What do you get when you give a Newcastle fan a blog?

How do you introduce a new blog about a club you enjoy making fun off?

Luckily I haven’t started a Tottenham blog, so there’s still time left to answer that question 🙂

However, if you happen to be a Newcastle fan and especially if you want to read unbiased analysis of the latest news about Newcastle, well, you’ve come to the wrong place.

You should be at the special Newcastle United blog, written by our very own Ed Harrison. Today he’s a bit depressed at Woodgate signing for Middlesbrough (first option, Ed, nothing Newcastle could have done about it once he had come to Boro on loan) and with Oguchi Onyewu probably not being kept by Roeder, Newcastle’s defensive problems could continue deep into the summer, and possibly into next season.

But don’t complain about that here. Go to the Newcastle United blog.