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I want my football news to be reliable – so that instead of passing on rumours as the truth, they can at least bother to verify stories or add appropriate text signifying that what they’re saying is essentially pulled out of someone’s ass.

Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case.

From the likes of EatSleepSport and Tribal Football (masters of trashy linkbait) to the BBC (once the virtuous maiden, now just another tramp waiting to cut loose), you’re going to see rumours passed off as the truth.

So, for future reference, I’ve put together the football news shitlist – a wall (page) of shame (crap) for those football news websites that are, for lack of a better term, full of shit.

I understand that everyone goes overboard sometimes with rumours / viewpoints – I do it myself here at Soccerlens. But what I don’t SEE in the sites in this list is any hint of responsibility for what they publish – it’s a free for all crapshoot and they will publish just about anything as long as it sells.

So here’s the worst of the worst of the worst in the football news business (and no, I’m not linking to these guys):

  • EatSleepSport.com
  • TribalFootball.com
  • SoccerBlog.org
  • FansFC.com
  • football-rumours.co.uk
  • The Sun
  • News Of The World
  • Daily Mail
  • ClubCall.com
  • All3Points.co.uk
  • Goal.com
  • The Mirror

As a rule of thumb, anything you read, online or offline, should be taken with a grain of salt. Don’t rely on other people’s opinions to shape yours, find out all the facts and then make your decision.

If any site in the above lists says something though, you’d better not believe it, for your own health.

You are welcome to discuss this list / add to it in the comments section on this discussion thread.

Ahmed Bilal created Sportslens in 2006. He is a business consultant and entrepreneur who helps businesses identify and overcome their biggest challenges. He’s also the founder of Football Media, an online advertising agency that specialises in sports and male audience targeting, with a monthly reach of 100m+ sports fans in the UK and US. He’s also the previous owner of Soccerlens.com – a sports news site that reaches 3m+ readers / month.