Who Is Ryan Garcia’s Girlfriend? Is ‘King Ry’ Still Dating Andrea Celina & Do The Couple Have A Child?

Ryan Garcia Girlfriend
Ryan Garcia Girlfriend

Ryan Garcia fell just short against Gervonta Davis in their boxing super-fight on April 22 in Las Vegas. In the aftermath of the bout, fans want to know a bit more about ‘King Ry’ and his personal life. For example, who is Ryan Garcia’s girlfriend? Here is everything you need to know about the 24-year-old’s love life.

Who Is Ryan Garcia’s Girlfriend?

Now that the Gervonta Davis fight is done and the hype and pre-fight build up has settled, fans want to know a little more about the two fighters’ personal lives. First up, Ryan Garcia.

Not only are boxing fans eager to see ‘King Ry’ back in action in a few months time already, but they are curious to know who he is dating too. Here at SportsLens we can reveal that Ryan Garcia’s girlfriend is a woman called Andrea Celina.

The 24-year-old fighter’s rumored girlfriend, born in 1996, is a social media influencer who has amassed over 150,000 Instagram followers. She is also a fitness expert and fashionista, as well as having dabbled in modelling previously with various fashion labels.

Celina clearly has an incredibly successful career in her own right. The 26-year-old and her boxing boyfriend are not yet married or engaged. However, they have been in a relationship together for a long time. According to reports, the couple has been dating over a span of several years.

Garcia and Celina seem happily in love now judging by their posts on social media. They seem to want to keep their relationship more private with both having shied away living their personal life in the public eye.

Ryan Garcia and Drea Celina have a daughter named Bela, born in December 2020. It should be noted that even though this is Celina’s first child, it is not the first one for Garcia. The 23-0 superstar boxer also has another daughter who was born a year prior to his second child back in March 2019. She is called Rylie.

For now though, the couple seem happily in love and it should be noted that the duo are extremely close to each other. However, they have had some controversies in the past, much to the surprise of fans. More on that next.

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Ryan Garcia & Drea Celina Dating History

Ryan Garcia and Andrea Celina have been reportedly dating for roughly four years. In December 2020, the pair had their first child together. However, it hasn’t all been sunshine and rainbows for the couple. They have had controversies in the past with Garcia allegedly cheating on his baby mom.

Whilst Celina was heavily pregnant with Garcia’s child, ‘King Ry’ was caught kissing social media star Malu Trevejo outside of a restaurant in LA. This sparked outrage from Garcia’s girlfriend, and rightly so. However, is seems the pair worked out there difference, with the boxing king publicly apologising for his actions.

Just clearing some things I seen regarding Malu and Drea,” Garcia wrote in a now-deleted post on social media.

Andrea and I aren’t engaged but we were still trying to fix our relationship. Malu and I went there as friends and we got caught up in the moment but there isn’t anything there, I didn’t intend to hurt anyone.

This is my personal life and I’m not going to speak on this ever again.

Celina seemingly forgave her man for his actions, with the pair working their relationship out and continuing to date. The pair are parents to a child now and seem to be more in love now than they ever have been.

Andrea Celina gave ‘King Ry’ a second chance and the pair seem to be happier than ever together.

Ryan Garcias Girlfriend 1
Ryan Garcia & Girlfriend Andrea Celina

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It is great to see that Ryan Garcia seems to have his personal life in a good place now too. Not only is he winning inside the ring, but he seems to be winning outside of them too!

If you are interested in who Garcia’s former foe is dating, then check out our article on who Gervonta Davis’ girlfriend is.

For now though, it’s great to see that Ryan Garcia has both his life and career in tact. Boxing fans are excited to see ‘King Ry’ back in action this weekend in an attempt to secure his 24th professional boxing victory.

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