Kai Cenat Banned From Popular Streaming Platform Twitch

Kai Cenat
Kai Cenat

One of Twitch’s most popular live streamers Kai Cenat has been banned from the Amazon-owned video-streaming platform, with the streamer claiming he doesn’t know why he was banned.

Kai Cenat is comfortably the most notorious Twitch streamer on the platform, as the 21-year-old rose to fame and broke the Twitch record for total subscribers on his channel.

At his peak, Cenat had over 300,000 people subscribed to his channel where he provided entertainment with special guests and chatted to his viewers through the screen.

Now if viewers want to access Cenat’s channel, they are met with a message that appears to say: “This channel is temporarily unavailable due to a violation of Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service.”

Cenat took to Twitter on Monday night to update his fans with the current situation and the streamer kept it brief as he addressed the issues on Twitch with just one word. “BANNED”.

Cenat broke Twitch’s subscription record previously held by the likes of Ninja and Ludwig in March earlier this year.

Usually Twitch subscribers will pay a basic subscription package cost of $4.99 a month to follow their favourite streamers – with additional tiers costing more.

Although there is no confirmation yet on why Cenat was banned from Twitch, many have already begun to speculate as rumours were that the popular streamer could be moving to Kick, which is an emerging streaming platform competing with Twitch.

Other theories around Cenat being cancelled involve dangerous driving on stream, as just days before he was banned the streamer crashed a motorcycle into his computer – something that fellow Twitch streamer JinnyTTY was previously banned for.

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