The LA Rams Will Make Their First 1st Round Pick Since 2016 This Year

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rsz mcvay rams 2048x1365 1

Assuming that they hold on to the pick, the Los Angeles Rams will be making the 19th overall selection during the 2024 NFL Draft. It will be territory unfamiliar to the franchise in recent memory, as it will be the first time in many years that they will make a pick in the first round.

What Have The Rams Gotten In Exchange For Their Picks?

Los Angeles has been known for forfeiting the rights to their first round selections in recent years. In order to bring in big name players via trades, they gave up every first round pick that they’ve possessed from 2017 until 2023, making 2024 the first time that they’ve selected within the first 32 since 2016.

The last player that the Rams selected in the first round was Jared Goff. Here are the picks that have been traded away since:

2017 (5th overall)

The pick was traded a year earlier, as the Rams used the future selection in order to move up and choose Goff first overall in 2016. The 5th overall pick was used by the Tennessee Titans on wide receiver Corey Davis.

2018 (23rd overall)

The Rams traded the rights to their first rounder in 2018 to the Patriots a few weeks ahead of the draft. Brandin Cooks was what they received in return, and he played a big role in the team’s run to the Super Bowl in 2018. New England selected offensive tackle Isaiah Wynn with the pick.

2019 (31st overall)

This was a simple trade down that saw the Rams pick up second and third round selections in the process. In the end, they gave the up rights for the Falcons to draft offensive tackle Caleb McGary and drafted two cornerbacks who are no longer with the franchise.

2020 (20th overall) & 2021 (25th overall)

In a blockbuster move that bolstered their defense, the Rams traded away two first rounders to the Jaguars for the services of elite cornerback Jalen Ramsey. In turn, Jacksonville drafted K’Lavon Chaisson and Travis Etienne in consecutive years.

2022 (32nd overall) & 2023 (6th overall)

These are the two picks that were packaged with Jared Goff when they traded him to Detroit in exchange for Matthew Stafford. The trade appeared to ultimately work out for both teams, as Stafford won w Super Bowl and the Lions are still building around Goff.

Detroit didn’t keep either selection. The 2022 pick was traded to the Vikings, who picked safety Lewis Cine, and the 2023 pick went to the Cardinals, who selected Paris Johnson Jr.

Will LA Stay Put In The First Round In 2024?

There is still a chance that the Rams move out of the first round yet again. We still have a couple of weeks before draft night, and anything is possible when it comes to Sean McVay and company when it comes to valuable picks. But there aren’t any teams in the NFL that own more picks for the upcoming selection process, as the Rams are tied for the most with 11. Four of them will come within the first 100,

Los Angeles could be a team to watch for a trade up, given their bounty of assets. But it may not be into the top-10, as many of the teams vying for the top picks are those hungry for quarterbacks and wide receivers. The Rams appear to be set at least for the time being at those two positions, though they could look to move up a few spots to nab a player that they don’t believe will drop to the late teens

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