Wayne Rooney Boxing Record: Could Manchester United Legend Fight KSI In Exhibition Bout?

Rooney Knockout
Rooney Knockout

With rumours circulating around a potential boxing career for Wayne Rooney, we take a look at what the Manchester United legend’s current record in the ring and who could he fight in his debut.

Wayne Rooney Boxing Record

Although he enjoyed one of the most illustrious careers in English football history Wayne Rooney is sill yet to make his boxing debut and he has never stepped in the ring before.

Rooney has never gone toe to toe with anyone in the ring, but the 38-year-old did famously face off with a Manchester United teammate in his own kitchen.

WATCH: Phil Bardsley Knocks Out Wayne Rooney

Although he has no previous experience in the ring, Rooney certainly knows how to take a punch to the face after getting knocked out cold in 2015.

Former Manchester United teammate Phil Bardsley was the one to hand Rooney the knockout blow as the pair took to a ‘friendly’ sparring match in Rooney’s kitchen.

Rooney had been out drinking with Bardsley and other United stars before the fight so his confidence was evidently through the roof at the time.

Unfortunately things didn’t go to plan for Rooney, as the football icon was knocked flat on his face after a short back and forth.

Rooney was fortunately able to see the funny side of things, as in his next game he scored for United and performed his iconic knockout blow celebration much to the fans’ enjoyment.

Could Rooney Fight KSI?

The latest rumours surrounding Rooney’s boxing career suggest that the former England captain would like to step into the Influencer boxing world – with a potential bout against KSI on the cards.

KSI revealed on a podcast this week that Rooney himself messaged the YouTuber in 2022 looking to set up what would be a blockbuster exhibition bout.

“Alright, I’ve got it, 5th of December, 2022 at 3.50am. (Rooney text), ‘Hi mate, what you think on me and you having a boxing fight. I think we could generate a lot of money. You up for it.’

“No question mark, just full stop. He’s not asking! (The text continues), ‘We could sell out stadium with right support and both make good money.'”

KSI actually responded to Rooney during preparations for a fight in 2023, turning down the former footballer while still encouraging him to join the boxing world.

“I said no. I just don’t want to do that. If Wayne Rooney is down, of course I think it would be good to have him in this space.”

A fight between Rooney and KSI seems highly unlikely two years down the line, as KSI has taken the Misfits world by storm to build an impressive career in boxing.

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