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The Best Crypto Lottery Sites in the UK Reviewed

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While cryptocurrencies have not quite forced their way into the UK’s zeitgeist with the swiftness that many finanicial experts predicted, they are becoming an increasing factor in many walks of life, and some of those stretch far beyond purchasing of goods, such as crypto lottery sites.

Fiat currencies such as the good old British pound dominate the lottery industry in the UK, but crypto lottery sites are becoming increasingly popular and are a brand new way to play lotteries, not only in the UK but globally too. This page will outline all you need to now about the best crypto lottery sites available in 2022.

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8 Crypto lottery sites that match your criteria...
#1 UK Crypto Lottery


  • Market-leading crypto lottery
  • NFT holders - free NFT draws
  • 10% of all sales goes to charity
9.9 The Best Crypto Lottery Sites in the UK Reviewed
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Tops for Free Jackpot Entry

  • Over 1,000 daily prizes
  • Invest and you won't lose
  • Full transparency
9.7 The Best Crypto Lottery Sites in the UK Reviewed
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The Best for Bitcoin Jackpots

  • Play many global lotteries
  • Easy-to-enter Bitcoin lotto
  • Jackpots = £5million+
9.6 The Best Crypto Lottery Sites in the UK Reviewed
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The leading Ethereum lotto site

  • Licensed by the Isle of Man
  • Licensed RNG too
  • Advanced blockchain tech
9.6 The Best Crypto Lottery Sites in the UK Reviewed
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$100k Weekly Prizes

  • Win $100,000 every week!
  • Entry is only 10 cents
  • Play the DuckDice duck game
9.6 The Best Crypto Lottery Sites in the UK Reviewed
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Huge Bitcoin Lottery

  • Play global lotteries
  • First six tickets absolutely free
  • Pay using up to eleven altcoins
9.4 The Best Crypto Lottery Sites in the UK Reviewed
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6BTC Welcome Offer

  • Full crypto-based casino
  • Crypto sports betting too
  • Live Evolution games
9.4 The Best Crypto Lottery Sites in the UK Reviewed
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Lottery, Casino + Slots

  • Lottery is drawn 5 times a week
  • Select from four altcoins
  • Dice, roulette & blackjack
9.3 The Best Crypto Lottery Sites in the UK Reviewed
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The 8 Best Crypto Lottery Sites in 2022

If you are interested in the potential of crypto lottery sites, then the good news for you is that we have plenty of details regarding the best crypto lottery sites available to people in the UK. Here for a kick off is a list of the best crypto lottery sites in 2022 ranked

  1. Lucky Block – Our number one crypto lottery platform for 2022
  2. PoolTogether – crypto lottery site with free jackpot entry
  3. Lottoland – enter Bitcoin lottery draw with superb jackpots
  4. Quanta – based on Ethereum; highly secure
  5. DuckDice – Win $100,000 every week with this crypto lottery platform
  6. Crypto Millions – plenty of variety at the crypto lottery site
  7. FortuneJack – crypto lottery site with free play mode
  8. CryptoGames – this crypto lottery site has progressive jackpots

What is a Crypto Lottery?

Despite the differences in terminology, there is very little difference between a traditional lottery and a crypto lottery – it’s just that you have to spend in cryptocurrencies in order to enter one. The principle is the same though – you ‘invest’ in crypto tokens – the crypto version of tickets if you want a direct comparison – and if your name is pulled out of the cyber-hat, then you are a winner. You will of course get paid in a cryptocurrency, but of course it is very easy to convert your cryptocurrency returns into a non-crypto currency (usually the pound in the UK) and then withdraw and spend elsewhere.

crypto lottery how do they work

Despite the misgivings UK people have about crypto lotteries and cryptocurrencies in general, investing in a crypto lottery makes far more financial sense than chancing your arm with a traditional lottery. Here are four major reasons why you might want to switch your ‘investments’ from traditional lotteries to a crypto lottery.

Payments are instantaneous

Even if you ‘win big’ via a traditional lottery, you still have to take extra steps in order to actually get your winnings into your bank account. With a crypto lottery you can transfer your winnings in an instant – if you have a suitable crypto lottery app you can complete the transfer via a few stabs of a finger.

Your transactions are anonymous

Crypto lottery sites have absolutely no interest whatsoever in who you are, and they don’t mind at all as to who wins the biggest payouts. Compare this to the fanfare expected if you win the ‘big one’ via a EuroMillions draw for example. No matter what you win via a crypto lottery site, the money is yours and you can do with it whatever you want.

Any winnings are tax-free

One of the downsides of regulated lotteries in the UK is that the tax man will be snooping around if he sees a chance of sucking some money out of your bank account. Because there is no central authority when it comes to cryptocurrencies, it is no one’s business but yours if you win a great deal of ‘cyber-cash’ via a crypto lottery site. The tax man can’t hit you with a tax bill if he is kept ‘in the dark’ about any recent good fortune.

Assurance is gained via transparency

All cryptocurrency transactions – including those too and from a crypto lottery site – are hosted on what are known as ‘blockchain networks’. In the most basic terms, you can imagine a blockchain as a huge electronic ledger in which all cryptocurrency transactions are recorded. The difference between a bank ‘ledger’ and a blockchain ‘ledger’ is that blockchain ledgers are public. This is a reasurrance whenever you are dealing with any type of crytocurrency transaction.

There are no geographical constraints

If you’ve tried to buy a ticket in the UK for – for example – the PowerBall lottery in the US, then you will understand the problems you face. As you cannot ‘buy’ a ticket legally for the PowerBall lottery in the UK you either have to bet on it, or buy a ticket ‘by proxy’ via an online lottery site.

You have no geographical limitations when it comes to crypto lottery sites, as cryptocurrencies have no central regulation. Indeed, the cryptocurrency world has no concept of geography whatsoever. If you are in the UK then you can play any crypto lottery whatsoever, with zero limitations.

Best Crypto Lottery Websites Reviewed

Here we are now going to take a look at the five top names on our list of the best crypto lottery sites currently available for people in the UK, starting with our number one choice, Lucky Block.

1. Lucky Block – #1 Top Crypto Lottery Platform

Launched with a great amount of interest and fanfare in 2022, Lucky Block has quickly grown to be the number one crypto lottery platform available on the world wide web. Even before the Lucky Block platform launched the trading price of LBLOCK tokens surged in a way not seen since the initial take up of Bitcoin. Lottery tickets only cost $5 via the platform with daily crypto draws, and the option to gain free entry into the Lucky Block NFT lottery as well.

lucky block lottery

The Lucky Block lottery could not be fairer, with the winner of every daily prize draw is determined at random by the VRF (verifiable random function) service at Chanlink in order to provide complete impartiality. The winner of each lottery draw will receive a stunning 70 percent of the total prize fund, with another 10 percent of all entry fees going to charitable causes. If you are new to crypto lottery sites, or if you are looking to explore as many online crypto lottery sites as possible, then quite simply we cannot recommend Lucky Block highly enough.

What we like:

  • Market-leading crypto lottery
  • NFT holders gain free entry into NFT draws
  • 10 percent of all sales go to charity
  • Transparent draw process via Chanlink’s VRF
  • Daily draws

What we don’t:

  • Purchasing process is tough for newbs
  • Infrequent connectivity issues

2. PoolTogether – Tops for Free Jackpot Entry

Premium Bonds were something that your parents or even maybe your grandparents invested in. You purchased a savings bond from the Post Office (the value of your bond remained static) and gained entry into free prize draws. PoolTogether works on the same principle although this is a savings-based protocol that uses cryptocurrencies. As long as you have some money invested in PoolTogether then you will be automatically entered into PoolTogether prize draws. You can withdraw your money at any time safe in the knowledge that your investment can incur no losses.

PoolTogether crypto lottery

The idea behind PoolTogether is that when pooled, the total amount of money ‘invested’ by Pool token holders can be managed and make gains. These gains are then released back to Pool token holders in the form of randomly drawn prizes. The PoolTogether system is a transparent democracy – any Pool token holder can come up with a proposal and then all Pool members get to vote on whether the proposal goes ahead or is rejected. All this can be done via the PoolTogether site or app.

What we like:

  • Over 1,000 prizes available each and every day
  • Investment is guaranteed not to lose money
  • You can withdraw from the pool at any time
  • Full transparency – PoolTogether is governed by investors

What we don’t:

  • Investment is guaranteed not to gain money
  • Maximum prize (currently) is $1,000

3. Lottoland – The Best for Bitcoin Jackpots

Lottoland really is the complete all-rounder when it comes to lotteries and that includes crypto lotteries. You can enter any one (or as many as you like) of the lotteries available at the site, and there are some gargantuan ones too – the MegaMillions and Power Ball lotteries in the US for a start. You don’t actually ‘buy’ a ticket for these lotteries – for example for the Power Ball lottery you pay a fee and a field agent in the US will go out and buy a ticket for you. If your ticket happens to be a winning one, then your winnings are passed on to you.

lottoland crypto lottery

The Bitcoin lotto available at Lottoland claims to be the first Bitcoin lottery ever, but we are unable to validate that claim. This is a daily draw that takes place every day except Sunday. Even though this is a Bitcoin lotto you pay for your lottery tickets in GBP (makes things much easier) and although the jackpot is noted in Bitcoin you can be paid in a fiat currency if you’d prefer. When we last checked the Bitcoin lotto jackpot stood at ₿320, which is currently well over £5million – certainly a jackpot that’s well worth winning.

What we like:

  • Play all the world’s lotteries
  • The Bitcoin lotto is very easy to enter
  • Jackpot is usually in excess of £5million!
  • One-in-seven chance of winning a prize

What we don’t:

  • Only one crypto lottery available
  • Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that has a lotto

4. Quanta – The leading Ethereum lotto site

Even people who have never had anything to do with cryptocurrencies will have heard of Bitcoin. It actually surprises people when they learn that there are plenty of other altcoin currencies out there – although it shouldn’t as there are close to 200 fiat (non-crypto) currencies available globally too. Besides Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency is probably Ethereum. This cryptocurrency was first launched in 2015 and has soared in value ever since, although of course like all cryptocurrencies it is highly volatile. Quanta is a fully-licensed blockchain lotto that is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain platform.

quanta lotto

Based on the Isle of Man, Quanta uses blockchain in order to provide suitably transparent digital services and a competitive lottery platform. Via the lottery site, you can bet on the Lottery 6/49 lotto where you choose six numbers from the 49 available. For each draw – made by Quanta’s own ‘Randao’ blockchain-based licensed number generator – fixed odds determine your winnings unless you match all six numbers in which you are guaranteed a share of the jackpot. All this can be done via the Quanta Lottery 6/49 app, downloadable to any mobile device.

What we like:

  • Fully licensed lottery, licensed by the Isle of Man GSC
  • Fair and licensed random number generation
  • A number of technologies all based on blockchain
  • High levels of verification and transparency

What we don’t:

  • Only one crypto lottery available
  • Fixed odds rather then dividend share lottery

5. DuckDice – $100k Weekly Prizes

DuckDice can easily claim to be one of the longest-running crypto lottery sites, having been around since 2016 – although if you want to split hairs DuckDice is a dice game (as the name suggests, although no ducks are involved) as opposed to a lotto. However, the site has established a weekly lottery jackpot of $100,000 which is excellent when you consider that entering the DuckDice lottery only costs $0.10. The jackpot is paid out to anyone who matches the five drawn numbers and the jackpot ball. Note it is the last (‘jackpot’) number on your ticket that has to match the jackpot ball.

duckdice crypto lotto

Again this is not a dividend-style jackpot as all prizes below jackpot level are fixed. For example, if you match five numbers but miss out on the jackpot ball then you still win $3,000 plus 100 tickets to the next draw. If there are multiple jackpot winners then that jackpot will be shared equally among all winners. All prizes are automatically paid out in Bitcoins.

You can maintain a balance, make deposits and withdrawals via DuckDice but the site does accept a number of other cryptocurrencies, including Dogecoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.

What we like:

  • Weekly lottery with top $100,000 prize
  • Entry is only $0.10
  • DuckDice dice game available too with 99% RTP
  • Accepts a number of cryptocurrencies

What we don’t:

  • Most prizes are fixed but main jackpot has to be shared
  • Odds of winning jackpot are too slender

Are Crypto Lotteries Legal in the UK?


Okay, so let’s expand on that a little. Because of the ‘no central regulation’ status of cryptocurrencies, many nation states have banned them, fearful of losing power over their citizens. Most governments are funded via taxation, and because cryptocurrencies are peer-to-peer (a cryptocurrency transaction is simply the online version of handing your mate a fiver) there is no ‘government record’ of them, and therefore taxation payments are impossible to demand. In addition, some governments fear that cryptocurrencies will makes some crimes much easier to carry out, such as money laundering and the purchasing via ‘the dark web’ of firearms, narcotics and illegal pornography. Some countries where crytocurrencies (and therefore crypto lottery sites) are banned or restricted include China, Algeria and Turkey.

However, there are no limitations on either cryptocurrencies or crypto lottery sites in the UK. If you are in the UK then you are free to spend, invest in or mine any cryptocurrency whatsoever without fear of sanctioning or falling foul of legislators.

How to Play a Crypto Lottery Online

While it does take a little bit of effort to first play a crypto lottery online – especially if the cryptocurrency realm is just meaningless gobbledigook to you at the moment – once you have gained a handle on it, the process will become straightforward to you.

As we’re a helpful bunch, we are going to walk you through the entire end-to-end process of entering the Lucky Block crypto lottery. We are going to assume that you know enough about cryptocurrencies to be able to open and maintain your own crypto wallet. This is simply a cloud-based app that’s usually kept on your mobile device to store any cryptocurrencies you might own. It is cloud-based to that you can access it from multiple devices, and if you lose any or all of your devices you can access it from your replacements as long as you know your security information.


Obviously you need a BSC-compatible wallet as the Lucky Block crypto lottery uses a BEP-20 token called BNB … whoa, let’s take a few steps back there.

BSC stands for ‘Binance Smart Chain’ and is a blockchain protocol – a way of recording transactions in that eLedger we talked about earlier. It’s like having to have a music app on your device that’s capable of playing mp3 files if you want to play them. If your cryptowallet isn’t BSC-compatible then you won’t be able to store BNB tokens in it. ‘BEP-20’ means ‘Binance Evolution Proposal 20’ which is the set of ‘rules’ that BNB tokens have to follow else they are not valid. Finally, BNB stands for ‘Binance’ which is a cryptocurrency coin or token just like any other crypto coin or token such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, or a non-crypto currency such as the pound, dollar or euro.

buy BNB

To get your BNB you need to go to the Lucky Block crypto lottery site and connect up your crypto wallet. This will enable you to buy the necessary BNB, and you can do this via a number of methods including a debit or credit card. There are a few hoops to jump through, but none of them particularly stressful. At the end of the process you will have BNB tokens in your crypto wallet.

Exchange BNB for LBLOCK

You will need LBLOCK tokens to play the Lucky Block crypto lottery, so you will need to exchange your BNB for LBLOCK. This is just like exchanging your pounds for euros when you go on holiday to France. Here, you don’t need to hop on a bus a visit a local currency exchange, though – it can all be done online.

PancakeSwap is a very good cryptocurrency exchange. If you head there and connect up your crypto wallet you’ll be quite easily able to swap your BNBs for LBLOCKs. Once done, you will have LBLOCK tokens in your cryptocurrency wallet, ready to play the Lucky Block online crypto lottery.

Get the Lucky Block App

The easiest way to play the Lucky Block crypto wallet is via the Lucky Block app on your phone or tablet. You can search via the Apple App Store or Google Play, depending upon your device’s operating system. Once the app is installed you need to … yes … connect up your crypto wallet.

download lucky block app

Get your Tickets

You are almost there (and don’t forget, once your crypto wallet is connected where it should be, you do not have to go through the process again). All you need to do now is buy tickets for the next Lucky Block prize draw. Tickets – for the sake of simlicity – are priced at $5 each and prizes are noted in dollar values too, even though your purchases are made in LBLOCKs.

When you have bought a ticket, it will be stored in your ‘ticket wallet’ on the app. All you have to do now is wait for the next prize draw and see if you’re a winner.

The Bottom Line

We have now researched for you many of the best crypto lottery sites both in the UK and globally, including a detailed ‘crypto lottery entering’ explanation using our number one suggestion for an suitable introduction into the world of crypto lottery sites, Lucky Block.

The crypto lottery niche remains in its infancy, so it’s a good idea for you to get in while prices and investments are low and exploit the outstanding levels of growth these crypto lottery platforms are expected to attain in the coming months and years. Let’s hope you strike it lucky with Lucky Block and with other crypto lottery sites!


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