just at the right time. However, it is important to understand that you could have also won more by avoiding the cash out button. 

The Best Betting Apps With Cash Out 

Cash out is generally available to all punters, regardless of whether you are operating on desktop or mobile. Mobile betting apps come with all of the same markets and features as found on desktop sites. As a result, there is no need to miss out on a potentially key cash out decision. While not all bookmakers have invested the time and money into developing an app, those that have done have generally benefited. When it comes to betting apps with cash out, the following are our favourites:

  1. William Hill – Full & Partial cash out available
  2. Bet365 – Auto cash out available
  3. SBK – Specialist mobile bookie

Cash Out Betting and In Play

In-play betting is the preferred method of wagering on sporting events for many. Live betting and cash out now go hand in hand. The process is the same as with pre-match bets. However, the amount being offered to cash out is likely to change frequently. For example, those betting on a tennis match will see the cash out amount change almost on a point-by-point basis. As such, those who are able to cash out at the right time could well reap the rewards. The process of cashing out is the same across the board, with the relevant button appearing on your bet slip when available.

When To Avoid Cashing Out 

Cash out is a fantastic feature. However, there are times when punters should avoid using it where possible. The most successful punters will understand when to cash out a bet, as well as when to leave it running. While this is something of a gamble in itself, punters must weigh up whether the amount offered is worth cashing out. Meanwhile, there may well be times as to when cashing out does not fit in with your betting strategy. Finally, there will be times when you are not able to keep as close an eye on bets as you would like. This could be because you are not able to stream the event live or simply because you are busy with something else.

What Bet Types Can’t I Cash Out

Some bet types will not qualify for cash out. This will vary from bookie to bookie. This is because bookies are looking to protect themselves from major winfalls. At the majority of cash out betting sites, it is only the following that will not be eligible:

Final Word on Betting Sites with Cash Out

The fact that it comes as a surprise when a bookmaker does not offer cash out demonstrates just how important this feature has become. Despite having only been around for a small number of years, some punters would now struggle to do without cash out. Our recommended cash out betting sites all allow bets to be settled early. Meanwhile, they also come with a host of other appealing markets, features and promotions. So, be sure to select your favourite, claiming your welcome bonus in the process.

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