Detroit Lions Legend Calvin Johnson Says Their Relationship Is “Trending Up”

Calv Johnson
Calv Johnson

The Detroit Lions and legend Calvin Johnson seem to be making progress mending their relationship, after a previous issue weakened it. 

Speaking in an interview with the New York Post, Calvin Johnson has revealed that almost eight years after his stunning retirement that his relationship with the Lions is “trending up”.

“We’re trending up. We’re trying to come together and make something happen.

“Obviously, I’d love to be around the team and do more things there and help the guys out. It’s good that we’re moving in the right direction.”

Johnson was with the Lions through his entire NFL career, and dramatically retired at the age of just 32. He stepped away due to a combination of concerns about his body and doubts that the Lions could compete for a championship.

The issue was that Detroit recouped $1.6 million of Johnson’s signing bonus following his retirement, and for years after Johnson pushed for the team to pay him back. The Lions reportedly sent a proposal to their former player in 2021 to pay him back what they owed across three years in exchange for 28 hours a year of work for the team. Including five hours at a game where they could induct Johnson’s No. 81 jersey into their Pride of the Lions. He’s also an NFL Hall of Famer as of 2021.

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