Adin Ross & N3on Set For Boxing Match As Streamers Ongoing Feud Ramps Up Between Former Friends

Adin Ross Streamer
Adin Ross Streamer

Popular KICK steamers Adin Ross and N3on have agreed to a boxing match after fiery encounter last Friday night. 

Adin Ross & N3on Set For Boxing Match

After their feud reached a climax last Friday night, it seems KICK streamers Adin Ross and N3on have agreed to fight each other in a boxing match.

The pair of popular streamers were previously good friends and pretty close, but their friendship took a hit and has gradually got worse of late. This is due to N3on, also known as Rangesh, spent more time with his no ex-girlfriend Sam Frank.

The pair have continued to clash over the past few weeks on their respective streams and on social media, constantly criticizing each other. This led to the pair agreeing on a streaming call on Friday, February 16 that they want to fight each other.

It seems that a boxing match is the only way to end this feud between the former friends. We have seen several social media and YouTube personalities such as Jake Paul, Logan Paul and KSI dive into boxing in recent years, and now it looks like Adin Ross and N3on are following suit.

23-year-old Ross found a clip online from one of N3on’s previous streams where he stated that he would fight him. On the stream, 19-year-old N3on said:

“Adin wants to fight? Yeah right. Run it. Any time, any place, wherever the f**k please.”

This then saw Ross call out N3on on Friday’s stream to arrange the event with him saying, “I’m going to hurt him.”

When Is Adin Ross vs N3on –  Where Is The Fight Taking Place?

Right now a date and time for this Adin Ross vs N3on boxing clash is yet to be confirmed. The pair of course seemingly agreed to a fight on Friday’s stream, but an official announcement is yet to come from either party.

Given that he is 50-pounds heavier than his streamer rival and four years his elder, Adin Ross would likely go into the bout with N3on as the overriding favorite with the best offshore sportsbooks.

As of today, the fight is still unconfirmed. Whether or not the bout actually takes place or not remains to be seen. Both men seemed confident that the fight would go ahead on Friday’s stream, but now the bout looks less likely.

During Friday’s stream, N3on suggested that they fight each other on Sunday, February 18. Ross in turn took this as a sign of hesitancy, stating that if N3on was serious then he would fight him anywhere at any time:

“Why Sunday? You said tomorrow, you said any time, anywhere…why don’t you want to run it tomorrow?” Ross asked.

“I’ll tell you what. I don’t know if I’m going to go live on Sunday, so we have to either do it on Saturday or Monday. We could definitely do it.”

“I’m gonna have his manager and my manager talk,” Ross said after the call with N3on had ended.

The pair then agreed to a fight without headguards or protection, with neither man backing down. So, could we actually see this Adin Ross vs N3on fight imminently? Time will tell.

Will Andrew Tate Be In Attendance? Which Celebrities Will Be There?

Given that both Adin Ross and N3on are extremely popular streamers and influencer, they also have various friends and colleagues from the celebrity world.

Should the Ross vs N3on fight go down, there would likely be a lot of social media stars and influencers in attendance.

Adin Ross has talked on various streams with controversial figure Andrew Tate multiple times, as well as having been close with the likes of Mike Majlak, Ski Bri and other famous faces in the online world in America.

Should a bout between KICK streamers Adin Ross and N3on take place in the coming weeks, you can bet your bottom dollar than a whole host of influencers and popular social media figures would be in attendance.

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