Donald Trump as Short as +600 to be Indicted on Current Markets After Being Accused of Four Federal Crimes

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

BetOnline are currently offering odds on a whole host of possible scenarios concerning former president Donald Trump, and with the January 6th committee levelling four charges against his name, they are even offering prices for his possible indictment.

Donald Trump to be Sentenced to Jail Odds

A scathing report released by the panel, comprised of seven Democrats and two Republicans suggests there is significant evidence relating to the four charges, which are said to be conspiracy to defraud the United States, obstruction of an act of Congress, conspiracy to make a false statement and inciting insurrection.

This follows 17 months of investigations by the committee amid Donald Trump’s perceived involvement in the January 6th Capitol attack in 2021.

Obstructing an official procedure could land the former president with the most substantial consequences, with previous convictions dealt up to $100,000 in fines and jail terms of up to 20 years. Coupled with defrauding the United States which could add further fines and a jail sentence of up to five years, it is no surprise BetOnline have slashed their odds to +600 for him serve jail time.

Donald Trump to be Jailed Odds Bookmaker
Yes +600 betonline
No -1500 betonline


BetOnline are also offerings odds on potential global scenarios that may pan out in early-2023, and the shortest price they have given is for Trump to be charged for his crimes at -200.

To Happen First in 2023 Odds Bookmaker
Trump to be Indicted -200 betonline
Russia and Ukraine Peace Agreement +400 betonline
Joe Biden Impeached +1200 betonline
Any Nation to Leave the EU +1600 betonline

Other BetOnline Donald Trump Betting Markets

Elsewhere, the 76-year-old has confirmed his intention to run for the Republican candidacy is 2024, although Florida governor Ron DeSantis currently leads the markets to be the next President of the United States after securing a second term at state level.

These latest federal charges made against him aren’t likely to budge Trump’s loyal voters too much, with a strong right-wing base throughout the midwest. However, BetOnline are offering odds on a potential divorce between himself and Melania Trump, which would be his third marital separation, and rumours have intensified after she has rarely been spotted in public this year.

Adding further to fuel to the fire, Melania also gave a bizarre candid interview in which she explained people can’t just get divorced “just by thinking about it.”

BetOnline Donald/Melania Trump Divorce Odds

Donald/Melania Trump Divorce?

Odds Bookmaker
Yes +700 betonline
No -2000 betonline

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