Jon Jones Net Worth, Career Earnings, Biggest Fight Purses & Endorsement Deals: ‘Bones’ Sits On $15 Million Fortune

Jon Jones UFC 4
Jon Jones UFC 4

Now that he is the UFC Heavyweight Champion and is widely regarded as the best MMA fighter of all time, we have decided to take a look at Jon Jones’ net worth. Read on to find out the net worth, career earnings and endorsement deals of ‘Bones’.

Jon Jones Net Worth

Jon Jones became the UFC Heavyweight Champion back in March 2023, dismantling Ciryl Gane in the very first round of their title bout at UFC 285. Jones thus became a two-weight UFC champion in the aftermath of his one round demolition job of Gane in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In the aftermath of the fight, here at SportsLens we have decided to take a deep dive into the career earnings and net worth of Jon Jones. It’s fair to say that the 35-year-old has made quite a few dollar in his career so far and won’t be worrying about his bank balance anytime soon!

As of today, Jon Jones’ net worth is said to be around $15 million (source: Essentially Sports). The Albuquerque, New Mexico man has been a huge name for the best part of 15 years now since making his UFC debut back in 2008.

Jones won the UFC Light-Heavyweight Title back in 2011 when he beat Shogun Rua via TKO in Round 3 in his first bout for UFC gold. Since then, Jones has had 15 more title fights in the UFC, winning them all. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest mixed martial artists to ever step foot inside an octagon.

The majority of Jones’ income comes from MMA and his incredible career in the UFC. Of course, he is a huge name and is a recognisable figure, with various different sponsors on board with Jon Jones. More on Jones’ endorsement deals a little later.

He has earned million and millions of dollars in his career and his net worth will continue to grow at a rapid rate if he continues to be successful in the octagon. Jones is without a doubt the best mixed martial artist the world has ever seen.

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Jon Jones Career Earnings

Jon Jones has been a professional MMA fighter since he made his debut back in 2008 on the undercard of a FFP: Untamed 20 undercard in Massachusetts. Jones had an incredible seven fights in his opening year as a pro MMA fighter, with the last of them being his debut in the UFC.

The 1987-born MMA superstar has seemingly earned more and more money as his career has progressed. The biggest pay-out he has received was in fact his headline fight in March 2023 at UFC 285. Jones reportedly earned a whopping $6.1 million all in. This includes a base salary of $3 million, with another $3.1m in add-ons such as pay-per-view money and the gate revenue (source: Sports Payouts).

The second biggest paycheque of Jones’ career to date came back at UFC 214 in his rematch with bitter rival Daniel Cormier back in 2017. He supposedly earned somewhere in the region of $2 million for that fight, which is the second largest purse of his UFC career so far.

With his long and successful career in the UFC, this means that Jon Jones’ total career earnings inside the octagon equates to roughly $23 million (source: Essentially Sports). This is far lower than a lot of other fighters in the UFC such as Conor McGregor, Khabib Nurmagomedov and George St-Pierre to name but a few.

However, now that Jones is campaigning up at heavyweight, his paycheques will massively inflate. The fact he is now a two-weight UFC champion as well stands him in good stead going forward, meaning he will continue to earn millions of dollars in the ‘money’ division as a UFC heavyweight.

Jon Jones UFC Fight Purses (Last 10):

Fight Fight Purse
Jones vs Gane – UFC 285 $6.1 million
Jones vs Reyes – UFC 247 $540,000
Jones vs Santos – UFC 239 $540,000
Jones vs Smith – UFC 235 $540,000
Jones vs Gustafsson 2 – UFC 232 $1.2 million
Jones vs Cormier 2 – UFC 214 $2 million
Jones vs Saint Preux – UFC 197 $530,000
Jones vs Cormier – UFC 182 $550,000
Jones vs Teixeira – UFC 172 $400,000
Jones vs Gustafsson – UFC 165 $450,000

Jon Jones purse info per The Sports Daily

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Jon Jones Endorsement Deals & Sponsorships

Jon Jones UFC 2

Although the vast majority of Jon Jones’ earnings comes from prize fighting, he also earns millions of dollar outside of the octagon too. These vast sponsorships deals from outside of the cage are a big player in boosting Bones’ net worth and salary.

The reigning UFC Heavyweight Champion has signed a number of deals in the past to endorse companies, with Reebok, Nike, GAT Supplements, Monster Energy and Gatorade ranking among the most prestigious of his sponsors.

As of today, Jones’ is still endorsed by the majority of these companies, but has since cut ties with Reebok and Nike.

Reebok terminated the deal with ‘Bones’ after his hit-and-run case a few years ago. Similarly, Nike’s deal with Jones was officially terminated after Jones’ brawl with Daniel Cormier. However, Jones maintained that Nike didn’t drop him and in fact wanted to keep him on board for the remainder of the contract, but it was his decision to discontinue.

The greatest mixed martial artist of all time may have had a few sponsors pull away from him, but he still earns a tidy sum of money outside of the octagon with his current sponsors.

All in all, Jon Jones’ vast sponsorship deals certainly help boosts his net worth. Ultimately though it is punching people in the face for a living that pays ‘Bones’ his biggest purses.

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