Best Horse Racing Tips on Telegram in the UK for 2024

Have you ever been right at the helm of placing horse racing bets, but you weren’t entirely sure which horses to wager on? Perhaps we’ve all experienced such circumstances, where only the most experienced punters could benefit from the odds. Yet thanks to Telegram and its various channels, betting on horses becomes a much easier activity.

Here, we will provide you with some insight into the best horse racing bets on Telegram, so that you can remain one step ahead of the game with your wagers. Have a look through all of the information on offer and find out precisely how Telegram groups can assist you with its various hints and tips.

Top 10 Best Groups for Horse Racing Tips on Telegram

There are various Telegram channels that you can utilise for horse racing betting tips, but not all of them can be considered as the very best. Fortunately, that’s where we come into the mix, because we have some insight on the top 10 groups for horse racing tips via Telegram. So, to get the most out of horse racing tips today, we recommend using the following channels:

  1. Mega Dice
    Best bot for telegram betting
  2. Star Tipster
    Proven for Telegram daily tips with 64 profitable months (and counting)
  3. SBS Telegram Channel
    Leading new betting Telegram channel with both free tips and premium subscription service
  4. Betway Sports Telegram Group
    Providing ultimate, free predictions on a daily basis
  5. The UK Racing Tipster
    All tips researched thoroughly, and the best ones included
  6. 22Bet Telegram Group
    Your best chance to win money and satisfaction
  7. Freak Bets
    Top-rated betting channel in Europe
  8. Free Betting Tips Tipsters
    Top tipping platform and professionalism at its best
  9. Sport Bets Analyst
    #1 world tipster and #1 betting channel
  10. Gutman Betting
    Over 20,000 subscribers and links to online sportsbooks

The Latest Horse Racing Tips on Telegram for 23 April

Horse Racing Telegram Group Reviews

There is little doubt that if you proceed with a Google search online, you will find thousands of Telegram channels to select from. And of course, you’ll need to set about sorting the good ones from the bad ones in standard circumstances. That’s not such an easy task to do with so many channels to choose from. Therefore, as a way of helping you along with this, we have put together a bit of an insight into the Telegram channels that we recommend.

1. Star Tipster on Telegram

When you’re looking for horse racing tips on Telegram, we know that you want to see some credentials. Star Tipster has them in spades with hundreds of members subscribing to their premium service. After 64 profitable months and 29 consecutive winning months (and counting), this channel ticks all the boxes. They also offer free Telegram horse racing tips each and every day for group members and it doesn’t cost anything to join.

Star Tipster are so confident in their ability to source successful horses for you that you can get a seven-day free trial that gives you access to all areas before forking out for a subscription. The premium horse racing tips they offer sit behind a paywall but it’s just £9.99 to access these for a month. You won’t mind that small cost when you consider Star Tipster already boasts £10,000 profit made on £10 a point stakes. They earn our experts’ recommendation as a result.

2. SBS Telegram Channel

SafeBettingSites (SBS) also provide free and premium subscription Telegram horse racing tips through their channel. As a leading authority on legit, licensed and regulated betting platforms around the world, they have experts working every day across the globe finding you winners.

SBS tipsters place real emphasis on value. They’ll rarely tip an odds-on favourite, but you’ll want to follow their fancies quickly before the price with recommended betting partners goes! The goal at SBS is to beat SP, so members feel like they are getting the very best of the odds. We just know you’ll love their free tips.

3. Betway Sports Telegram Group

Betway labels itself as the best digital company specialised in sports betting, and that’s quite the statement to make. Yet it could definitely be attributed to the Betway brand. And while it is very much a channel that provides expert advice on football, horse racing tips on Telegram do also appear courtesy of those same experts.

The channel only provides predictions based on the information that the experts have to hand, so don’t expect any bets to be placed for you. Scientific research is done on a daily basis to be able to offer you the most insightful tips on horse racing events coming up, though.

4. The UK Racing Tipster

Providing insightful hints on UK and Ireland horse racing events, this is one channel that totally devotes itself to the sport. Advice is provided on a daily basis by The UK Racing Tipster, with all information thoroughly researched and sent out to subscribers. The channel hasn’t been active for long, but has managed to garner over 250 subscribers so far.

If you’re someone who is only focused on placing bets on horse racing, then this Telegram channel is the one for you. It’s informative, provides details surrounding ideal races to get involved in each day, and even highlights what sort of wins can be expected from stakes.

5. 22Bet Telegram Group

The 22Bet sports betting platform may not be available to UK players to register at and place bets through, but this Telegram channel can certainly be utilised in order to obtain some tips on upcoming races. Over 3,200 subscribers utilise the channel on a frequent basis, and 22Bet promises satisfaction guaranteed.

Naturally, you’ll need to be signed up at a legitimate UK sportsbook to be able to place the bets due to 22Bet not being active in the United Kingdom. However, this is of no issue. If you’re looking to win regularly on horse racing bets, then this could well be the right channel for you to become a part of.

6. Freak Bets

With almost 20,000 people subscribed to its channel, the Freak Bets group has been active on Telegram for a while now, providing betting tips from experts involved in the industry for four years. Using this Telegram for horse racing tips will see you benefitting from the information of the number 1 ranked betting channel across Europe.

The channel also has its own details on some of the best bookies to join, as well as reviews of its clients. You can view the information in English, as well as Russian and Latvian, which gives you a bit of insight into where it is based. That being said, it does have some impressive racing tips to experience.

7. Free Betting Tips Tipsters

Despite the fact that the number of subscribers that a Telegram group has doesn’t necessarily mean it’s one of the best, when it comes to the Free Betting Tips Tipsters channel, it does stand out. That’s because it currently has 382,000 bettors utilising its daily tips for their betting activity. These hints are provided on a variety of sports betting markets, and it sells itself as being highly professional.

As with some others, Free Betting Tips Tipsters guarantees you the best chance of profit by following the tips that it provides, and it operates as one of the most recommended Telegram channels. Take a look at it and see if it appeals to you.

8. Sport Bets Analyst

You’ll see that there are almost 250,000 people that have subscribed to this Telegram channel, and it operates as the number one world tipster. The same can be said about its status at the top of the rankings when it comes to betting channels. Of course, that could simply be the group tooting its own horn.

While the Sport Bets Analyst channel does have a lot of focus on football and tennis, it has been known to also provide insight into other sporting events as well. So, horse racing tips on Telegram do show up through this channel, too.

9. Gutman Betting

All predictions provided through the Gutman Betting Telegram channel are the personal opinion of the group owner. Therefore, it isn’t a group of people offering such, but a single expert in the field. Of course, it is up to you in the end whether or not you take the advice of the expert when it comes to these tips.

Gutman Betting has more than 20,000 people subscribed up to the channel, though. So it can’t be all that bad! Furthermore, the channel owner has affiliation offers with online sportsbooks like BetWinner, giving you the chance to experience something extra once you sign up and place bets at them.

Why Join a Telegram Channel for Horse Racing Betting Tips?

So, why would you want to join Telegram and subscribe to one of the aforementioned channels for tips? Well, there are various reasons why you may want to do this, but of course, one of the main reasons would be to obtain the best free betting hints and tips for upcoming horse races. You get notifications instantly when new tips are published on the Telegram channel, and you can then take advantage of them as you like, for a start.

And to top that off, if you’re specifically looking to win money from betting on horse races, then it is ideal to become a part of a recommended Telegram channel. Many of them are designed and kept up-to-date by professionals within the horse racing betting scene, so they are able to give highly insightful information on the events.

Take a look at these pros and cons surrounding Telegram channels being used for horse racing tips.


  • Instant notifications via Telegram on the latest tips
  • Hints and tips from professional bettors and analysts
  • Simple and effective links to sportsbooks and special offers
  • Everything added to the Telegram channels is free of charge


  • Many channels aren’t dedicated specifically to horse racing tips on Telegram
  • Not all channels offer tips from professionals

Choosing the Best Channel on Telegram for Horse Racing Tips

Now that you’re aware of the pros and cons surrounding horse racing tips on Telegram, it’s ideal to choose a particular group for such. And as noted a little earlier, there are many providers that are offering their hints and tips up to bettors.

While we have given you some details on the best channels on Telegram for horse racing hints and tips, you will need to do some of your own research into them, too. There are various things that you can consider when choosing the best channel to subscribe to, with the top things to consider being:

Accuracy of the Betting Tips and Odds

If you’re using hints and tips for horse racing events, then it is absolutely vital that the information being provided is accurate. Otherwise, why bother in the first place? Without the accuracy, you might just as well take a shot in the dark yourself. That’s why deciding upon a Telegram channel to utilise should make you feel confident in the reliability of the odds, bets and tips being advised on there.

The Reputation of the Channel

The fact that a channel has a huge number of subscribers does not mean that it is the very best. The reviews of the group provided by other users can give a lot of insight to you into how advantageous it is to use the hints and tips. And this is also something that can highlight whether the channel is operating more of a scam service. Make sure that you take a look at the experiences of other users to get an idea of the channel’s reputation.

Resources Available

It’s one thing to be given hints and tips from someone that you’ve never met, but it’s quite another to be given access to alternative resources to do your own research alongside. Some channels do offer this, so you don’t solely have to rely on the tips being provided through the group. Would a scam channel really give you the ability to check into the hints being provided? Absolutely not! So, take a look and see if there are any helpful resources on hand.

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Top Horse Racing Tipsters on Telegram

In regard to benefitting from online Telegram horse racing tipsters, it’s better if you know who the best ones are. This way, you can look forward to receiving top-quality tips and hints towards the upcoming racing events. We have put together a small collection of who we consider the best at this on Telegram, so look at them below and visit them for yourself.

Best Channel for Features Guide

Different channels will provide different features to you to use and benefit from, so when you are deciding upon one to join, it is ideal to note one that caters to your personal needs. Anyone who is new to using Telegram may not have much idea of how it works, and so being able to easily locate a channel that works for you and your needs is best. Take a look at which channels we recommend becoming a part of for their specific features:

Best Overall Tipster Channel: Star Tipster
Ideal for UK-Based Racing: UK Racing Tipster Highest Ranked Channel: Sport Bets Analyst
Verified Reliable Channel: Star Tipster Best for Horse Betting Strategies: Betway Sports

Telegram Channel Rules and Etiquette for Horse Racing

As with anything, there are certain rules that should be followed when becoming part of a horse racing tips Telegram channel. Those rules should be adhered to at all times, whether you’re a newcomer or a long-time member of the group. Unacceptable behaviour will be dealt with appropriately, which could result in you no longer being able to receive tips from the channel in question. Here are some of the things you should and should not do when joining a new telegraph for horse racing tips.

  • Don’t discuss anything about other animals besides horses
  • Don’t share the wrong information regarding a horse
  • No horse-related products to be bought and sold
  • Don’t misguide any new members on the horses and races
  • Avoid calling any member or channel admin
  • Don’t share any spam or promotional links
  • Don’t use bad language with other members
  • Avoid sharing your personal information or any personal images
  • Only the horse racing tipsters themselves are allowed to share tips

How to Join a Telegram Group

If you want to get involved in Telegram betting tips groups, but have never used it before, then follow these simple steps to doing so.

Step One: Download the Telegram App

Telegram is available as a mobile app or for desktop computers, so if you visit the Telegram website, you can download it however you like.

Download Telegram for desktop

Step Two: Choose a Preferred Channel

Browse through the recommended Telegram channels and select one of them that stands out to you.

Telegram channel selection

Step Three: Join the Channel

After you have found a channel that you would like to subscribe to, you can join it by click on the ‘View In Telegram’ button. This displays the channel in the app and allows you to become a member of the group.

Freak Bets telegram channel link

Step Four: Set Up Notification Alerts and Receive the Betting Tips

Once you have joined your preferred channel, you will be able to see the tips within. You can also set up the option of receiving notifications and messages whenever new ones are posted. Why not decide upon a notification alert that is different to others on your device, so that you know instantly what it is when you hear it?

Telegram notifications

Bottom Line

Now that you’re informed on the best horse racing tips Telegram channels on, you can find on from our recommendations to meet your demands and needs. This way, you know you’re not being taken advantage of, and you can receive the very best and informative tips for the upcoming horse racing events.

If you don’t want to choose a provider from our list, then make sure that you follow the necessary procedure for selecting one by yourself. Always keep the considerations in mind that we have noted and look forward to an enjoyable horse racing betting experience as a result.

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