The Premier League Season of Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah

mohamed salah goal celebration
mohamed salah goal celebration

Throughout the season, Tottenham’s Harry Kane, Manchester United’s Romelu Lukaku, Chelsea’s Álvaro Morata and Burnley’s Chris Wood have taken turns at the top of the Most Valuable Offensive Players’ (MVOP) rankings. Yet, it seems newcomer to the top, Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah will have the last laugh.

If the Premier League season ended today, Mohamed Salah would already have a season for the ages.  He has already broken the EPL record for most matches scored in during an EPL season at 22. It also seems like a foregone conclusion that Salah will break the record for most goals scored in a season. He has scored 30 goals while the record stands at 31.

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Salah has separated himself from the rest of the pack in the MVOP rankings. As you can see from the chart below, based on the performances of the players over the last 4 full matchdays, we don’t predict anyone catching him in the remaining 4 matchdays. Then again, anything can happen.

The Premier League Season of Liverpool's Mohamed Salah

Besides Mohamed Salah’s success, Manchester City is set to become the first team in the MVOP rankings’ history to finish the season with 4 players in the top 15. This seems fitting for a squad that has thoroughly dominated its opponents for most of the season.


34 matchdays have come to pass this season, and the most popular starting formation in the Premier League continues to be 4-2-3-1. Using this formation, we have determined the most valuable starting squad in the EPL (excluding goalies).

The Premier League Season of Liverpool's Mohamed Salah

Only two changes occurred to the most valuable squad since Matchday 30. Tottenham’s streaking star, Christian Eriksen entered the squad as a winger. Chelsea centre-back César Azpilicueta also entered the squad for the first time since Matchday 22.

Several positions in the starting squad are up for grabs starting with the top. Lukaku is only 0.05 points behind Kane heading into the final stretch and is on pace to surpass him by season’s end. Liverpool’s Emre Can’s and Azpilicueta’s leads at their respective positions are shaky as well.

It will be exciting to see which players survive to make the cut in the final squad.

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