The Trixie Bet Explained for Horse Racing & Other Sports



Here, you can learn all about the trixie bet horse racing and punters in other sports use. Understand how it all works in the SportsLens expert guide to this type of bet. When you’re through reading this, you’ll know what’s a trixie bet all right. Get the lowdown in our expert trixie betting guide right here.

The Top 10 Trixie Betting Sites

Before we deal with what is a trixie bet on horses, you need to know which online bookmakers do it best. The list below includes the top 10 trixie betting sites in the UK today:

  1. 888Sport – Top tools and offers for betting trixie.
  2. Parimatch – Horse racing Double+ deal with trixies.
  3. QuinnBet – Acca Bonus alongside trixie betting.
  4. Bet365 – Each Way Extra in tandem with trixies.
  5. BoyleSports – Early BOG and Extra Place Races.
  6. Hollywood Bets – Accumulator Bonus for trixies.
  7. BetVictor – Trixies can qualify for Loyalty Club.
  8. Betfred – Extra Places Races and trixies together.
  9. Virgin Bet – BOG for trixies placed on race days.
  10. William Hill – Another Extra Place Races bookie.

What is a Trixie in Betting?

So, what is a trixie bet in gambling circles? It’s time to get back to basics. The trixie bet meaning applies to a specific type of system or combination wager. There are four bets on the same slip made up of three different selections put together as doubles and a treble. Although as we shall see below it applies to other sports as well, the trixie bet system is most popular on horse racing betting sites throughout the UK and beyond.

How Does a Trixie Bet Work in Practice?

The theory of trixie betting doesn’t take too much nailing down, but what about in practice? Part of having the trixie bet explained to you is understanding the mechanics of the bet. No single bets, i.e. betting on individual outcomes on their own, are involved. The trixie bet system is all about double bets in combinations and a treble featuring all three selections. This table illustrates the permutations involved in a straight betting trixie wager:

Part of Trixie Bet Selections That Must Win
Double Bet 1 Outcomes X and Y
Double Bet 2 Outcomes X and Z
Double Bet 3 Outcomes Y and Z
Treble Bet Outcomes X, Y and Z

The odds from individual selections multiply together, so two or more outcomes must be successful for any trixies to pay a return. Maximum profit happens when all three selections win, though. Trixies can still make money if just two outcomes win, however, depending on the prices involved. It’s important that you remember the unit stake for any trixie bet horse racing wagers is only a quarter of the total amount gambled. This is because there are four parts to the bet.

What is a Trixie Bet in Horse Racing?

As noted above, trixies are most associated with the sport of horse racing. When someone asks “what is trixie bet”, anyone who knows about this type of wager will invariably mention racehorses. To fully understand how does a trixie bet work properly, a working example should help. We asked the SportsLens experts to provide one:

Trixie bet betslip A min

In our example, there are three ante-post selections for the 2022 Cheltenham Festival. Add each horse you fancy to the betslip as above. You then need to scroll down and find the trixie among the other betting options. Enter the unit stake in the adjacent box. Remember, a £5 trixie has a total outlay of £20 because there are four wagers in one, those three doubles and a treble.

Trixie bet betslip B min

You can see how much is at stake with potential returns on the betslip. The layout of these varies across the best betting sites online today, yet you should always find it somewhere. Putting on an each way trixie should also always be an option. If someone asks you what is a trixie bet in horse racing in future, then you have the answer.

Why Put on a Trixie Bet?

While you may have mastered the trixie bet meaning now, there is an even more important question. Why bother with them at all? Well, trixie betting has upsides and downsides to it. In that respect, it is no different from any other type of system or combination wager.

When thinking about what’s a trixie bet in general, we already stumbled across some of the pros and cons. There may be more back for your buck with this wager, but also higher levels of risk. The advantages and disadvantages of a betting trixie follow in this neat summary:


  • Greater value than single bets
  • Betting odds accumulate & multiply
  • Wager pays out if just 2 picks win
  • Bookies allow each way trixies
  • Among simplest system bets


  • Nothing for just 1 pick winning
  • Returns could be less than outlay
  • Harder to find 2 or more winners

Trixie Bet Calculator

You may know whats a trixie bet but calculating returns can be tricky. That is where online bookies can help you. Besides viewing total returns, the top sportsbooks and betting apps have a trixie bet calculator on them. These show you what happens in all circumstances based on information you put in them.

William Hill Bet Calculator Trixie

Thanks to William Hill, you can see how trixies you place could pan out. Their calculator has a number of options included within it. Firstly, you can toggle each way betting on and off depending on the trixie bet you made. There are tick boxes for Dead Heats and Rule 4 deductions for any legs of the wager. Choose between fractional, decimal and even American style odds formats.

William Hill trixie bet calculator min

You can even see what happens if all legs don't win. Toggle between the stake per bet (or unit stake) and the total gambled. The William Hill bet calculator trixie has it all. Returns and profits display below, so you know what to expect from the bookies in that scenario. You won't find a more detailed trixie bet calculator out there. It is easy to see why they call William Hill the home of betting with such handy tools like this one.

Times to Use the Trixie Bet System

Trixie betting definitely has its place in horse racing gambling. Like any wager, it should be used strategically when the odds are in your favour. This ensures that you stand the best chance of winning with at least two legs of the bet. We asked the SportsLens horse racing experts for their top trixie bet horse racing tips. Here is what they came back with:

Get Best Odds Guaranteed

Trixies may be one of the combination and system bets, but you can also get the Best Odds Guaranteed (BOG) on all UK and Irish horse racing events. The precise timing of when this comes into effect varies depending on the bookie. While you won't receive BOG on ante-post bets, you can get the guarantee the day before the races on Bet365 and BoyleSports. This ensures that the legs of your wager will be settled at the starting price (SP) if that is bigger than the odds you took.

Put Banker Bets Together

So-called banker bets are rarely value if you back then as standalone win singles. Combining them in a trixie bet makes a lot more sense. The implied probability of two or more bankers is strong enough to make it worth the risk. Not all bankers and hot favourites run up to market expectation, though. That possibility is often outweighed by the odds for double bets and trebles in a trixie being multiplied together.

Try an Each Way Trixie

As we shall soon find out, there are betting offers and promotions that work with trixie bets. These are great, but don't overlook the each-way bet option. Although the total stake doubles and you must make sure that the prices have enough juice in them so that the wager is value, pick the right selections and just the place parts can yield profit. Extra Place Races are a common deal offered by bookmakers and only increase your chance of having a horse run into the frame. Each way trixies really are a tempting and sensible strategy.

Consider Ante-Post Betting

You don't have to wait for final declarations or the day of the races before engaging with trixie betting as it works with ante-post markets. Like the each way option and waiting for BOG, there are pros and cons here. You aren't guaranteed a run for your money with your selections on the downside. However, you are far more likely to get bigger odds than if you wait for BOG anyway. The skill with ante-post markets lies in placing a trixie bet that not only sees all three runners make it to the track but win. Your reward is better profits.

The Best Offers for Betting Trixie Wagers in the UK

We've established what is a trixie bet on horses now, but how about the top offers and promotions that work with them? Not all bookmaker deals are compatible, so you need to know that. Combination and system wagers with more legs to them than trixies do have a greater number of promos. Here are three of the best betting trixie offers with UK bookies today:

888Sport – Each Way + Offer

888Sport logo

What sets 888Sport apart from other bookmakers that provide Extra Place Races for each way punters is they enhance both the number of places and the fraction paid out. You can get a third of outright odds for a place with them sometimes. Each Way + is thus a particularly good deal to use in tandem with system and combination bets like trixies. Minimum runners required or place terms revert to the industry standard. Each Way + also works alongside Best Odds Guaranteed.

Parimatch – Horse Racing Double+ Deal

logo parimatch

At Parimatch, when you bet £20 or more on horse racing doubles and up, you receive a £5 free bet. This deal requires that qualifying bets have minimum cumulative odds of Evens (2.00) and can be claimed each and every day. The free bet expires three days after issue. As trixies involve three double bets in them, they are the perfect way to take advantage of this promotion. Provided you place the bet after 9am on the day of the races, then BOG cover is also there. Further terms and conditions apply.

QuinnBet – Horse Racing Acca Bonus Promotion

logo quinnbet

Fancy some bonus winnings in free bets on top of your horse racing accumulator bet and other multiples? QuinnBet have just that with their Acca Bonus promotion. Even doubles and trebles, the constituent parts of trixies, qualify with 2% and 5% respectively paid on top of your returns. Bonus winnings calculated as a percentage of profit not including the stake. There is also a minimum odds per selection requirement of 3/10 (1.30) in the accumulator bet. The maximum free bet awarded is £50 and this expires after seven days. Separate wagering requirements apply to free bets on QuinnBet. If you place the bets after 8:30 am UK time, then Best Odds Guaranteed cover works on all combination and system bets too.

The Trixie Bet in Other Sports

Now that you know what is a trixie in betting on horse racing, the same principles apply when you place other sports betting wagers. You can, if you wish, place trixies on football betting sites, for example. It works in just the same way. Find three Premier League football teams that you fancy to win but, because they may be short-price favourites individually, it makes more sense to back them in doubles and a treble bet together.

Whatever sport you put a trixie bet on for, the name of the game is value. This is also an option on tennis betting sites during a particular round or across the men's and women's draws at a tournament. With tennis, there are only two outcomes to a match, so placing trixies on the action makes a lot of sense. The point is that you don't just have to think about trixie betting in terms of horse racing alone. You could even try one across different events and sports.

Final Thoughts

So, you've had the trixie bet explained to you. Now, it is all about applying what you've learned when wagering. When somebody asks what is trixie bet in future, you know the answer and that, although mainly associated with hose racing, it has become a more widespread system and combination wager within gambling. Try a trixie for yourself.


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