Best NBA Betting Tips on Telegram for the UK 2022

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It’s often said nowadays that the NBA is a year-round league. That’s true for NBA betting too. The season itself is packed with daily wagering opportunities, while the off-season is a time to do your research and analysis, make your outright picks, and prepare for the games to start again. NBA tips on Telegram will help you with all these bets and more. 

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about NBA tips on Telegram. We’ll tell you what the best Telegram accounts are, how to use them to your advantage, and a whole lot more besides. 

Top Telegram Tips Groups for NBA

NBA Picks Betting Tips – #1 Overall Account for NBA Betting Tips on Telegram

USA Sports Bets – A Constant Stream of High Quality NBA Betting Predictions

Sensei Picks – The Best Free NBA Betting Tips on Telegram

Safe Betting Tips – Your Most Trustworthy Account for NBA Tips on Telegram

Best Accounts for NBA Betting Tips on Telegram Reviewed

On the surface, it would seem as if Telegram is the perfect venue for NBA betting tips. It’s not only completely free, but also incredibly easy to download and start using, and is popular too. 

With all that being said, there is actually a surprising lack of high quality accounts providing NBA tips on Telegram. While technically you have plenty of options, many of these – in reality – are simply spam accounts. Even many of the better groups from the past have now fallen by the wayside, with the tipsters having clearly moved on to other social media platforms. 

With that being said, there are still a few good accounts left which provide good NBA tips on Telegram. We’ve listed the four best examples above, and – below – you can find out what makes each of these so compelling. 

1. NBA Picks Betting Tips – #1 All-Round Account for NBA Tips on Telegram

NBA tips betting picks home page

If you’re looking for a proven track record with your NBA tips on Telegram, this is a good place to start. NBA Picks Betting Tips might have an awkward name, but it’s a group which has consistently provided winning tips on the NBA over the long haul. 

This group is updated extremely regularly, both during the regular season and the playoffs. Recently it has cut back on the free betting tips that were previously dished out by the boatload, however. Accordingly, if you want access to all the group’s predictions nowadays, you’ll need to join the VIP room via a cryptocurrency payment.

2. USA Sports Bets – Best for Frequent Updates

USA sports bets home page

This is one of the most frequently-updated groups for NBA tips on Telegram, with new predictions going out almost every day. As its name suggests, USA Sports Bets does spread its attention across all the major sports in the US, focusing on the NBA, NFL, MLB or NHL depending on the stage of the season in each case. In all cases though, its tips tend to be informed and – in general – successful. 

Like most accounts providing NBA tips on Telegram, only a certain amount of information here is given away for free. If you want access to all the picks, you’ll need to become a Premium member by sending a PayPal payment.

3. Sensei Picks – Top-Notch Free NBA Betting Tips

sensei picks home page

Sensei Picks actually runs two accounts on Telegram, although they both provide essentially the same picks. Whichever one you choose, you’ll find a constant stream of informed and high quality NBA tips on Telegram, plus predictions for the likes of MLB, NFL, eSports, and more.

One of the ways in which Sensei Picks distinguishes itself from the crowd is the variety of betting picks. These include not only Match Winner predictions, but those for player props too, with the Over/Under Points picks tending to be especially successful. Like most accounts giving out NBA tips on Telegram, however, you’ll need to be a Premium member to get all the information. 

4. Safe Betting Tips – A Reliable and Trustworthy Tips Account

safe betting tips home page

Trust and legitimacy are two of the hardest things to find when looking for accounts dishing out NBA tips on Telegram. Neither of these will be an issue from the Safe Betting Tips account, which is run by the team behind ‘the UK’s number one bookmaker comparison site’, Safe Betting Sites. 

Historically, the Safe Betting Tips has focused on the biggest UK markets, such as football and horse racing. It is committed to covering other sports too though, so you can join up and stay tuned to see if any NBA tips on Telegram cross your path. 

Who are the best NBA Tipsters on Telegram?

As noted above, the truth is that you’re not exactly spoiled for choice when it comes to experts providing NBA tips on Telegram. There are plenty of other avenues through which you can get these, of course, such as Twitter, YouTube, or directly from the tipster’s website. 

If you prefer the immediacy and user-friendliness of Telegram though, you’ll be limited to a few good options. We’ve done plenty of research into this area, and can say – with some confidence – that these are your four best choices by far. 

NBA Telegram Tips Terminology Explained

As with any new piece of technology you attempt to operate for the first time, Telegram can take some getting used to. The actual mechanics of downloading and browsing it are fairly straightforward. If you want to delve into the world of NBA tips on Telegram, however, there is some terminology you’ll need to know. Below, you’ll find the three key words and phrases to get your head around in advance. 

Channels vs Groups

Some social media platforms use these terms interchangeably. This is not the case with Telegram, however, with a ‘group’ providing NBA tips on Telegram being different from a ‘channel’ doing the same thing. 

A Telegram channel works similarly to the ‘Broadcast’ tool on WhatsApp, with which you may already be familiar. In short, it’s a one-way system. You join the channel, the tipster running it sends out their messages, and you simply read them without responding. 

A Telegram group, by contrast, is a two-way street. Just like groups on various other platforms, it’s a conversational space in which all members who have been admitted can contribute to the discussion. 

When it comes to NBA tips on Telegram, the vast majority of tipsters will use channels. This isn’t because they’re on some dictatorial power trip. Rather, it’s to stop the interface from becoming too busy, so that users can quickly and easily see the tips themselves, rather than having to scroll past other messages to get to them.



‘Bots’ tend to have a bad name across social media nowadays. At a basic level though, they’re simply programs which have been set up to automate certain basic processes, and can be used for all manner or purposes. 

Experts providing NBA tips on Telegram typically make minimal use of bots. That said, some will use them to automatically copy content over from other sources. These might be different Telegram accounts, or Twitter platforms. Either way, the tips are collected in one place for you – the punter – saving you the trouble of trawling through multiple accounts.



This is a very important concept to learn nowadays, if you’re looking for NBA tips on Telegram. Tipsters don’t provide their predictions out of the goodness of their hearts. Rather, they’re looking to make money too. This can sometimes be through affiliate marketing, but – nowadays – premium memberships are arguably more common. 

To become a premium member, you’ll pay a fee. After that, you’ll get full access to all the tipster’s predictions, rather than just a smaller selection.


Choosing the Best Tips Channel for the NBA on Telegram

There really is a wide variety in the quality of Telegram channels that are out there, to say the least. The quickest way to boost your chances of taking a good option is simply to pick one of our recommended brands. If you’d prefer not to do that for any reason though, here are a few key factors you can use to evaluate accounts for yourself.

1 – Legitimacy

This is the first thing to consider, when evaluating any account giving out NBA tips on Telegram. If the tips are free, and you’re not providing any personal information to get them, then there’s no real risk. If you need to pay or hand over your details, however, you should definitely check that the tipster – or the business behind them – is legit. 

2 – Track Record

Once you’ve established the account is legitimate, your next step should be to confirm that they actually make money from their tips. If they don’t, you can simply discard them immediately, without wasting any more time. If they seem to have enjoyed some success though, look closely at their typical stakes and odds, the markets they choose (which should obviously include NBA bets), whether they mix in live betting with their pre-match predictions, and so on. – Costs

As touched upon, many experts providing NBA tips over Telegram will charge money to get access to all their predictions. That’s not necessarily a bad thing – it simply depends on the value you’re getting from the exchange. 

If the picks themselves aren’t reliable, or require higher stakes than you’re willing to part with, subscribing obviously isn’t worth it. If the picks seem like they’ll generate considerably more money than they cost you, however, you can feel better about pulling the trigger here. 

4 – Update Frequency

Quality is obviously more important than quantity, when it comes to betting picks, with one good prediction being preferable to 10 rubbish ones. That said, you still want your expert to be on the ball when it comes to NBA tips on Telegram. Check that they update their account every day or so with fresh predictions, to ensure that you’ll be able to capitalise on most good betting opportunities which the NBA throws up.

5 – Coverage

Obviously, you should check that the account definitely provides NBA tips on Telegram before you sign up. Some accounts say this is the case in their description, for example, but have ceased to actually do so a while ago. After that, check that the coverage extends all the way to the postseason – which sees the most public money by far – and that there’s a healthy mix of team and player props being recommended. 

Best NBA Telegram Tipster Channel for Your Needs

While some accounts giving out NBA tips on Telegram try to serve as ‘jacks of all trade’, others specialise a little more. We’ve scoured dozens of your available options here, and found good options to serve the needs of particular punters across the board. 

Category Recommended Channel
Best Free NBA Tips on Telegram Sensei Picks
Best Premium Features NBA Picks Betting Tips
Most Frequently Updated USA Sports Bets
Most Trustworthy Account Safe Betting Tips

Why Join a Channel for NBA Bet Tips on Telegram?

Joining a channel handing out NBA tips on Telegram certainly won’t be a ‘silver bullet’ to success. Rather, like all approaches to sports betting, it has both its good and bad points. We’ve collected the most prominent examples in each case for you, below, to help you make an informed decision. 


  • Guidance 

Here we have the biggest plus point of joining one of the best Telegram betting channels. When betting without guidance on the NBA, you’re starting at a complete zero. These tipsters will help you identify which games to focus on instead, and guide your betting in an informed and – hopefully – profitable manner.

  • Speed

Many bettors know that the more research they do, the better the picks will be. The problem often, however, is that they simply don’t have time. 

Getting NBA tips on Telegram removes this problem entirely. If you like, you can simply follow one or two successful accounts, and copy their picks entirely, which requires little to no time commitment at all.  

  • Special Offers

The accounts promoting NBA tips on Telegram won’t tend to be big enough to warrant getting their own special offers from bookies. They will, however, often do a great job of keeping you up to date with those deals, which you might otherwise have missed. In turn, this can help you collect valuable free bets, which can be used instead of your regular account balance. 


  • No Guarantees

This is an obvious, but crucially important drawback. Even the best tipsters won’t hit all of the time. In fact, anything around a 50% success rate would be very good indeed. As such, there’s absolutely no guarantee that you’ll make any money from following them. 

  • Financial Outlay

As touched upon, most experts providing NBA tips on Telegram nowadays reserve their best predictions for ‘Premium’ customers. If the tips are good enough this can still prove a worthy investment. It’s still an additional cost, however, which must be factored in.

How to Join a Telegram Group for NBA Betting Tips Today

We left this out of our ‘Pros and Cons’ section, but undoubtedly one of the best things about this approach to betting is simply how easy it is. Following and using NBA tips on Telegram could hardly be more straightforward, with these being the few steps you must take to do so. 

Step 1 – Signing Up for Telegram

telegram download page

The first thing you’ll need to do, obviously, is get Telegram. Head to the App Store or Google Play on your mobile device, search for ‘Telegram’, and download the app. Even if you want to use the desktop client instead, you’ll need to have this app in order to scan a QR code, and allow your computer to access your account. 

Once you’ve got the app, simply create an account there. Doing so only takes a minute of your time at most, and requires the most basic of personal information. 

Step 2 – Finding a Group

NBA tips betting picks home page

This is probably the hardest step of all. That’s particularly true given the extremely variable quality of accounts providing NBA tips on Telegram. 

The quickest way to complete this step is simply to pick one of our recommended groups, listed at the top of this article. If you’d prefer to find your own instead though, you can follow our advice from the ‘Choosing the Best Telegram Channel’ section, above. 

Step 3 – Joining a Group 

joining a telegram group

Once you’ve found a group you like the look of, you can usually take a quick look at it free of charge, via a ‘preview’. If it still meets your approval, simply hit the ‘Join Channel’ button, and you’ll automatically be added to the ranks of members. 

Step 4 – Optimising Your Account

telegram notification settingsYou’ve now completed the most important stages of getting NBA tips on Telegram, and can largely sit back, relax, and wait to get your predictions. There are still smaller steps you can take, however, to optimise your experience. 

One recommended example is to enable notifications. Exactly how you do this will vary, depending on whether you’re an iOS or Android user. It’ll be easy in either case though, and will allow you to see all the tips immediately as they’re released. 

Step 5 (Optional) – Going Premium on Your Tipster’s Telegram

paid membership for a telegram groupWe’ve touched upon this several times already, but it bears repeating. Most tipsters nowadays make money from you signing up for their ‘Premium’ service. If you decide to do so, you’ll usually need to make a one-off (or occasional) payment. 

Typically, you’ll be provided with a PayPal address, crypto wallet address, or similar, and will need to send the money there. Once that’s done, the tipster will give you full access to all tips, often by adding you to another, smaller group. 

Final Thoughts

Getting NBA tips on Telegram is certainly a quick and easy way to get additional guidance on your basketball betting. This approach won’t be for everyone, as we’ve made clear throughout this article. With that said, if it does appeal to you, then getting started could hardly be easier. Just download the Telegram app, create an account, sign up for one of your recommended channels, and wait for the tips to roll in. 


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