Soccerlens Fantasy Football Week Three Preview: Preying on the Weak

In my first two weeks of playing the Soccerlens Fantasy Football Game, my Soccerlens All-Star team has finished fourth and then fifth in the 11 team mini-leagues. So this week it’s time to get serious. I’m older and wiser after those first two weeks, and I’ll be putting that knowledge into action in week three.

The first thing I learned was actually quite obvious. It’s that there are endless points to be won by picking on the weaker teams. So if a team looks like getting murdered 6-0, then the smart thing is to select the most productive players from the team that will be doing the murdering. The unique thing about the Soccerlens Fantasy Football Game is that you’re not stuck with the same team for the whole season. You can pick a fresh XI each week, based on who you think is going to perform, so in this way it’s much more immediate and prediction based than other fantasy football games. That, plus you can win money if you predict correctly.

This week I see that Wigan, who’ve conceded 10 goals in their first two games, are away to Tottenham Hotspur. Gareth Bale looks a good bet for a clean shirt plus possible goals and assists (with either his face or his foot, both are worth equal points) but it’s actually a little tricky to pick a best option further forward. Jermain Defoe would seem an obvious choice, but he’s just as likely to have groin surgery as a Wigan goalfest. Peter Crouch? Roman Pavlyuchenko? Robbie Keane? I’m actually leaning towards Aaron Lennon, since he seems more likely to start.

Stoke are known for being steadfast, but have opened with two defeats, and now travel to Stamford Bridge to face Chelsea. Didier Drogba and Florent Malouda have both been hyper-productive so far, and it’s only a matter of time until Frank Lampard starts banging in shots from long range.

Liverpool have had a shaky start to the season (I still haven’t forgiven Pepe Reina for his week one clanger) but could very well find their feet against West Brom at home on Sunday. Fernando Torres missed the Europa League trip to Trabzonspor, but that was likely to ensure he was fit to score against West Brom. I’m leaning towards taking a gamble on Torres’ form and backing him to score against The Baggies.

Last but not least, Manchester United will host a rather fragile looking West Ham team at Old Trafford. I got burned by United last week because I selected Wayne Rooney and didn’t hear about the stomach bug in time to switch him out. Rooney apparently hasn’t scored since March, but his belly is all better now so I’d back him to start celebrating goals again this weekend.

I can’t select all the players mentioned above. But if I can pick the right balance then I fancy my chances of winning some money this week. I’m going to be playing at the Silver level, which costs $4.99 to enter and has $40 of cash prizes available. If you’re feeling more confident you can play at the Gold level for $9.99, with $80 in prize money available, or if you’re double confident then you can play at the Platinum level for $24.99, with $200 in prize money up for grabs. To win money you just need to finish in the top three of your eleven team league this weekend.

So read the rules, sign up, and play the Soccerlens Fantasy Football Game. Best of luck to you, unless you’re in my mini-league.

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