Sky Sports Wield The Axe As ‘Sexism’ Witch Hunt Rumbles On

The sanctimonious ‘sexist’ witch hunt that is currently permeating the glossy facade English football coverage is showing no signs of abating today, with fresh clips of otherwise-vidicated Sky Sports anchor Richard Keys hee-hawing about colleague Jamie Redknapp‘s sexual conquests now doing the rounds – and, such is my remit here on Soccerlens, I’m afraid that I’m duty-bound to tell you poor, over-saturated sods all about it.

In the absence of any real news on the footballing front today (several papers have deemed Blackpool manager Ian Holloway‘s weekend mini-break to Chorley as being worthy of a headline billing), is seems like the vast majority of the English press are perfectly willing to press on with driving Sky’s out-moded presenting stable out on to the streets to be beaten senseless with wooden paddles.

After long-standing pundit Andy Gray was handed his P45 by the corporation yesterday for asking co-presenter Charlotte Jackson (a woman) to help tuck his microphone pack into his trousers, Sky are today facing further pressure for Keys to follow his guffawing crony out of the door for asking Redknapp Jnr if he had ‘smashed’ a former girlfriend – giving us all a thoroughly unwanted glimpse into Keys’ nocturnal conduct…

Redknapp: “Oh that Louise? Yeah, yeah. Did you meet her?”

Souness: [Unsurprisingly intelligible]

Keys: “Did you smash it?”

Redknapp: “I used to go out with her.”

Keys: “Mind you, that’s a stupid question. If you were anywhere near it, you definitely smashed it.

You could have gone round there any night and found Redknapp hanging out of the back of it.”

Delightful, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Having already received an ‘official warning’ from Sky following the leak of his pithy exchange with Gray over lineswoman Sian Massey‘s grasp of the offside law last Saturday, the word supposedly emanating from Murdoch Towers is that Keys is now also in line for the chop – with the decision to be made based on the levels of public outcry caused by the video above.

Some have written it off as harmless, testosterone-fuelled banter, others are viewing it as yet another indictment of the bloated institutions that litter football coverage in this country – but, either way, it seems like Sky may now have two gaping holes to plugs in their rapidly self-destructing talent pool.

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