Dana White Net Worth, Career Earnings, Business Ventures & Personal Life: How Much Is The UFC President Worth?

Dana White Net Worth
Dana White Net Worth

Here at SportsLens, we have decided to take an in-depth look at the career of UFC President Dana White. This includes his net worth, career earnings, business ventures and details of his personal life.

Dana White Net Worth Estimated At $500 Million

Here at SportsLens we have decided to take an in-depth look at Dana White’s net worth, career earnings, business ventures and his personal life. Having scoured the internet and gathered information from various sources, we can confirm that Dana White’s net worth is estimated to be a minimum of $500 million.

The 54-year-old is worth an absolute fortune and is one of the biggest names in the sport of MMA. This is ironic, given the fact he isn’t a fighter. However, when talking about MMA, Dana White is arguably the biggest name in the entire world. At the end of the day, he is the President and CEO of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Wikipedia now estimates his net worth to be at least $500 million, based on his lifetime earnings. This comes as no surprise, given the rapid growth and popularity of the UFC. In the 30 years of it’s existence, the UFC has become the single biggest organisation in MMA.

Not only that, but UFC regularly competes with the sport of boxing in terms of pay-per-view numbers, gate revenue and fans. Some people would even argue that the UFC has surpassed boxing all together. This is not totally, but majorly, down to Dana White.

Dana White net worth figure per wikipedia.org

Dana White Real Estate, Cars, Art & Antique Collection

Another reason Dana White has a net worth of over half-a-billion-dollars is down to his portfolio of real estate, cars and art. Not to mention his own private jet worth around $90 million. White is said to live in a mansion in Pine Island Court, Las Vegas, Nevada.

He bought the mansion back in 2006 for $1.95 million from Frank Fertitta III. More recently in 2016/17, the UFC President bought three other mansions in the same area for a combined total of around $6.2 million.

His car collection is also incredible. White has over ten super cars, including the likes of a custom $300,000 Mercedes Maybach van wrapped in Howler Head Whiskey logos, 1969 Chevy Camaro, 1969 Ford Bronco, 1971 Plymouth Barracuda, custom Harley Davidson , two Ferrari’s, two BMW M6s, Ducati & MV Augusta motorcycle and a Land Rover Defender V8.

In terms of art and antiques, Dana White is the sole owner of a set of 16th-century Samurai armour. He also owns an entire skull of a saber tooth tiger valued at roughly $350k. His most expensive piece of art is a Nobuyoshi Araki photograph, which he acquired for around $1.2 million.

On top of his own personal real estate, White of course owns a lot of commercial real estate too. The UFC‘s 130,000-square-foot headquarters, UFC Apex, (see picture below) in Las Vegas, Nevada, is worth an estimated $52.5 million (source: ESPN/UFC).

The 1969-born businessman also plans on building a hotel on the UFC’s property, right across from the UFC Performance Institute. This will in turn save them money on accommodation costs for fighters.

Dana White real estate, cars, art and antique portfolio per moneymade.io

UFC Headquarters UFC Apex - Las Vegas, Nevada
UFC Headquarters UFC Apex – Las Vegas, Nevada

Dana White Career Earnings

Ever since Dana White acquired the UFC and became the President and CEO, he has gradually earned more money. This is of course thanks to the growing popularity of MMA all around the world, with the UFC seen as the pinnacle of the sport of mixed martial arts.

As the CEO and President, Dana White understandably takes a cut of the UFC’s profits each year as a salary. Of course, this varies based on how well his events perform throughout the year and the revenue they generate.

As of today, it is estimated that Dana White takes home a salary of around $20 million per-annum just from the UFC. He has made millions upon millions over the years, which all started when he was working as a manager for MMA fighters Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz.

Whilst working as their manager, White met Bob Meyrowitz, the owner of Semaphore Entertainment Group, the then-parent company of the UFC. It turned out Meyrowitz was looking to sell the UFC, which is when White contacted Lorenzo Fertitta to see if he was interested in buying. In turn, he did and alongside his brother Frank, they acquired the UFC for $2 million – installing white as the company’s president.

Over a length period of time, the UFC developed into a highly successful business, with gross revenue of $600 million back in 2015. That figure will have likely grown even more since, with White as the president. In July 2016, Zuffa, the umbrella owner of the UFC, was sold to a consortium of investors led by WME-IMG for $4.025 billion. White owned 9% of the company at the time of the sale.

More recently, in 2019, White signed a new sever-year contract to remain the president of the UFC, with his company in turn signing a deal with ESPN. On top of that, earlier this year in April 2023, Endeavor (re-named from WME-IMG) announced popular professional wrestling company WWE merge with the UFC to form a new public company.

Is it any wonder Dana White is a multi-millionaire and worth more than half-a-billion-dollars? Fair play to him. He has evidently worked extremely hard to get to where he is today.

Dana White career earnings info per wikipedia.org

Dana White Business Ventures

Dana White UFC

Another reason that Dana White has a net worth of $500 million and has stratospheric career earnings is due to the fact he has multiple business ventures. Given his immense success as a businessman and entrepreneur, the 54-year-old is one extremely rich man.

Alongside the UFC, Dana White has several other business ventures. In 2022, White set up Power Slap – a slap fighting competition that debuted in January 2023. It has had it’s fair share of controversy, but is sure to be another lucrative earner for the UFC kingpin.

White also announced in May 2017 that he would host a show called ‘Dana White’s Contender Series’. The programme allows up-and-coming fighters the chance to showcase their talents in hopes of one day fighting in the UFC.

In a previous interview when asked about his extreme wealth and success as a businessman, White said:  “I’m a guy who did exactly what he wanted to do. When you do that, the money follows.”

Dana White Personal Life

Away from his career and life as an entrepreneur, Dana White is a married man with three children. White met his wife Anne Stella when they were in eighth grade, before tying the knot back in 1996. Together they have two sons and a daughter.

In terms of interests, White is a big music fan, as well as following the New England Patriots in the NFL since his childhood. His favourite band are the Beastie Boys. White owns a hand-signed guitar by all three members of the band in his office.

The UFC president was originally raised a Catholic as a child, but now admits to being an atheist. In terms of politics, it is no secret that White is a big advocate of Donald trump. This is down to the fact that Trump supposedly helped the UFC at its beginnings.

Trump allowed White to host its first event under Zuffa ownership at the Trump Taj Mahal. White said, “No arenas wanted us. This guy reached out, and he’s always been a friend to me.” White reiterated his support for Trump for the 2020 election and spoke at the podium at a Trump re-election rally in Colorado.

This is a short summary of Dana White’s life. He is an extremely successful businessman, who has climbed the corporate ladder all the way to the very top. The UFC are one of the biggest sporting brands in the world now, partly down to White himself.

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