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Think you know the Premier League? Of course you do. Everyone does. But now you have the chance to prove it, by playing the Soccerlens Fantasy Football Game. There are plenty of fantasy football games out there, but here are five very good reasons why you should play this one:

  • 1. You can afford any player. Just like Roberto Mancini at Man City. This is because the Soccerlens Fantasy Football Game isn’t like most fantasy games, where you have a budget and each player has an arbitrary (and usually inaccurate) value. You just identify the players you want and you put them in your starting XI. It’s putting the fantasy back into fantasy football.

    You can also change your lineup every week, just like Rafa Benitez used to. The one limitation to your line-up is that you can select only two players from each Premier League team. Read the complete Soccerlens Fantasy Football Game Rules for more details, including the very straightforward scoring system.

  • 2. You always have something to play for. Your fantasy football team will compete in a mini-league of up to 11 teams, with a winner declared after each match day. So rather than yours being one team in thousands and your league position being “4,327th, so not bad” and you losing interest halfway through the season (admit it, that’s happened), each week you’ll be finishing somewhere between 1st and 11th. You can either create a league with up to 10 friends or enter a randomly generated league.
  • 3. You can banter with rival team managers. Each mini-league has a chat window, so you can trade witty comments/insults with opposing gaffers. You can even banter away while watching your points update in real time on Premier League match days. Though we recommend doing this when you’re nearer the top of the league than the bottom. Especially because…
  • 4. You can win money. There are four levels of playing the game. Practice, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The Practice version is free, and you play for nothing but pride. The Silver version costs $4.99 to enter, and you win $40 for topping your league. Gold costs $9.99, and you win $80, while Platinum costs $24.99 and you win $200. There’s also prize money for finishing second and third. The level of play you want to enter all depends on how confident you are in your managerial skills.

    If Bryan Robson is reading this, I suggest Practice. Sir Alex, you go Platinum. The sweet part is that the prize money comes from the entry fees of the other players in your league, so you can literally take other people’s money using your football knowledge.

  • 5. You can take it anywhere with you. Seriously. The Fantasy Football Mobile App is available for both iPhone and Android, and will allow you to manage your team on the go. Because being a football manager is a 24/7 job.

fantasy football sample team

The Premier League kicks off August 14th. That’s less than 10 days away, so what are you waiting for? Now’s the time to sign up for the Soccerlens Fantasy Football Game and pick your team.

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