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Would you like to write for Soccerlens? We are always looking for talented new writers. If you have the knowledge, experience and stories to tell about football and would like to share your views as a football fan then we’d love to have you on board.

Soccerlens is not only the #1 ranked football blog, it’s also one of the oldest and most popular independent football communities around. We deal with what really happens in football – on the pitch and behind the scenes, going beyond the powder-puffed narratives that mainstream media loves to torture the masses with.

Four Reasons To Write On Soccerlens.com

  • NewsNow – Soccerlens.com was included in NewsNow.co.uk back in July 2006, all our articles are syndicated to the massive NewsNow audience.
  • YardBarker – Soccerlens.com is a member of the YardBarker blog network – this exposes your articles to wide US-based readership.
  • Google News – All Soccerlens.com articles are also syndicated in Google News, making sure that if your article is topical and current, it will be instantly read by a large number of people searching on that topic.
  • Monthly Soccerlens.com Traffic – Soccerlens.com gets over 20,000 unique visitors per day. Will they find your articles interesting?

If you love the game, you’ll love reading, and working with, Soccerlens. The only thing you need to know about working with Soccerlens is our internal code that we follow: SEPP (unrelated to Herr Blatter).

The SEPP Code

Self-Directed. Given initial instructions, can you complete a task on your own? Are you capable of taking the initiative to identify opportunities and take advantage of them, as well as solving problems when they appear? Are you a self-starter?

Exceptional. What you write / create for Soccerlens – is it the best it can be? Is it uniquely better than anything out there? Our goal is to provide high quality writing and resources to our readers, never to compromise on quality for profitability and to always ensure that we put in our best efforts when working on Soccerlens.

Passionate / Professional. Yes, we’re football fans and we’re passionate about the game, but we’re also accountable to hundreds of thousands of football fans who read the site for the latest football news. That requires us to a) put personal preferences / biases aside and b) develop more balanced, rational opinions instead of giving in to our primal / tribal tendencies of defending our team against the rest of the world (or kicking Liverpool when they’re down, which is easier done then said – see what I did there? That’s not on).

Being professional is as important as being passionate about the game.

What Should You Write About?

Write about what moves you, what stirs your passion, what you feel deserves to be written about and given attention.

If you wish topics to be assigned to you, that can be done as well, just get in touch and we’ll take it from there!

Getting Started

To start writing on Soccerlens:

#1: Take any football story from the last 5 days and write a 300-400 word opinion article on it. You can exceed the word count if you want to do a details-oriented feature article, that’s up to you. Send in your article to Soccerlens via email (writers AT sportslens DOT com).

#2: If we like your article, we’ll publish it with full credit and set you up with an account to contribute articles directly to the site. You will have an editor working with you to give you feedback on formatting / headlines / topic selection / other matters.

#3: Read the Soccerlens Writers’ Guide – especially the section on ‘Writing for Soccerlens’. The rest isn’t compulsory reading but it will help you become a better writer and will increase your chances of success at Soccerlens.

Ready to go? Start by sending in your sample article.

Please note that we are currently looking for voluntary (non-paid) contributors only.