West Ham will be a bad move for Reading’s Shorey

The Beeb reports that West Ham have made a 5m bid for Reading left-back Nicky Shorey. Shorey’s a good player and West Ham will improve thanks to him, but I don’t think that moving to West Ham would turn into a good career move for Shorey.

This has nothing to do with whether I like West Ham or not (so don’t go there – I like the Hammers); on the other hand it’s all about the West Ham manager and the squad currently assembled at West Ham.

I don’t think Curbishley has it in him to make West Ham into a consistent top-7 side. He could take West Ham to Uefa Cup football in one season but over the long run, all Curbishley can do is stabilize West Ham and turn them into a promising but under-achieving mid-table side.

The West Ham squad is perhaps good enough to be playing in Europe right now, but they need a lot of playing time together and without a good manager, there’s no point to it, is there?

Shorey would be better off staying at Reading for another season and then deciding on his future next summer – or if he must move, he should aim for a move to Newcastle – a club that needs a left-back, have a better manager and definitely one that has more chances of making the top 7 than West Ham.

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