KrackWins NFL Picks for Week 19 from Bill “Krackman” Krackomberger


Post-season is when professional football really counts. As the Super Bowl looms, every down becomes critical and veteran players get opportunities to shine. You have experienced guys who’ve been there before, compared to kids who have never played under do-or-die pressure. On the field, there is a world of difference.

There’s also a big difference for us professional bettors. Normally, the regular season is easier to beat than the post season. With fewer games being played in post, bookmakers have less to focus on and they come up with better lines.

This week, however, we have wild-card games. They provide alluring opportunities. There are extra spots for inferior teams, units that don’t even belong in the playoffs. We’re aiming to capitalize on that.

Here’s to walking along the playoff path and picking some winners on the way.

See below the three games I’m betting on this weekend where you can use the best US offshore sportsbooks to wager on them.

Plus, for more picks and analysis, check out my website KrackWins.

KrackWins NFL Picks for Week 19

See below the best KrackWins NFL picks for week 19.

Kansas City Chiefs -175 vs Miami Dolphins

We’re betting on Kansas City to win the game outright – and giving up cash instead of point, laying $175 to win $100.

Here’s what I’m thinking: The experienced quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, has been in this situation a plethora of times. Big advantage there. Plus, the Chiefs are up against a team that seems unable to beat anyone good. And, on top of that, the Dolphins are banged up.

Then, there is a bit of history. The Chiefs beat the Dolphins 21-14 in Frankfurt, Germany, earlier this season. With a defense that keeps the Chiefs in the game, and a quarterback who is on the money, I think they are poised to do it again on Sunday.

Los Angeles Rams +3 ½ against Detroit Lions

The Rams began playing their best football of the season after week 10, when they had a bye. From then on they have been playing fantastically.

The Lions are one of the NFL’s best teams. But I’ve noticed flaws. Just a few weeks ago, they lost to the Bears when they were significant favorites. With 3 ½ points, I think the Rams will cover the game, even if they fail to close it.

Dallas Cowboys -1/2 vs Green Bay Packers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers +9 ½ vs Philadelphia Eagles

This is a teaser, in which you have to win two games. But, in exchange for that, you get to move the line seven points in your favor for each game. On the downside, you lay 14-10 instead of 11-10, in terms of the juice. Nevertheless, I think it is all
worth it in this instance.

Dallas just needs to win at home, outright, and they should.

As for the other game, talk about two teams going in different directions. Philadelphia went 1-5 in their last six games and Tampa Bay went 5-1 in their last six games. And the Buccaneers get a lot of points in the teaser. People think Philadelphia has to go far but they are not looking good right now.

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