Using Facts to Combat Stereotypes is Fun, Sulaiman Strikes Again, Ronaldo Talks and Walks, and more

Given that I’ve never gotten my driver’s license (and never will), I’ve become quite the advocate for public transportation over the years. I couldn’t make it without buses or taxis, and frankly, given that cars are so much of a hassle sometimes, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

More than gas prices, high payments, insurance costs, or the stupid thing breaking down on you, you can never count out the threat of getting it or certain parts of it stolen when you’re out and about (or even at home). If you’ve ever been afraid of going to Anfield for fear of having your hubcaps stolen, you might actually stand a better chance of getting them jacked at, say, the JJB, Reebok, City of Manchester Stadium, or Old Trafford.

Speaking of feeling ripped off, many a Liverpool fan might be feeling that way towards Robbie Keane half a season into his time at the club. As a result of his lack of scoring (and an apparent lack of confidence from his manager), Keane’s name has been at the top of the transfer speculation the last few days. The potential suitors don’t surprise me, but he still should be given time at Liverpool, I say.

It’s all still a little strange to me that we’ve had a transfer window go by without too many peeps coming from Chelsea, at least on the buying end.

Such silence from the Bridge has many wondering if Roman Abramovich is done with pumping millions into the club, or done with the club overall. So, naturally, the same guy who spearheaded the Manchester City takeover is looking to help knock Roman up a notch or two on the world’s rich list. A second-choice left back, an unhappy striker, and maybe at some point, a former manager, are one thing, but his club?

Chelsea have more things to worry about besides potential takeovers though, what with trying to remain in the title race. Thanks to Aston Villa picking up yet another away win on Tuesday, Chelsea are now in fourth pending the result of their Wednesday nighter against Middlesbrough.

As of now, they and the rest of the league are looking up at Manchester United, who have surged to the top despite a slew of injuries and not getting the best out of their best player on a regular basis thus far. Cristiano Ronaldo was quite the free kick master last season, and though this season has been a letdown, if you will, his confidence isn’t hurting. And right on cue, he nets twice to the finishing touches on a merciless beating of West Brom. Premier League great? How soon he jumps ship for Real Madrid will tell, but he’s on his way.

Manchester United’s FA Cup fifth round tie away to either Derby or Nottingham Forest will be broadcast on ITV, with the match set for a late afternoon kickoff on the 15th of next month. ITV will also be broadcasting a potential upset in Swansea-Fulham, which will be a 12:45 kickoff on Valentine’s Day. How considerate, right?

In between his time managing Derby and Nottingham Forest, Brian Clough had a short, unsuccessful stint at Leeds United, and one of the hottest topics right now is the trailer for the upcoming movie The Damned United, based on the book that’s based on Clough’s ill-fated tenure at Leeds. Should we prepare ourselves for a letdown?

Speaking of books that may soon be making their way to the big screen, our resident Internet celebrity appears to have gotten a little full of himself what with having had a big hand in uncovering the Masal Bugduv hoax. I’ve already gotten an advance copy of the manuscript, it’s got classic written all over it. A bit short though!

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