Dillon Danis Net Worth, Career Earnings & Endorsement Deals: Danis Boasts $3 Million Fortune

Dillon Danis
Dillon Danis

Here at SportsLens, we have decided to take an in-depth look at Dillon Danis’ career. Below, we’ll break down Dillon Danis’ net worth, career earnings and his endorsement deals. It’s safe to say that ‘El Jefe’ is one rich man!

Dillon Danis Net Worth

Dillon Danis has made a name for himself as an incredibly popular figure through social media, as well as through MMA and now boxing.

Over the last few years, Dillon Danis has ventured away from professional MMA and more into the world of celebrity boxing and crossover sports events. Having fought once in the ring against bitter rival Logan Paul, Danis has now turned his attention back to MMA in the hope of securing a UFC contract.

Danis has taken to Instagram of late, calling for UFC President Dana White to sign him. Danis is a well-known name in MMA circles of course, having shared numerous sparring sessions and training days with the likes of Conor McGregor and two-division UFC champion Alex Pereira.


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As of today, Dillon Danis’ net worth is an estimated $3 million (source: The US Sun).

The four-time grappling world champion is an extremely well known figure in the sporting world, having been a long-term friend of UFC star Conor McGregor. Danis and McGregor have shared hundreds of rounds of sparring over the years.

Danis hasn’t fought in MMA since back in June 2019. Although Danis hasn’t fought in over four years, he has continued to earn a tidy sum of money outside of the octagon. He could begin to earn once again inside the octagon too, if he is given a UFC contract this year.

Dillon Danis’ social media is said to be a huge source of income for him. He boasts over 4.5 million followers on Instagram now, and almost 1 million on Twitter. Recently, Danis is said to have had around a 2 billion reach on his tweets around the Logan Paul fight, which itself brings in a lot of cash for him.

More on Danis’ career earnings and endorsement deals next.

Dillon Danis Career Earnings

In terms of career earnings, it’s fair to say that Dillon Danis has earned his fair share of cash over the years. Although he has had just two professional MMA fights, winning both via submission, he has earned money through various other revenue streams.

Most of Danis’ success can be attributed to MMA and his career in Bellator. As previously mentioned, Danis still has two fights left on his contract and has every intention of fulfilling his contractual obligations. Unless of course he signs for the UFC instead.

It is unknown the exact figure that Danis has earned throughout his career. Of course, he will have received thousands of dollars for his two MMA fights in Bellator, as well as a flat fee for his initial contract too.

Despite only having two MMA fights and one boxing fight, Dillon Danis did earn a huge paycheque for his sole boxing match versus Logan Paul back in October 2023. Danis himself revealed in an interview with Piers Morgan that he pocketed somewhere in the region of $1 million+ for the Paul fight.

In a Full Send podcast show prior to the bout, Danis revealed that his purse is far more than almost any UFC fighter in the world apart from the likes of Jon Jones, Conor McGregor, Israel Adesanya or Islam Makhachev.

All in all, it is unknown the exact figure Dillon Danis has earned throughout his career. However, do not be surprised to learn if it is multi-millions.

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Dillon Danis Endorsement Deals


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Another reason that Dillon Danis has a net worth of $3 million+ is the fact he has various sponsors.

Despite only having two MMA fights and one boxing fight to date, Danis has been backed by several sponsors over the years. One of his main sponsors is Duelbits. Duelbits is a sports casino and bitcoin & crypto betting site who have been backing Danis for several years.

However, Danis’ biggest endorsement deal came from his initial contract with Bellator back in 2018. It isn’t public knowledge exactly how much the contract was worth, but it is said to be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Danis has had just two of his four contracted fights in Bellator, pocketed somewhere in the region of $100,000 for the two fights. He will have also been paid a lump sum for signing with Bellator back in 2018, as he was already well known as Conor McGregor’s sparring partner and was a big name in MMA circles.

All in all, Dillon Danis earns a huge sum of money through his sponsors and endorsement deals. He is extremely popular and well known, whether you like him or not. This in turn appeals to sponsors who will want to get on board the Dillon Danis hype-train.

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