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Our each way bet calculator is here to make life easier for you. Working out exactly how much you might win with an each way bet can be complicated, especially if there’s more than one selection involved. Check out our each way bet winnings calculator below and read on to find out how it works and more about it.

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What is an Each Way Bet Calculator

Some punters, especially those not used to using UK betting sites, can get a bit confused regarding each way bets. They might seem complicated to the uninitiated, but essentially they’re very simple.

With an each way wager you are essentially having two bets. The first part of the bet is for your selection to win at the stated odds. Then the second part is for your selection to place. So in a horse race for example, the place terms could be for your horse to finish within the first three, at 1/4 of the stated odds.

An each way bet calculator works out your potential return from an each way bet. That includes what your stakes will be, your potential returns and what your profit would be on those returns.

If you’re trying to calculate the potential returns of a future each way bet, it can be complicated and even if you’re a maths whiz, it may take a little time. With a bet return calculator each way wagers are incredibly quick and easy to work out. Within just a couple of seconds you can have the answers in front of you.

How to Use Our Bet Calculator Each Way

With the each way bet calculator UK users have an easy way of working out their potential returns. Just follow the instructions below to use the bet each way calculator.

  1. The first thing you need to do is to ensure that the free bet calculator knows that it is working out an each way bet. Click on the tab at the very top marked ‘Single & Each Way’. Then below the box where you enter your stake there is a tab where you can select if it’s an each way bet or not, with a simple Yes/No option. In this case, you obviously need to select Yes.
  2. Now you enter the stake for the bet in the box at the top left of the calculator. This stake will be doubled by the calculator, as there are two parts of the bet. So, if you enter a £10 stake for example, it will be doubled to £20.
  3. Next up is to select the odds format from the box on the top right of the calculator. You have a choice of fractional odds, decimal odds or American odds.
  4. Directly below the odds format is a drop down menu where you can select the place terms of your each way bet. You’ll find a full range of options to select. Each way terms laid by bookmakers are typically a fifth or a quarter of outright odds in horse races.
  5. Below the place term drop down is a section where you add the odds on the each way bet calculator. Make sure that your chosen odds are in the format that you selected earlier.
  6. If your each way bet is on a horse race, you can apply the appropriate Rule 4 deduction, that horse racing betting sites can apply when there’s non-runners. The box is on the left side, below the odds section.
  7. To the right of the Rule 4 box, is a drop down menu where you can select the result. Won, placed, dead heat, lost and void are all options.
  8. Finally, click on the black button marked ‘Calculate’ to work out your bet. The each way bet calculator will show you your total stake, total return and total profit.

Using the Lucky 15 Each Way Bet Calculator

If our calculator is useful when working out a single each way bet, it particularly comes into its own with each way wagers that feature more selections. An each way Lucky 15 is one such bet and our bet calculator Lucky 15 each way setting can be a life-saver.

A regular Lucky 15 is a system bet that features four selections, with every permutation of bets between those four picks. That’s four singles, six doubles, four trebles and a four-fold. In all, there’s 15 bets, hence the name.

With an each way Lucky 15 there are actually 30 bets. The win parts of the four selections creates 15 bets and the place parts adds another 15. That’s a lot of bets to add up, making the Lucky 15 each way bet calculator an essential bit of kit.

To set the Lucky 15 bet calculator each way, follow the following steps. At the top of the bet calculator, click on the Lucky 15 tab. Then click on the each way tab and then add the details of the four selections, including the odds, place terms, result and any Rule 4 ruling. Finally, click the calculate button to work out the results of your each way Lucky 15.

Each Way Bet Accumulator Calculator

Another type of wager that is more complicated than a single each way bet, is an each way acca. With an accumulator there can be any number of selections at all sorts of prices in this multiple bet. Make it an each way accumulator and things get even more complicated, so an each way acca bet calculator is a very useful piece of kit.

Our each way bet accumulator calculator is very simple to use. Start by selecting the accumulator option at the tab at the top of the calculator.

Then enter your unit stake and from the drop down on the right, choose how many selections are in the acca. In the row below that, click to select the each way option and then to the right, choose the odds format.

Now you have to enter the various odds of your selections, the respective place terms, the results and whether Rule 4 applies. Finally, just click the calculate button and the bet calculator each way results will appear at the bottom.

Other Popular Wagers with the Bet Each Way Calculator

We hope you’ve learned a lot about how our each way bet calculator UK works. Aside from each way betting, one of the great things about the calculator is that you can out it on a variety of different settings, to suit whatever type of bet you’re placing. Below are some examples of types of settings we haven’t mentioned.


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