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There is a group out there. They are, well lets say, ‘lacking match practice’ in the art of actually playing sport, and well, ‘wonderkids’, and ‘model citizens’ at writing about their virtual careers, and raving on about a small bug that prevented his/her side from gaining the vital point needed. If you understood any of the quotes in the last few lines, you are part of the group. And that is a good thing. For I am one of them. However that is not why it is good, it is because the next instalment of our beloved series has been announced. Football Manager 2010.

Football Manager 2010 has some exciting new features. Here they are, how I interpreted them, and how I figure it’ll affect the way we will all play the game.

The New Skin
“Football Manager 2010 features a brand new User Interface….vibrant new look”. By golly, I can’t wait for this. I just love how every new FM has a new skin. It just adds to the appeal of playing. I have no idea why though. The skin just looks great, as you may have seen on FM’s website. It’s a great change from the (still great) skin we saw in both 2008 and 2009 versions of the game.

The New Data Editor
Well, not really in the game, but what can I say, I’m excited. Gone are the days where you had to rename an existing league to create a new challenge, or a whole new experience. Now, it’s inbuilt in the actual editor. Finally, I will be able to create my Australian FM challenge (anybody wanna try it?). It opens the door to a whole new load of experiences, such as an entire world league/comp containing one team for every country etc. which I read on the forums recently. I should try and organise a contest on the most ingenious ideas for the new editor.

Tactic Creator/Revamp
Finally. After years of make do-ing, I might finally be able to construct a total football tactic that actually works as it did when Johan Cruyff did. This, completely opens up a whole new array of options for us managers out there, and, despite the fact that you might have to do a bit of learning and groundwork before you jump in, it is an option that has been long awaited. In turn with this, is match analysis. Available on the fly or post match, it’ll give you the opportunity to determine who is performing and who isn’t properly, instead of relying the decimal like rating system.

Subscription style Newsletter System
Don’t give a rats about the Singaporean Division 2? Wimbledon’s latest record transfer fee of $40K not of interest? Well say goodbye to all those pointless news articles popping up on the bottom of your screen, and say hi to the subscription system. Personally, it is great. I don’t know how many of you have played these, but I played OOTP Baseball (also made by SI) and it contained a website style home page, which I thought was great. Finally, FM has made a step towards it. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, FM 10 now has a page, where you nominate the leagues/news/teams you wish to have delivered to your news page. Great ey? I can’t wait either.

New Sidebar System
How long’s it been? I can remember the sidebar from CM99/00 ten years ago. Finally, SI has bucked the trend. The fabled (cult-ish?) sidebar is no more, replaced by a tab system, in accordance to the new skin. Once again, some more fiddling round trying to get used to it, but as the screens go, it really seems like something we’d loved to have had ages ago.

3d Update
After the ‘player’, 3D match Engine, ‘touted the next FIFA’ debut for SI last season (FM 2009), it had the ‘pundits’ worried. ‘A lack of match practice’ was the likely outcome, but it bashed through all the critics, and is now a ‘First Team regular’. A very corny few lines there, but that’s how it’s panned out. Starting out, people were weary about the 3D match engine, but now it’s returning in FM 10, with a few adjustments. Improved AI, 100 new animations, new stadium, crowd (gasp!! Can’t wait to see how that works), realistic pitch degradation, which SI says will ‘create a more realistic match experience. I can’t wait for this, and I hope it’s as good as it’s hyped up to be. I also hope for better goal celebrations, and maybe some player ‘trademarked ones’ such as Tim Cahill’s flag punch.

As you read through my report, I’m sure you got the opinion that I was excited. You got that right, I really can’t wait. But I have to, but just to make you slightly more excited, there’s more. SI and Sega say there are way more features which will be gradually announced by a series of blogs. Now, just for the Soccerlens FM fans out there, I am going to try and lobby support for some of these features to be officially announced here. Show your support and maybe you’ll be the first to know another one of SI’s innovations.

So here we go, that’s my FM 10 update for now, and I’m Michael Turner saying “oooooh What a goal, We’ll be seeing that one for some time”. *Punch* “Oooh that looks harsh, he’ll have to come off.” It seems that the “board are annoyed with my persistent requests.” “Ultimatum?”

P.S. I promise no more lame FM in-game references……… “Board blocks departure”

For Offical info and screens, click here. You can also follow Miles Jacobsen’s blog on Mirror Football building up to the release of FM 2010 here.

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