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Writing Competition – Updates



We’re one week into the first-ever Soccerlens Writing Contest and in my view it’s going extremely well (considering that I was afraid that we’d get 0 submissions, it’s going great!).

Much thanks to Deb for posting it on FWJ – I’ve also put up a mention on Performancing so we should see more entries this week (we’ve already seen 14 so far, and all of them have been good).

You can find a list of the contest submissions, rules and list of judges here. If you run a footy blog / forum, I’d appreciate you mentioning this contest on your blog / forum – you might not have time for it but it could help some of your readers start their own blogging careers.

Keep the submissions coming!

While I wish I could put up Amy Taylor as a prize (I’d get sued, but hey, the quality and number of submissions would be worth it 🙂 ), that’s not going to happen. The actual prize is cold hard cash plus a free shirt from Subside Sports plus a contract offer for the post of a SL columnist PLUS the chance to start your own football blog using my help. If you’re good, you might get to interview Amy Taylor some day. That good for you?