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Danny Brooks a Household Name After 5000/1 Bet Backing Leicester City Pays Out



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When you place a bet on your favourite football team to win the Premier League, you certainly don’t expect to go down in history for it, especially if said team has never won, and barely come close to winning the title for all of forever. Danny Brooks, 37, from Leicester, certainly didn’t expect to become a household name when he decided to try his luck in the local betting shop one Saturday morning in August of last year.

Just a Regular Saturday Morning

A Leicester fan all of his life, Danny had practically given up on his team ever winning the league, but as a loyal and dedicated fan, continued to support them anyway. When he saw that the odds on Leicester winning the league were placed at a whopping 5000/1 at the bookies, he couldn’t help but laugh as he wondered what harm would it do if he were to put a £20 bet on and hope for the best.

Needless to say, Danny left the bookies that morning thinking that he was £20 poorer, and as he got to his car, he wondered what he’d be able to do with the winnings if Leicester managed to defy the odds. As he looked at the betting slip he had a little chuckle to himself, deciding that his hopes of becoming thousands of pounds richer were nothing but a nice dream, but looking forward to each game that he watched from then on being that little bit more exciting.

Disaster Strikes

But, disaster struck for Danny, who still doesn’t know that he is £100,000 richer after Leicester managed to do what nobody was expecting and come home with the Premier League trophy. On his way home from the bookies, Danny’s luck took a turn for the worst, and he collided with an oncoming lorry which had veered out of control on the M69, sending his car spinning across the carriageway into a nearby ditch where he was quickly attended to by paramedics. Although Danny suffered from some severe injuries, quick medical attention saved his life, but sadly, he is currently in a coma, blissfully unaware of the events that he has missed both leading up to and after his beloved Leicester team defied all odds to take home the winning title in the Premier League.

Leicester Defy the Odds

On May 2nd, 2016, Leicester became the reigning champions of the Premier League, scooping a title that nobody ever envisioned would ever be theirs. With bets laid out at 5000/1, bookmakers everywhere had definitely not expected this to happen, and there was chaos on the betting scene as Leicester fans everywhere tried to cash in their huge winnings, many of which the bookies simply hadn’t been prepared to pay. This season, bookies are still reeling from Leicester’s win and their huge loss, and 5000/1 odds are now a thing of the past, with the 2015/16 Premier League proving that absolutely anything can happen. But, this season, Danny’s £100,000 richer and has become a bit of a household name after his bad luck on the M69 turned into the best luck of his life on May 2nd.

Will Danny Bet Again?

Currently, Danny is still in the hospital, and still unaware of Leicester’s miraculous triumph or the fact that the betting slip that’s currently still in his wallet is about to make all his wildest dreams come true. However, doctors say that he is making progress, and is expected to eventually make a full recovery and soon be able to cash in his winning slip just when bookies think that they’re finally getting over the shellshock that was a Leicester win. Will Danny be well enough to place another bet at huge odds this season? Nobody knows. But, when he wakes up, he’ll probably be backing Leicester again – after all, they’ve made him a rich man once before, so who says that they can’t do it again!

Hopeful punters everywhere placed bets of anything from £1-£50 on the massive 5000/1 odds for Leicester winning the league, and it paid off handsomely. Did you bet on Leicester winning the 2015/16 Premier League? Or, do you know somebody who did, and won a fair amount in return? We’d love to hear from you – leave your response in the comments below!