Nifty Fifty Lottery Results in the UK 2022

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There has genuinely never been a better time, in the history of gambling, to be a lotto bettor. Nowadays, you can bet on lotteries from all around the world – including in New York – from the comfort of your computer or mobile device. Not only that, but many betting sites have even created their own lotteries. In this article, we’re going to look at one of the best examples – Betfred’s Nifty Fifty, and its results. 

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Nifty Fifty results. We’ll tell you how they work, where to find them, explain how to play Nifty Fifty itself, and plenty more besides. 

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Get the Latest Nifty Fifty Lottery Results Today for 24 September 2022

One of the best things about Nifty Fifty results is their frequency. Whatever time of day you log on, you won’t have to wait long for the latest draw to take place. In fact, there are three draws every single day, which take place at 11:30am, 2:30pm, and 6:30pm for British players. 

Keeping up with all those Nifty Fifty results might sound tricky. We’ve aimed to stop this from being the place, by committing to bringing you all the latest Nifty Fifty results in one easy location. However often you play, you’ll be able to check back on this page – whenever you please – to get all the up-to-date numbers. 

Draw Ball 1 Ball 2 Ball 3 Ball 4 Ball 5 Ball 6 Bonus Ball
11:30am 4 8 12 18 23 26 37
2:30pm 5 20 23 28 35 48 27
6:30pm 6 13 18 34 41 42 16
Hot Balls 41 5 23 26 38 41 43
Cold Balls 1 2 18 31 47 49 50

Bet on the Nifty Fifty Lottery in the UK

Like all the biggest and best lotteries, the Nifty Fifty isn’t just held for fun. Instead, it’s held to give people a chance to make some money. 

Later into this article, we’re going to get into all of the intriguing ways in which you can bet on the Nifty Fifty in the UK. For now though, there’s one key thing you should know. 

Best Bookmakers for Nifty Fifty Lottery Betting UK

With the big national lotteries – like the Spanish Lottery, for example – you’ll find excellent coverage. You’ll basically have your choice of where to wager on them, with many of the best betting sites around providing coverage. 

With the Nifty Fifty results, this is not the case. This is a Betfred product, through-and-through, invented, owned, and run by that bookie. As such, there’s only one place you can bet on the Nifty Fifty- the lotto section on Betfred. 

How to Play UK Nifty Fifty Lottery

Like all Betfred products, the Nifty Fifty lotto is extremely easy to both understand and play. Even if you’ve never attempted to bet on a lottery in your life, you’ll have no trouble getting started here, nor understanding the Nifty Fifty results. 

Below, we’ve broken down all the basics you need to know for the Nifty Fifty into three main areas. 

Nifty Fifty Format

Obviously, all lotteries follow the same basic premise. You pick some numbers within a certain range, and the numbers are drawn at a specific time. You win if some of your number predictions prove correct, with the size of your winnings determined by the number of correct balls. 

In the case of the Nifty Fifty, there are – as the name suggests – 50 balls. You’ll make five predictions on a standard ticket, and six balls will be randomly selected during the draw. There’s also a seventh ‘bonus ball’, although you can choose whether or not to incorporate this into your bet. 

Nifty Fifty Draw Times and Schedule

The action genuinely never stops, when it comes to Nifty Fifty results. There are a hefty three draws every single day of the week here, meaning you’re never too far from your next potential payout. 

The three Nifty Fifty draws have been neatly split into morning, afternoon, and teatime. Specifically, these take place at 11:30am, 2:30pm, and 6:30pm respectively. 

Nifty Fifty Payouts and Odds

We’ll get into the more unusual ways you can bet on Nifty Fifty results shortly. For now though, let’s assume you’re simply betting on specific numbers to come up. As noted, you’ll pick five of these, and can opt to either play the six ball draw (without the bonus ball), or the seven ball draw (with the bonus ball included). 

Below, you’ll find your potential payouts in both cases. These assume you’re betting £1 on a ticket, meaning the figures can easily be converted into odds – e.g. £7 becomes 7/1, £70 becomes 70/1, and so on. 

Numbers Matched 6 Ball Draw Pays 7 Ball Draw Pays
1 £7 £6
2 £70 £50
3 £800 £500
4 £10,000 £5,500
5 £200,000 £60,000

There’s one more key thing to know about here. Betfred have put a hard cap of £500,000 on the winnings any individual or group can make from the Nifty Fifty results on Betfred in a given day. However much you bet on it, and however many tickets you buy, you can never win more than this. 

How to Bet on the Nifty Fifty Lottery Online

By now, you should have a pretty good idea of how Nifty Fifty results work. Now though, it’s time to investigate how you can bet on them for yourself. To help you along, here’s a straightforward step-by-step guide for wagering on the Nifty Fifty results on Betfred.

Step 1 – Head to the Homepage

betfred lottery home page

You’ve got two main choices regarding how you bet on Nifty Fifty results. The first is to use the regular Betfred website, accessed via your computer or laptop. Alternatively, you can use one of Betfred’s excellent mobile apps instead, which also grant access to all the lotto markets.

Step 2 – Create an Account

betfred sign up

Now that you’ve landed on the Betfred home page, locate the green ‘Register’ button and select it. You’ll now be presented with the first of several screens. 

In each case, you’ll need to either provide some personal information (such as your name and date of birth), or set your account details (such as your username and password). Crucially, if you want to trigger the welcome offer, you should enter the code ‘5DRAW’ here. 

Once all that’s done, your account will be created for you immediately.

Step 3 – Make a Deposit

Betfred Cashier

Before you can wager on Nifty Fifty results, you obviously need some money in your account. Make sure you’re logged in, then hit the green ‘Deposit’ button. You’ll now be shown a list of available payment methods. Click one, enter an amount and provide the requisite payment information, then confirm the transaction. 

Step 4 – Trigger the Welcome Offer (Optional)

Betfred is one of the few brands to provide a lotto-specific welcome offer. While full T&Cs apply, the basic format is that you bet £1 on any lotto gaming – including the Nifty Fifty – and are rewarded with £5 in ‘free play’ money (which works similarly to free bets). As noted, this is an optional step, but – since deals like this are rare – we’d definitely recommend grabbing this opportunity. 

Step 5 – Bet on Nifty Fifty Results

nifty fifty results betting

With money in your account, and potentially some ‘free play’ money too, it’s high time to bet on the Nifty Fifty results. 

To do so, hit the ‘Lotto’ button in the main navigation of the desktop site, then select ‘The Nifty Fifty’ from your available options. To place your first wager, we’d recommend simply clicking ‘Bet with New Numbers’ next. You can then either opt for a ‘Lucky Dip’, in which the numbers are picked for you, or select the numbers yourself. 

Either way, when you’ve got numbers you’re happy with, press ‘Continue’, then ‘Choose Draws’. Pick the specific draw you wish to enter, then set a stake and hit the ‘Place Bet’ button to confirm the wager. 

Step 6 – Verify Your ID

Before you can withdraw any winnings from the Nifty Fifty results on Betfred, your identity must be verified. In the case of Betfred, the customer service team will actually try to do this automatically. If there are any issues, you’ll be notified on-site or via email, and asked for assistance. 

This will include submitting clear images of two pieces of ID. The first should show your photo, while the second should prove your home address. After providing these documents, your account should be approved within 24 hours. 

Step 7 – Make a Withdrawal

nifty fifty bet withdrawal

With your account verified, you’re free to start making withdrawals. To do so, just click on your account balance in the top-right of the screen, then select the option for withdrawals, and pick your payment method of choice. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw, provide any necessary payment details, and confirm the transaction. 

Ways You Can Bet on the Nifty Fifty Lottery

You might think that, when betting on the Nifty Fifty results, your options would be pretty limited. We’re pleased to say, however, that nothing could be further from the truth. You’ve actually got plenty of choices here, which should help to keep things fresh for the long run. In general, these can be broken down into four main categories. 

Straight Bet

This is the easiest bet type of all for Nifty Fifty results, and we’d recommend starting off with it. In short, all you’re doing is betting on one set of results for one draw. You can pick between one and five numbers, with your payout depending on how many of those numbers come up.  

Bonus Ball Bet

This is a nice, simple variation on the regular straight bet. Normally, you’ll only be interested in the first six numbers that are revealed in each draw. Add in the bonus ball though, and it becomes a seven-ball draw for betting purposes. 

While this increases your chances of winning significantly, the odds you’re given – and thus your potential payout – is lowered. The return for hitting on one number, for example, drops from 7/1 to 6/1.  

Multiples Bet

nifty fifty results multiples

As in all betting, multiples on the Betfred Nifty Fifty results are much harder to win than singles. They will, however, deliver proportionately higher payouts. 

There are a whole range of different multiples you can use for Nifty Fifty results. The most straightforward – doubles – simply involves betting on one bet on two numbers. If at least two of your numbers come up, you get some winnings back. At the more complex end of the scales you’ve got Lucky 15s, Patents, Yankees and more, all of which are explained on the Betfred website. 

Specials Bets

nifty fifity results specials

The previous three options can be thought of as ‘regular’ bet types. In addition to these though, Betfred provides a whole range of specials for the Nifty Fifty results. 

Frankly, these are even harder to win than regular wagers, and should only be taken – with small stakes – for a bit of fun. Some – such as First Ball Drawn Odd/Even – have nice, low odds. Others, such as Colours in a Row and First Three Balls Drawn – are long-shots, to say the least. 

Nifty Fifty Lottery Predictions and Tips

It goes without saying that, when you play any form of lotto game, you’re hoping for a win. The simple reality of these games, however, is that they are completely and utterly random. 

The best thing about that approach is that it’s completely fair, with all players having an equal chance. It also means that – in theory – you don’t have to think too much about your picks, since there’s no strategy involved. 

Some apps and websites out there will make ‘predictions’ for lotteries, such as the Nifty Fifty results. We’d advise you not to put any stock – or money – in this advice, for the reasons listed above. With that said, there are still measures you can take to hone your betting experience, with these being the top five. 

Tip 1 – Get the Best Odds

National lottos – like the Irish Lottery – enjoy coverage at plenty of different betting sites. The Nifty Fifty, however, is specifically a Betfred product. As such, we wouldn’t really recommend ‘shopping’ for prices on any other sites, with Betfred already providing the best odds on Nifty Fifty results.  

Tip 2 – Experiment with Combo Bets

As noted, singles are the most straightforward way to bet on Nifty Fifty results, and you should definitely start with those. When you’re feeling more comfortable though, we’d recommend throwing some combo bets into the mix. Even while keeping your stakes proportionately lower, you can still get some seriously big wins with these, which can often offset any previous losses in one go. 

Tip 3 – Look into Syndicates 

Syndicates are basically just groups of bettors who pool their money together and use it to buy lottery tickets. Betfred doesn’t seem to have a problem with this practice, specifically reminding bettors that syndicates abide by the same maximum winnings cap as regular punters. If you’re looking for bigger payouts, and are happy to share the spoils in that pursuit, syndicates can be a great option. 

Tip 4 – Buy More Tickets (Optional!)

While we wouldn’t exactly call it a ‘strategy’, buying more tickets is – quite simply – the only way to really improve your odds of winning. Getting more tickets allows you to cover more potential Betfred Nifty Fifty results, although – obviously – this must be balanced against the additional staking costs. 

Tip 5 – Be Realistic

Never forget that all lotteries – including Nifty Fifty results – are completely random. Don’t be tempted into thinking of hot and cold streaks, lucky numbers, or anything similar. At least, not to the extent that it significantly impacts the money you’re spending. Instead, remain realistic about your chances throughout, and simply treat the Nifty Fifty as a bit of fun.

Nifty Fifty Results History 2022

The Nifty Fifty was first launched by Betfred back in May 2020. That’s over two years ago at the time of writing, and – with three draws taking place each and every day – this means a whole lot of Nifty Fifty results have already come in. 

Some bettors, looking for extra guidance on their picks, like to look at results such as these. In particular, they’ll study the ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ numbers, meaning those which have come up more or less often than the others. 

Betfred doesn’t provide this kind of analysis itself, unfortunately. If you’re truly committed to this approach though, you can see the recent Nifty Fifty results very easily indeed, and use them to make your own analysis. To do so, just go to the Lotto homepage within Betfred’s platform, select Nifty Fifty, and filter by the dates you’re interested in.  

Big Nifty Fifty Lottery Winners

Here we encounter another notable difference between the Nifty Fifty and some of the other major national lotteries out there. In the latter case, it’s quite common to read about big-time winners who’ve gotten lucky. When it comes to Nifty Fifty results, however, we’re talking about a far less public event. Accordingly, there’s little information available about the contest’s victors. 

That being said, Betfred does provide a ‘Big Winners Lotto’ page on its website, detailing some of the top triumphs on its platform. Three predictors in Nifty Fifty results history have made it onto this list. 

These lucky few won £11k, £20k, and a whopping £62k respectively. In the first two cases, the winners only staked £2 each on their tickets, and both hit on four correct numbers. Even the £62k result came from a mere £6.20 spend, in which the punter was given 10,000/1 odds on their four correct picks (25, 27, 31, and 39, in case you’re wondering). 

From these success stories, one takeaway is clear. You don’t need to actually spend big, on your Nifty Fifty results picks, in order to win big. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you’ve tired of regular national lotteries, or simply crave something a little different, the Nifty Fifty is an excellent option. While smaller in scale than some events, the Nifty Fifty makes up for this in a whole host of ways. You’re given an excellent amount of creativity in how you bet on Nifty Fifty results, the odds are fair, and it’s all housed within Betfred’s incredibly user-friendly platform. 

If all that sounds appealing to you, there’s nothing holding you back from betting on the Nifty Fifty results today. Simply create a Betfred account using the promo code ‘5DRAW’, take advantage of the Bet £1, Get £5 welcome offer, and start having fun. 


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