UFC Champion Israel Adesanya’s Ex-Girlfriend, Charlotte Powdrell, Wants Half His Net Worth

Israel Adesanya Ex Girlfriend
Israel Adesanya Ex Girlfriend

The UFC world is abuzz with a tumultuous legal battle brewing between Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya and his ex-girlfriend, Charlotte Powdrell. Powdrell has reportedly lodged a claim for half of Adesanya’s net worth, despite the couple never having been married or having children together. This shocking revelation came to light during a recent podcast episode by UFC bantamweight contender, Sean O’Malley.

Powdrell Claims Her and Adesanya “Dated Too Long and She Supported His Career”

Israel Adesanya, known for his meteoric rise from hardships in Africa to the pinnacle of UFC fame in New Zealand, is not one to shy away from confrontation, be it in the ring or the court. This time, it’s out of the octagon, where ex-girlfriend Charlotte Powdrell claims she’s entitled to half of Adesanya’s $6-$10 million net worth “because they dated too long and she supported his career.”

Notorious for his candid social media presence, Adesanya recently took to Instagram to voice his disapproval of Powdrell’s claim in a blistering series of posts.


In his posts, Adesanya vehemently denied Powdrell’s contribution to his career and financial success. He claimed that his ex-girlfriend cost him money rather than helping him make it. Adesanya, appearing unbothered by the impending legal action, left a message for Powdrell, stating, “I dare you to start your stupid campaign.”

Who is Charlotte Powdrell?


Charlotte Powdrell (pictured in the incorrectly captioned above tweet), a name recently thrust into the limelight, is a real estate agent by profession. She brings a unique blend of experience to her work, having previously served as a nurse before transitioning into the property industry. However, her connection to Adesanya adds a layer of complexity to her public persona.

Their relationship, once a private affair, came into public view after Adesanya’s victory over Robert Whittaker at UFC 243 in 2019. The couple split up in early 2020, with the reasons for their breakup remaining a mystery until Adesanya’s recent social media tirade.

Adesanya Now Dating Shana Evers

On a lighter note, Adesanya’s love life isn’t all court battles and public feuds. Currently, Adesanya is in a relationship with Australian model Shana Evers. The couple has garnered attention from the UFC community, with Evers drawing comparisons to renowned social media star Kim Kardashian.


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Evers, a successful entrepreneur and model, has made a name for herself through her swimsuit brand, Salt Gypsy, and her platform, Women in Meta. Their relationship began to blossom around September 2021, according to Adesanya’s Instagram activity.

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