John Ryder Net Worth: Career Earnings, Salary, Biggest Fight Purse, Endorsement Deals & Boxing Record Of ‘The Gorilla’

John Ryder Boxing
John Ryder Boxing

IN the aftermath of his fight with Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, we have decided to take an in-depth look at the career of John Ryder. This includes Ryder’s net worth, career earnings, biggest career purse and his sponsorship deals.

It’s safe to say that ‘The Gorilla’ has made a fair bit of money throughout his boxing career!

John Ryder Net Worth

John Ryder has been a professional boxer since making his debut back in 2010. He has been boxing consistently for over a decade in the pro ranks, earning more and more money as his career has progressed.

Despite having a few losses on his resumé and not being a huge name in boxing circles, John Ryder has solidified himself as one of the best super-middleweight fighters on the planet.

As of May 2023, it is reported that John Ryder’s net worth is $5 million (source:

More recently, Ryder’s purses for each of his fights has been growing, given the fact he is fighting better fighters in bigger boxing events. Despite losing six times in his career, Ryder is still one of the best super-middleweight on the planet. Even after his recent loss to ‘Canelo’.

Not only does Ryder have a sizeable $5 million net worth, but he is also recognised as one of the best British boxers on the planet right now. Despite not being a household name in boxing circles, Ryder has certainly worked his way up the super-middleweight rankings and deserved his shot last time out against the great Mexican.

This figure of $5 million is likely to grow for the British boxer as his career goes on too, especially after receiving a career-high payday against the Mexican cash cow at the beginning of May.

The net worth of ‘The Gorilla’ is sure to catapult even higher as his career rolls on, especially if he were to somehow get another chance at world honours in the future and become world champion.

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John Ryder Career Earnings

After 38 professional boxing fights, Ryders’s biggest fight purse is reported to have been around £3 million. This was reportedly how much Ryder earned for his last outing against Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez on May 6. The 34-year-old lost the fight via unanimous decision, but did last the full 12 rounds with ‘Canelo’.

This figure of £3 million includes his 30% shar of the pay-per-view and the gate revenue. Not bad for punching someone in the face for 36 minutes!

Prior to this, Ryder also reportedly earned £400,000 for his world title fight against Callum Smith back in November 2019, as well as earning roughly the same purse for his fight with Zach Parker last year (source:

The vast majority of Ryder’s income does of course come from prize fighting. However, he has a few sponsorship deals outside of the ring which will help his salary and net worth, but it is punching people in the face for a living that pays ‘The Gorilla’ the most money. More on Ryders’s endorsement deals later on.

With boxers you don’t really tend to have a salary as it depends on how many fights they have in a year or how active they are and at what level they are fighting. As the 34-year-old is now a world level fighter and fights fairly regularly (roughly twice a year), his salary is estimated to be around £800,000 annually.

This means that all in all, John Ryder’s career earnings are estimated to be somewhere in the region of £8 million.

John Ryder Boxing Fight Pay (Last 10) – Breakdown:

  • Ryder vs Canelo – £3 million
  • Ryder vs Parker – £400,000
  • Ryder vs Jacobs – £300,000
  • Ryder vs Jurko – £300,000
  • Ryder vs Guy – £275,000
  • Ryder vs Smith – £400,000
  • Ryder vs Akkaway – £350,000
  • Ryder vs Sirotkin – £300,000
  • Ryder vs Cox – £150,000
  • Ryder vs Nielsen – £150,000

Purse info gather from

It is fair to say that John Ryder isn’t short of a pound or two. His net worth, salary and fight purses will continue to rise as his career develops and he continues to feature in big fights.

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John Ryder — Record and Bio

  • Age: 34
  • Ranking: #3 Super-Middleweight (BoxRec)
  • Country: England
  • Height: 5’9″ (175 cm)
  • Reach: 72″ (183 cm)
  • Stance: Southpaw
  • Overall Record: 32-6
  • Fights Won by KO/TKO: 18
  • Fights Won by Decision: 14

John Ryder Endorsements & Sponsorship

Although the vast majority of John Ryder’s earnings comes from prize fighting, he also earns his fair share of money outside of the ring too. These sponsorships deals from outside of the ring are a big player in boosting Ryder’s net worth and salary.

The 34-year-old’s biggest endorsement deal as of today is his partnership with sports company Lonsdale. ‘The Gorilla’ inked the deal back in 2012 with Lonsdale, who provide equipment for Ryder’s training schedule and have also provided the super-middleweight contender with his gloves in recent fights.

Not only is this endorsement deal with Lonsdale a big earner for ‘The Gorilla’, but he is also currently endorsed by the likes of Wow Hydrate, Elite Scaffolding and Ris Rainham. Is is unknown exactly how much these various sponsors John Ryder to endorse their brands, but it is sure to be a tidy amount!

All in all, John Ryder’s four main sponsorship deals certainly help boost his net worth. Ultimately though it is punching people in the face for a living that pays Ryder the most money and his biggest purses.

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