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Newcastle United and West Ham, Dyer and Solano



The Sun (the patron of our ‘shit list’ page) claims that Nobby Solano, ever the family man, misses his wife and kids and wants to move to down South – and with the West Ham-Dyer-Newcastle United love triangle back in full flow, the rumour mongers saw fit to thrust Nobby straight in and make it a foursome.

It’s taken this long for this to come to Nobby’s mind? I don’t trust the Sun’s report that Solano has off-the-field problems at Newcastle, could it be Geremi’s signing (and possible appointment as Newcastle captain) that has lead to this?

Dyer, on the other hand, looks set to move to West Ham – eventually – mainly because Newcastle United don’t want him and because Kieron Dyer has been reading Soccerlens. Jokes aside, Kieron Dyer is one of those footballers who has spent most of his career failing to live up to his potential – I like the guy and I hope he can do well at West Ham.

Hopefully the Dyer transfer will be sorted out soon, the earlier it is, the better it is for both Newcastle United and West Ham.

As for Solano – I doubt he’ll move to West Ham – Newcastle fans love him to death, and there are conflicting reports about him wanting a move to Spain or a move to the south, or whatever.