Who Is Marlon Chito Vera’s Wife? UFC Veteran Is Married To Wife Maria & Has Three Children

Marlon Vera - Chito Vera UFC - (photo: IMAGN)
Marlon Vera - Chito Vera UFC - (photo: IMAGN)

As one of the longest serving active UFC fighters and a true UFC stalwart, MMA fans want to know a bit more about Marlon Vera and his personal life. For example, who is Chito Vera’s wife? Here is everything you need to know about the 31-year-old’s personal life.

Who Is Chito Vera’s Wife?

Although MMA fans get excited every time Marlon Vera steps foot in the UFC octagon, they are also curious as to who he is dating too. Here at SportsLens we can reveal that Chito Vera is married to his long-term partner – Maria Paulina Escobar.

The 31-year-old MMA fighter seems to have a happy family life, with his wife and their three children. Chito Vera’s wife Maria and he have been married for over a decade now, but it unknown exactly when the couple officially tied the knot.

Chito Vera’s wife Maria is a successful person in her own right, just like her UFC veteran husband. Maria Escobar is a social media influencer, regularly posting on Instagram. She seems very into her fashion and clothing, regularly posting about her latest wardrobe purchases.

Chito Vera’s wife Maria is also from Ecuador. This is likely how the pair met over a decade ago. It is unknown how the pair met exactly, but considering they are both from Ecuador, this is likely how they met, back in their home country.

The now reside in California in the US, living in a lovely home with the rest of their family. Just like her husband, Maria Escobar likes to maintain her fitness, and is very much into her health and diet.

The couple has been blessed with three children, with Maria giving birth to two daughters and son. It is great to see that not only is Marlon Chito Vera winning inside the octagon, but he is certainly winning outside of the cage too!

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Do Chito Vera & Maria Paulina Escobar Have Any Children?

Not only is Marlon Chito Vera a loving husband and partner, but he is a dad too. The Ecuadorian MMA phenom became a father back in 2011, and has since then grown a bigger family over the years.

Their first child is their eldest daughter, Ana Paula. Their second child was a boy this time who they called Jose Ignacio, born in 2015. Vera and Escobar’s third child, born in 2018, is their youngest daughter Eliana.

Vera and his wife Maria Escobar have been parents now for around 13 years. Their eldest child, Ana Paula, has a rare condition called mobius syndrome.

Back in 2016, Marlon Vera created a GoFundMe page for the procedure his eldest daughter needed, with approximately $19,000 being raised for the surgery to treat Ana Paula’s condition.

“It’s truly incredible, and it’s something that has brought me a lot of satisfaction. It has helped me become a better person; it’s helped me see the good side of the world,” said the former UFC Bantamweight Title challenger in an interview with MMA Fighting back in 2018.

The UFC stalwart added that seeing Ana Paula smile would be “the best thing that’s ever happened” to him. “It was a goal of mine and a goal of my wife’s, my son’s too, who wants to see his sister smile, so it was a family goal,” Vera added.

It is great to see that Chito Vera seems to have his personal life in a good place outside of the octagon with his loving family. Not only is he winning inside the cage, but he seems to be winning outside of it too!

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