NFL Draft 2023: Will Levis’ Sister, Kelley Levis Emerges as Unlikely Star Amid Brother’s Slide Out of First Round

kelley levis
kelley levis

Despite a disappointing outcome for Kentucky quarterback Will Levis, his sister Kelley Levis emerged as the big winner of the 2023 NFL Draft’s first round. Social media buzzed with excitement around Kelley as her brother anxiously waited for his name to be called, which ultimately never happened in the first round.

Kelley Levis the Big Winner of the First Round of the 2023 NFL Draft

Will Levis, a talented quarterback from Kentucky, was projected to be a first-round pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. However, as the night unfolded, it became clear that he wouldn’t hear his name called in the initial round. While this could have cast a shadow over the evening, the spotlight shifted to his sister Kelley Levis, who quickly gained attention on social media.

ESPN’s coverage of the event featured Kelley alongside her brother, sparking a flurry of tweets from captivated viewers. One fan tweeted, “On the bright side at least we get to see more of Will Levis’s sisters tomorrow.”

Kelley Levis’ Instagram Followers About to Skyrocket

Kelley’s newfound fame brought a significant increase in followers and engagement on her Instagram profile, where she has posted several stunning pictures.


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Not only did Kelley’s social media following skyrocket, but her photos also gained considerable attention. As the NFL Draft continued, Kelley’s presence on social media grew stronger, and she continued to go viral, much to the delight of her newfound admirers.

While Kelley basked in the limelight, Will remained on the board late into the first round, leaving many wondering when he would be picked.


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Levis Family Tradition of Going Viral Continues

The Levis family’s knack for going viral is nothing new. Earlier this year, the quarterback made headlines for his unusual coffee concoction—adding mayonnaise instead of cream and sugar. This strange choice resulted from a lighthearted conversation with his girlfriend during breakfast, and it quickly gained traction online.

As the first round of the 2023 NFL Draft came to a close, viewers eagerly awaited the moment when Will Levis would finally be drafted. With the cameras ready to capture the family’s reaction, Kelley’s popularity seemed poised to reach even greater heights.

Despite his unexpected slide out of the first round, Will Levis can take comfort in knowing that his family, especially his sister Kelley, received plenty of positive attention during the event. Fans and viewers alike will be keeping a close eye on the Levis family as the NFL Draft continues, with many hoping to see Will’s name called soon.

In the meantime, Kelley Levis continues to bask in her newfound fame, revealing that maybe sometimes the biggest winners are not those drafted but their loved ones who find themselves in the spotlight.

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