Tampa Bay Running Back Rachaad White Aiming To Exceed 1,000 Rushing Yards In 2024

Rashaad White
Rashaad White

Tampa Bay running back Rachaad White is aiming to exceed 1,000 rushing yards this season, after finishing just shy of the mark last year by 10 yards. 

Rachaad White’s High Hopes For 2024

Rachaad White finished last season on 990 rushing yards for the Buccaneers, but next season he is aiming to just get ‘well over’ over the 1,000 rushing yard line.

Speaking ahead of the upcoming 2024 season, White highlighted the poor rushing stats in Tampa Bay over the last decade, even when the Buccaneers made the Super Bowl.

“Obviously, my goal is to do whatever I can to help the team win,” White said.

“We’ve been last, or 25th to last [in rushing yards] the past five or six years — I mean, even with the Super Bowl. When it comes to rushing, Tampa Bay has been down bad. My goal, and what I expect me to do, is turn that around, and that’s to be top-10 to top-15, top-12, at the minimum.”

“Obviously, there’s not been a 1,000-yard rusher here in, like, what, nine years, and obviously, I was 10 yards short of that last year. So I’m a make sure I’m not nearby short of that this year and go well over that 1,000 yards.”

The last Tampa Bay running back to achieve 1,000 rushing yards in a single season was Doug Martin, but since his impressive 2015 campaign, nobody has got near his 1,402 yards.

Rachaad White has improved in each of his two years in the NFL, after picking up just 481 yards in his first season in the league followed by 990 in 2023.

With more improvement on the cards heading into his third year, there is definitely a chance White can get close to Doug Martin’s high mark from 2015, or even to the franchise record which is currently held by James Wilder at 1,544 yards.

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