Daily News Roundup: 17 April 2007

A quick look at today’s headlines as we wait for Arsenal to go 3rd and for United to go 6 points clear later tonight.

You might want to look at the Arsenal v Manchester City preview, which Myles does a pretty good job of compiling.

Sticking with the Arsenal theme, I can’t help but notice that some people tend to defend the team to the death when ‘outsiders’ point at potential problems, but when those problems become very real they turn around and start feeling sorry for themselves (and call it analysis).

What does that remind you of?

News Headlines

  1. John Terry reveals that contract talks between him, Lampard and Chelsea are stalled. Apparently it’s to do with Terry and Lampard asking for terms to match what Shevchenko / Ballack are getting (or probably more) and Chelsea aren’t playing ball yet.

    Chelsea would be absolutely shit-crazy to let either Lampard or Terry go. Then again, you’d be batshit crazy to pick a fight with your own manager when he’s delivered two Premierships to you and turned your team into an nearly-unbeatable squad.

  2. John Terry also says that Ronaldo is the best in the world. But you didn’t need JT to tell that to you, did you?

    I wonder what Steven Gerrard says…

  3. A quick look at the cards situation in the Champions League. I’ll also update the relevant posts later on.
  4. Oh, and, Manchester United are half-way through to winning a record 10th FA Youth Cup after Manchester United’s youth side took a 2-1 lead at Anfield in the first leg of the final. David Ornstein from the Guardian has the full story.
  5. Sad to see Duff’s season be over due to injuries. Something has to be done about Newcastle’s record of so many injuries…

Transfer News

  1. Aston Villa’s Juan Pablo Angel is rumoured to moving to New York Red Bulls. Could be the first of this season’s clearout at Aston Villa – not that there are many players there to begin with.
  2. Steve Sidwell will move this summer, but where to? Newcastle, or somewhere else?
  3. Fernando Torres is loyal to Atletico Madrid and wants to play there for the rest of his life. He’s insistent. Will everyone please stop talking about United moving for Torres? We can so easily bag Tevez or Ashton from West Ham when they go back to the Championship…
  4. Speaking of Manchester United, here’s one news that might get your fancy – the Daily Mirror reports that Pedersen (Gamst) of Blackburn Rovers has an 8m buyout clause in his contract, and that Manchester United might move for him instead of Nani.

    I sure wouldn’t mind – Pedersen will bring plenty of experience to the side and has the pace and skill to shine at Old Trafford.

Oddball Stuff

  1. The Offside reports that LA Galaxy is due to win the title this season (even though David Beckham will join them half way through).
  2. Moritz Voltz tries his hand at humour as he puts out a bluffer’s guide for playing in the Premiership.

Soccerlens Coverage

  1. Shevchenko misses, turns around, runs into a bloke and falls over
  2. Manchester United’s 2007 Asia tour dates
  3. The 2007 Player of the Year is Ronaldo, The 2007 Young Player of the Year is Ronaldo
  4. Why are you a football fan?
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