Writing Competition – Updates

We’re one week into the first-ever Soccerlens Writing Contest and in my view it’s going extremely well (considering that I was afraid that we’d get 0 submissions, it’s going great!).

Much thanks to Deb for posting it on FWJ – I’ve also put up a mention on Performancing so we should see more entries this week (we’ve already seen 14 so far, and all of them have been good).

You can find a list of the contest submissions, rules and list of judges here. If you run a footy blog / forum, I’d appreciate you mentioning this contest on your blog / forum – you might not have time for it but it could help some of your readers start their own blogging careers.

Keep the submissions coming!

While I wish I could put up Amy Taylor as a prize (I’d get sued, but hey, the quality and number of submissions would be worth it ūüôā ), that’s not going to happen. The actual prize is cold hard cash plus a free shirt from Subside Sports plus a contract offer for the post of a SL columnist PLUS the chance to start your own football blog using my help. If you’re good, you might get to interview Amy Taylor some day. That good for you?