Roman Calls in a Favor, Sven to Settle on the South Coast, Manchester City 2-0 Italy, and more

As you could expect, Tuesday’s headlines were dominated by news and rumors from Stamford Bridge. Looking for a resolution already? There just might be one within the next few days.

So, who’s going to take over at Chelsea? Aston Villa fans can rest easy for now, though one of the big guns could come a-calling for Martin O’Neill in a few years. But, the vacancy has actually already been filled, at least for a short time. Well, it’s not official yet, but is he really going to say no?

Things could have been a little different for Luiz Felipe Scolari right now if one decision had gone Chelsea’s way on Saturday. Prolonging the misery, perhaps?

It’s not too healthy to be a Premier League fan right now. Chelsea’s home form has given their fans a headache, Liverpool have given theirs a couple of heart attacks in the last week-plus, and Emmanuel Eboue is likely inciting homicidal tendencies in at least a few Arsenal fans.

bNo one’s really bothering to talk much about the opening at Portsmouth, what with all of the craziness going on at Chelsea, but it appears that a face we all know (and some of us love) is in the frame to take over for Tony Adams.

The big clubs get all of the headlines, but it’s nice to hear a lower-league success story sometimes.

Oh, there was some football on Tuesday! Brazil beat Italy at the Emirates, with both goals coming from Premier League-based players. Did the match live up to your expectations, or was it a letdown?

The managerial sackings seem to have taken some of the focus off of that one and off of Wednesday’s showdown in Seville between Spain and England. Spain may be the favorite, and it may just be a friendly, but don’t say either to Fabio Capello.

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